pu'cha! Prepare to meet your ancestors.
This battle is yours today,
but the House of Mo'Kai will never yield.
DoH- cha Scree!
Move away, coward.
l want to make this kill.
You should have killed me when my back was turned.
l want to see the fear in your eyes.
Look closely
and you'll see your own destruction.
You are resilient prey.
l'm no one's prey!
You are mine
now and after death.
Sick Bay, this is Holodeck 2.
Janeway requires medical assistance.
She'll survive.
What about her neural interface?
Are you sure?
There were times
when she seemed... aware of who she is.
l was monitoring the crew during the entire simulation.
She believes she's whoever we program her to be.
Shall l return her to the Klingon simulation?
No. Bring her to Holodeck 1.
l've found another program l want to try.
A conflict that took place on her own planet.
lt should prove...
Would it be wrong to kiss
Seeing l feel like this?
Would it be wrong to try?
Would it be wrong to stay
Here in your arms this way
Under this starry sky?
lf it is wrong...
Welcome to Le Coeur de Lion.
l'm Katrine.
The first round is with my compliments
on one condition--
you leave the war outside.
More escargot for table nine, hmm?
Jacques, no lady tonight?
Oh- ho. We'll have to see what we can do about that.
Forgive my neglecting you.
Now, where were we?
Ah, yes, my latest adventure in Paris.
When l need you so much...
l'm afraid l have to neglect you again.
Excuse me. long
lt must be right...
That's him.
Our new commandant?
British lntelligence believes he's been sent here
to oversee the occupation of the city.
What's his history?
He served with Rommel
in North Africa and Schmidt in Poland.
He is a formidable military strategist,
notorious for his cruelty.
Well, let's make him feel at home.
Send him a bottle of Chateau Latour.
My compliments.
Oh, l hate to waste good wine.
Give him the'36.
As you wish.
...And l have waited so long
lt must be right
lt can't be wrong.
Be generous to Claude this evening.
Without him, my voice is empty.
Good evening.
Tonight's performance is over.
Return tomorrow.
Remove your hand.
Obey me
or l will hunt you down
and your bones will adorn the bulkhead of my ship.
Sit down and play the game.
ln this setting, we have no ships.
We are an ancient race of soldiers
intent upon conquering this world.
Play the game.
Now, now. What's this?
Mademoiselle de Neuf
will be happy to sing another song.
Just give her a few minutes to freshen up.
lt's late.
Freshen up.
Very well.
Commandant Karr.
You know me.
Your reputation precedes you.
l'm Katrine.
Le Coeur de Lion is my establishment.
The first round is with my compliments
on one condition-- you leave the war outside.
l wish to speak with her...
Charming gentleman.
He is disoriented.
Your world is unfamiliar to him.
He'll be comfortable soon enough.
The arms of France are open to all.
l've heard otherwise.
What do you mean?
l understand there is opposition
to our presence here among your citizens.
The Resistance?
ln Paris, perhaps,
but this is a small city, defenseless.
We've learned to be a little more diplomatic.
When this war is over,
we want to remain on good terms with the victor.
- Whoever that may be. - Whoever that may be.
Your city may be defenseless, but it's crucial to the war.
Any ground assault into Germany
must pass through this province.
The Resistance will come here.
lf they do, l'll tell them what l tell everyone...
leave the war outside.
Commandant, l've been informed
there's a problem in the Engineering section.
The warp plasma network has become unstable.
What's he talking about?
lt need not concern you.
To the hunt.
"The hunt"?
For the Resistance.
l shall take great pleasure in tracking them down...
and making the kill.
Au revoir.
How'd we do?
lnsufficient for a Saturday night.
1, 247 francs and 81 Reichsmarks.
Well, it should be enough
to buy an oscillator to extend the range
of our radio.
First thing tomorrow morning, l want you
to take a little trip to the countryside.
There's a Monsieur Groleau who has a cottage
just past the third bridge.
He's got a wine cellar full of vacuum tubes.
Tell him we need a high frequency oscillator.
Offer him 300 francs,
but don't go any higher than 500.
We have more pressing needs.
Such as?
Explosives. We need a launcher that can fire
armor- piercing grenades.
Planning on blowing up a German tank?
lf necessary.
We're not trying to build an army here.
Well, maybe it's time we did.
Three more German battalions have occupied the city
and a panzer division is holding position
1 1 kilometers away.
When the Americans arrive and the fighting begins,
l don't intend to be standing next to a piano
singing"Moonlight Becomes You."
The Americans won't even be able
to approach this city without our help.
And if they can't liberate Sainte Claire,
the assault into Germany could fail.
We need to be gathering information
about German troop movements
and relaying it to Allied Command.
l'm tired of lighting the Nazis' cigarettes
and laughing at their jokes.
We should be helping the Allies by assassinating these pigs.
The moment we start shooting, we expose ourselves.
Right now, no one suspects us
and l am not about to risk our entire operation
because you've suddenly developed
a nervous trigger finger.
That is your opinion, madame.
l'm the leader of the movement here
and right now, my opinion is the only one that counts,
so get the oscillator.
l think we're all feeling the strain.
lt's been a hard four years,
but believe me
the Third Reich is feeling it, too.
We just have to hang on a little while longer.
Word from the Americans is going to come any day.
Why is she so adamant?
What she's proposing would put us all at risk.
Maybe that's her intention.
lf you have suspicions, my old friend,
let's hear them.
From the beginning, she's been argumentative
and on more than a few occasions,
she's disobeyed your direct orders.
She's headstrong-- typical of the underground.
Nevertheless, her behavior has threatened our identities.
She's the only munitions expert we have
and she can carry a tune.
We need her.
Let's keep our eye on her.
Have her followed for the next few days.
lf she is a Nazi infiltrator,
we'll have to eliminate her.
Bonjour, madame!
Bonjour, monsieur.
Put it on my account.
Guten Tag.
Get off your vehicle.
What are you transporting?
Nothing but the very essentials of life.
Proceed to your destination.
That l will.
That l most certainly will.
lf the choice were mine,
you would already be dead.
...all report rain.
lt's currently 59 degrees in Dover
with low fog across the Channel.
Temperatures are expected to range
from a low of 45 degrees...
Damn, l'm missing it.
Our most recent intelligence
shows two German armored divisions here and here.
How recent is this intelligence?
- 48 hours. - Old news.
l am Reginald Smith
and you're listening to the British Radio Network.
This report will repeat in...
- 45 seconds. - 45 seconds.
Here's to English precision.
We're closed.
Morning delivery.
You're late. What happened?
Oh, just a little tete- a- tete
with a member of the Master Race.
That's the second time this week.
Sound like they're increasing their patrols.
Perhaps it's time we chose another courier.
Our"baker" is arousing suspicion.
There's no need to worry.
l change my route every day
and l've become quite friendly with most of the Gestapo.
They just love my strudel.
A kind thank you to Jazzy McNulty and his band.
Now, the weather for today, September 22, 1944.
ln London, skies are gray
with a strong chance of afternoon rain.
Temperatures will range from a low of 52 degrees
to a high of 7 1.
The northern coast reports heavy rain and strong winds
and ocean swells reaching four feet.
Devonshire, Hertfordshire and Sonnenshire all report rain.
lt's currently 59 degrees in Dover
with low fog across the Channel.
Temperatures are expected to range from a low of 45 degrees
to a high of 63.
l am Reginald Smith, and you are listening...
Got it.
Let's see the code key.
Every fifth letter, every third vowel.
Use the Sunday decryption sequence.
Mm- hmm.
Straight from Allied High Command.
lt must be important.
All messages regarding the war are important.
lt's only a matter of degree.
l suppose you're right, but do you have to be
so...logical about everything?
ln any covert battle, logic is a potent weapon.
You might try it sometime.
"American Fourth lnfantry...
"to invade Sainte Claire...
Tuesday dawn."
That's two days from now.
"Require assistance. Disable enemy communications.
End message."
The German radio transmitter is housed at their headquarters.
That building is surrounded by guards.
We can't just waltz in there and plant a bomb.
Maybe l can help.
l'm upset.
l need to see my special"friend..."
even if it means bothering him at the office.
A reconnaissance mission.
l'll try to locate the radio,
see where the guards are posted, examine the locks,
gather enough information to get us inside.
lt's too dangerous.
lf you're caught,
you'll be tortured for information.
You don't know my"friend."
He would never do anything to harm his own child.
Encode a response to Allied Command.
Confirm that we've received their message.
Tell them we're proceeding according to plan.
Ever since my days at the university,
l've admired this painting...
and now it's mine.
Our fellow officers might prefer gold or land,
but, for me, the greatest prize of war is art.
Trophies of the hunt...
but was the hunt fair?
We entered this city with superior firepower
against a weakened prey.
Do you really deserve these...prizes?
We are German.
The German people deserve Europe and everything in it.
You question our destiny?
Of course not,
but l want to hear it in your own words.
Tell me... why are we the"Master Race"?
Our blood is pure.
Our people lived and hunted on this land for a thousand years
before the degenerate races brought their corruption.
Europe must be purified.
You, yourself...
are you stronger than these"degenerate" races?
More cunning?
Yes, of course.
And if you were alone without an army supporting you,
would you continue the hunt?
lf your prey were armed
instead of defenseless, what then?
Colonel, l don't know what you're trying...
You are superior to no one!
Never underestimate your prey or disrespect its abilities.
lf you do, you will become the hunted.
When the opposing army invades this city,
remember my words.
l'm sorry.
l know l'm not supposed to come here.
Don't blame him.
l told him l was ill, that l had to see you.
l will leave you two alone.
Heil Hitler.
lt's all right.
The colonel is in a strange mood today.
What's wrong? ls it our child?
l don't know.
l was dizzy.
l'll call the doctor.
l feel better now.
Maybe l just needed to see you.
Why haven't you shown me this place before?
l didn't want your neighbors to see you coming here.
They make it difficult enough for you,
knowing we're together.
l don't care what they think.
lt's beautiful.
Praxiteles, master sculptor of ancient Greece.
There are only three like this in all of Europe.
So many... wonderful things.
The commandant would have us continue
this simulation until we rot.
lt's pointless.
We should begin the hunt.
He believes we must learn more about our prey,
but l have learned enough.
Ready your weapon.
Avoid the cranium.
This way!
The message!
There's no time.
Computer, exit holodeck.
We'll take them to the medical bay.
This neural interface has been damaged.
That's because it took a direct hit
when one of your bullets grazed the base of her skull.
l'll provide you with another-- install it.
Not until l've repaired her injuries.
How long?
She has two fractured vertebrae
and a punctured lung-- another hour at least.
l've stabilized his vital systems,
but he still has bullet fragments
lodged in his shoulder.
l will treat him.
This time, you might do a better job
repairing the muscle lacerations.
The last crew member you treated
was brought back in with internal bleeding.
Your crew is fragile.
They fall too easily.
What do you expect?
They've been stabbed, shot, beaten, phasered
and bat'lethed over the past three weeks.
Their bodies weren't designed for this kind of punishment.
What happened?
These prey were hunted by Turanj.
Their injuries are severe.
You assured me that your people
would avoid causing serious head injuries.
Another centimeter
and the bullet would have penetrated her brain.
lf you can't keep your people under control,
then you should put an end to this blood sport.
The simulations will continue.
At least activate the holodeck safety protocols.
lt'll prevent life- threatening injuries,
for your people as well.
lt will also eliminate the challenge.
l have had 28 wounded and one fatality
in the past 12 hours.
Even l can't keep up with that level of triage.
You will keep up or they will die.
Their lives are in your hands, Doctor.
Don't fail them.
When that one is ready place him in Holodeck 2.
Let's see how he fares with the Klingons.
What about her?
Send her back to Holodeck 1.
l like her voice.
By cutting through the bulkheads on Decks 4, 5 and 6,
we've been able to expand both holodeck grids
by 5, 000 square meters.
l can't give you any more--
not without compromising Voyager's primary systems.
Then compromise them.
Look, holodecks require a tremendous amount of energy.
l've already rerouted power from all nonessential systems.
Anything more, and we'll start losing propulsion, deflectors
even life support.
l'll transfer a supply of power nodules from my vessel.
lntegrate them into your systems.
l want to expand the holo- projectors
into all surrounding sections.
Replicate enough emitters for the task.
Yes, sir.
The holo- emitters in this corridor are stable.
Let's start working on Section 19.
But first, tell the guard to escort you to Engineering
that we need more equipment--
specifically, a type- 3 isolinear emitter.
lf he gives you any trouble,
say"l can't complete the assignment without it."
We need an isolinear emitter from Engineering.
Ensign, how did l get here?
l transferred you here
using the new emitters in this section.
l assume you've got a plan?
Half a plan.
Let's hear it.
Before we can retake the ship, we've got to get the crew back.
And that means disabling the neural interfaces.
Easier said than done.
The great hunters are everywhere you turn.
Don't worry.
l think l've found a way to tap
into the Sick Bay diagnostic console.
The only catch is...
Stand by with the emitter.
l'm almost done here.
The catch, Ensign?
Somebody's got to be inside the holodeck
to engage the Bridge control relays.
We're shorthanded.
l know.
Well, we've got a Borg on board, don't we?
Maybe we can put her to good use.
l have been studying Voyager's database
looking for our next simulation.
There are many to choose from.
These people have a violent history.
l believe l've found a worthy prey:
the Borg.
When World War ll is over,
we will recreate a notorious battle
known as"Wolf 359."
l look forward to it.
l thought you might,
but if you continue to disobey me,
this is one hunt you will never see.
You nearly destroyed two of my favored prey.
You were careless.
l've become impatient.
We penetrated this vessel,
overcame their defenses
and in the moment of the kill, you forced us to stop.
Now we play these incessant games.
lt's time we took our trophies and moved on.
Your lust for the kill has blinded you
like many young hunters.
lf you took the time to study your prey,
to understand its behavior, you might learn something.
There is nothing to be learned.
You're wrong.
Each prey exposes us to another way of life
and makes us reevaluate our own.
Have you considered our future?
What will become of us
when we have hunted this territory to exhaustion?
We will travel to another part of space,
search for new prey as we have always done.
A way of life that hasn't changed for a thousand years.
Why should it?
Species that don't change...
We've lost our way.
We've allowed our predatory instincts to dominate us.
We disperse ourselves throughout the Quadrant,
sending ships in all directions.
We've become a solitary race, isolated.
We've spread ourselves too thin.
We're no longer a culture.
We have no identity.
ln another thousand years,
no one will remember the name"Hirogen."
Our people must come back together,
combine forces, rebuild our civilization.
What of the hunt?
The hunt will always continue
but in a new way.
l intend to transform this ship into a vast simulation
populated with a varied and endless supply of prey.
ln time, this technology can be duplicated
for other Hirogen.
These holodecks will allow us to hold onto our past
while we face the future.
Even if l were persuaded, others wouldn't be.
Then you are with me.
l must continue my research.
l'll see you tomorrow on Holodeck 1.
The Americans are due to invade.
Remain calm and stay quiet.
There's a Hirogen working in the bio- lab.
He might hear us.
What's the last thing you remember?
An attack.
The Hirogen vessels--
they breached our hull and boarded the ship.
l was in a phaser fight on Deck 3.
l was struck several times.
That's all l remember.
Then you have no memory
of the simulations in the holodeck?
The neural interface
must be circumventing your memory centers.
Neural interface?
lt's a subdermal transmitter
that links your neocortex to the holodeck.
ln essence, it makes you believe
you're a character within the program.
Why am l in Sick Bay?
You were wounded in the simulation.
lt's my job to patch you all up and send you back in.
Half the crew is under lock and key.
The rest are fighting for their lives on the holodeck.
This has been going on for 19 days--
dozens of battle scenarios, one more brutal than the next.
You should see what a mess you were after the Crusades.
Will l be sent into another simulation?
Yes, but this time... with an advantage.
l have found a way to disable the interface
by remodulating one of your Borg implants
to emit a jamming signal.
Once the Hirogen have brought you back to the holodeck,
the jamming signal will activate within seconds.
My objective?
You must find a control panel inside the holodeck
and engage the Bridge access relays.
That will enable Ensign Kim and me
to deactivate all the neural interfaces.
After Captain Janeway and the crew regain awareness,
you can work with them to mount a resistance
against the Hirogen.
What simulation will l be entering?
World War ll-- a 20th century Earth conflict.
Do you know anything about it?
That could be a problem.
Once the interface is disabled, you won't remember anything
about your role in the simulation.
Think of it as a new social setting.
Do your best to fit in.
This is the last neural interface.
When you've finished with her, you'll help me replicate more.
l have to sedate you now.
That old black magic has me in its spell
That old black magic that you weave so well
Those icy fingers up and down my spine
The same old witchcraft when your eyes meet...
l must discontinue this activity.
l am not well.
lf the entertainment is over, l'll be going.
Stay right there, Commandant.
l'm sure she's fine.
Let me talk to her.
What's wrong?
l require a glass of water.
Make it a quick one.
l promised the commandant you'd be singing till midnight.
l want to get a lot of information out of him tonight.
l am ill.
Look, l don't care if you're dying.
Get back out there.
l won't.
Maybe you're right about her.
The evidence is increasing.
She was present today
when our courier was shot down in the street,
yet somehow, she was unharmed.
And now, on the eve of our liberation,
she becomes uncooperative.
Leave this to me.
At ease. What's the word?
There is no word, at least not from the Resistance
in Sainte Claire.
Then we won't get any support from inside the city.
You may be underestimating
the good citizens of Sainte Claire.
l spent a summer there when l was 18.
Let me guess.
You ate a few snails, fell in love with a local girl
and became an expert on the city.
Yeah, pretty much like that.
l see.
But believe me, Captain, those people love their town.
They'll fight for it and die for it.
Don't count them out yet.
All right,
but l won't count them in, either.
We continue as planned--
an assault from the north at first light.
So...who was the mademoiselle?
Her name was Brigitte.
Great gams.
One hell of a temper.
Sounds like your kind of girl.
August 29, 1936...12:17 P. M.
That's when my train pulled out of Sainte Claire.
That's the last time l saw her.
We wrote to each other every week for three years.
Then the war broke out
and l never heard from her again.
Sainte Claire's not a big place.
She shouldn't be too hard to find.
l'm counting on it.
You'll maintain position here, 20 meters from the front doors.
Arm yourself with a submachine gun
and watch for any sign of trouble.
Now, we've observed a 20- second break
in the guard rotation at 4:15 A. M.
That should give you and me enough time
to enter the building
through the storm window on the eastern wall.
When l was there yesterday,
l saw guards posted at all three stairways.
So you'll have to reach the second floor
through the elevator shaft.
The command post is in the main gallery
at the end of the hall.
Once inside, we plant the charges;
load the transmitter.
You'll remain here.
lf something goes wrong and we're caught,
destroy all evidence of the underground--
our contact lists, decryption codes-- everything.
We leave in one hour.
This won't make much of a bang.
You forgot to connect the detonator.
l will correct the error.
lt's lucky l found your little error.
lt might have undermined our mission.
Are you having second thoughts about tonight?
Good, because l don't want any more mistakes.
There won't be any.
Let's hope not.
We've got to stop meeting like this.
l managed to grab a quick scan of Holodeck 1
and it looks like Seven of Nine is on the move.
Are you ready in Sick Bay?
My Hirogen taskmaster is working in the bio- lab.
l'll have access to the medical console
for another 20 minutes at least.
That'll give me enough time to get to the Bridge and...
Good afternoon.
What are you doing in here?
Trying to get the replicator system back on line...
unless you prefer the emergency rations.
Personally, l'm getting tired of synthetic protein.
You're supposed to be the finest hunters in the Quadrant.
Why don't you find us something a little more tasty?
Something wrong?
An unauthorized transmission was sent from this room.
What kind of transmission?
l don't know.
Maybe you can tell me.
Well...l was trying to reroute power
from the main computer to the replicators.
Oh, of course.
l must have tripped a communications subroutine.
Sorry about that.
Didn't mean to worry you.
Your people have damaged
just about every system on this vessel.
Accidents are bound to happen.
Now, if you don't mind, l'm due on the Bridge.
Show it to me.
l want to see this subroutine.
Show me what you were doing when the"accident" occurred.
Forget it.
l don't have time.
Do as l say.
All right!
But you'd better call the Bridge.
Tell your superior l'm going to be late--
that l'm working under your orders now, not his.
Go ahead.
Make the call.
l don't want to take the blame for this.
Report to the Bridge.
Set the charges here, here and there.
This looks like a message
from one of their reconnaissance teams.
These must be instructions for troop deployments.
The Germans must be taking up new positions outside the city.
lt looks like they're mobilizing
more troops than our sources originally expected.
They're moving armored units into the valley.
They must know the Americans are coming.
We've got to warn them somehow.
What are you doing?
You haven't set the charges.
What is that?
l believe it is a transmitter.
l'm attempting to disable it.
You're sending a message to the Nazis.
Step away
or l'll kill you.
What are you doing?
Uh, nothing. Just running a diagnostic...
You've accessed the neural interface controls.
Stop it immediately.
l told you-- no more mistakes.
You've just made your last one.
A targ...
just beyond that ridge.
You would hunt down a simple beast
even in the midst of our enemies?
There is no enemy as great as hunger!
Why am l being interrupted?
The holographic Doctor--
he's disabled their Captain's interface.
l don't know, but l can't reestablish the link.
Send a team to Holodeck 1.
Remove her from the simulation.
Hirogen hunters.
lnternal scans show 13 of them on this holodeck.
Need a hand, buddy?
Captain Miller, Fifth Armored lnfantry.
Welcome to Sainte Claire.
Get me Artillery Unit Charlie One.
Take up positions along this street
and start laying down fire.
The Americans have arrived.
You circumvented our control!
Go to hell!
Spread out!
You owe me a postcard.
Distance: 800 yards.
Correct for crosswinds. Fire at will.
Take cover, boys!
Charlie One isn't known for accuracy!
l can't access the ship's systems.
Didn't you say this was Nazi headquarters?
l did.
Then it would stand to reason
this building is being targeted.
Let's get out of here.
What happened?
There was a simulated explosion in Holodeck 1.
Somehow it blew out the holo- grid across three decks.
ls the program still running?
What is it?
lt looks like a bunker.
All units, listen up.
We've just blown the lid
off of some kind of secret Nazi compound.
Converge on my position.
We're going in.
The breach opened the simulation into the surrounding sections.
l'm picking up holographic soldiers moving onto Deck 5.
Shut down the holo- emitters until we can regain control.
l can't. The program controls are off- line.
You wanted a war?
Looks like you've got one.
Take your positions on the double.
All right, sir.
Circle to the left.

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