Last time on Star Trek: Voyager...
You are resilient prey.
l'm no one's prey!
She'll survive.
What about her neural interface?
Shall l return her to the Klingon simulation?
Bring her to Holodeck 1.
l've found another program l want to try.
Here in your arms this way...
l'm Katrine.
Le Coeur de Lion is my establishment.
The commandant would have us
continue this simulation until we rot.
lt's pointless.
We should begin the hunt.
We've been able to expand both holodeck grids
by 5, 000 square meters.
The colonel is in a strange mood today.
l have found a way to disable the interface
by remodulating one of your Borg implants
to emit a jamming signal.
You circumvented our control!
You're sending a message to the Nazis.
Step away or l'll kill you.
Need a hand, buddy?
Captain Miller, Fifth Armored lnfantry.
Welcome to Sainte Claire.
This building is being targeted.
Let's get out of here.
You wanted a war?
Looks like you've got one.
And now the conclusion.
Looks like the Hirogen have been busy.
This entire section has been equipped
with holo- emitters.
Let's get to Astrometrics.
There are 85 Hirogen on board
concentrated on Decks 2 through 9.
What about the Bridge?
Four Hirogen and Ensign Kim.
At least he's alive.
The neural interfaces--
you said they're controlled through Sick Bay.
Yes. There's only one Hirogen in Sick Bay
with the Doctor, but the corridors
outside are heavily guarded.
That's our first objective-- disable the interfaces--
but we'll need help.
We did have allies in the World War ll simulation--
the French Resistance.
lt's time we mount a resistance of our own.
The battle is concentrated here in Holodeck 1,
but the fighting has spilled out onto Decks 5 and 6.
And it looks like a group of holographic Americans
is invading Deck 7.
Show me the breach in the hologrid.
l've lost the visual link.
lt was the last active circuit
connecting the Bridge to the holodecks.
There's only one way to stop this.
l need to go to Engineering and initiate a power surge
across the holo- emitter network.
lt'll blow out the entire system.
No. That would destroy both the holodecks.
Look, simulation or not, if this battle keeps going
we could all be killed.
l want that technology preserved.
l was able to reach Deck 5,
but holographic forces are massing near the breach.
lf l'm to get into the holodeck, l'll need help.
Take the hunters from the Klingon simulation.
When l find Captain Janeway, should l kill her?
Bring her to me.
This is no longer a game.
This hunt is real.
We should kill the prey.
The Voyager crew must remain alive to make repairs
or we could lose everything--
this vessel, its technology.
You said that you understood the importance
of what we're doing here.
l'll get the hunters.
We think it's a secret compound the Nazis built
after they took over the city.
What l don't understand
is how they managed to camouflage it so well.
We've been scrutinizing German troop movements
since the occupation.
We knew nothing of this installation.
Don't sweat it.
Our recon planes missed it, too.
Any idea what they're hiding in there, Captain?
We saw all sorts of scientific equipment-- strange metals,
instruments we can't identify.
l've relayed the findings to Military lntelligence.
They believe this
could be an advanced munitions laboratory
designed to build some kind of superweapon.
We've got to put it out of business.
l've already sent three squads in,
but the Nazis are putting up one hell of a fight.
l've requested additional troops.
Lieutenant, this restaurant will serve
as our command post.
Set up the transmitter
and post guards around the perimeter.
Yes, sir.
You've done a bang- up job, but we'll take it from here.
Tell your people to lie low
and that the Americans said"thanks."
This is our city.
We have no intention of lying low.
Listen, honey, the time
for sneaking messages back and forth is over.
This is war, and you aren't soldiers.
He's right.
We have weapons hidden throughout the city.
Brigette will tell you where they are.
Sounds good.
Lieutenant, take care of it.
l can see you haven't changed.
Bring me one of those street maps.
Most of the guns, we stole from the German army.
The explosives, we bought from the black market.
We could use both.
Our biggest stockpile is buried here--
two meters beneath the last row of seats
of the Cinema Mystere.
You remember it, don't you?
l'm No Angel with Mae West.
There's heavy fighting in that area.
What's the best way in?
We dug a tunnel that leads directly to the stockpile.
Here. l'll show you.
we saw Death Takes a Holiday.
lt was the Mae West movie. l'm sure of it.
She was singing...
"Sister Honky Tonk," and l put my arm around you.
And during the courtroom scene...
l kissed you.
You know, l think you're right.
l guess the experience wasn't exactly burned into your memory.
Not the movie.
But l do remember the kiss.
did you get my last letter?
You mean the one asking me to leave France?
Germany was about to invade.
l thought you'd be safer back in the States...with me.
But...l guess you found someone else
to take care of you.
There's never been anybody else.
Then who...?
He's second in command of the Sainte Claire occupation.
The first time he saw me, he said l was pretty.
l took advantage of his interest.
He doesn't know l'm in the Resistance.
The child is his.
l'm sorry.
So am l.
Hold your fire.
you survived.
Are you surprised?
Nazi headquarters was destroyed.
We assumed you were killed in the explosion.
What is that?
Some kind of an escape tunnel?
That's precisely what it is.
You're the leader of the local Resistance.
That's right.
Captain Miller, Fifth Armored lnfantry.
This is Lieutenant Davis.
l take it you've seen the German bunker we uncovered.
l just came from there.
We suspect it's a munitions lab.
Can you confirm that?
Yes. A munitions lab.
Then this is it.
We're calling in an air strike.
Contact the RAF.
Hold on, Captain.
There's an easier way to do this
with a minimum of casualties.
Let's hear it.
l've located the generator that powers the entire complex.
lt's heavily guarded, but with your help,
l can get close enough to set off some explosives.
My orders are to blow the entire compound
before the Germans send in reinforcements.
l saw technology in there you can't begin to imagine--
warheads powerful enough to destroy this entire valley
if they're accidentally detonated.
Call for an air strike,
may be the last call you make.
How can you get close enough?
This tunnel.
l've been watching this compound
for several months, and l've got a man inside.
The place is crawling with Krauts.
That's why l need your help.
lf your men can clear these two corridors,
it'll give us access to this entryway.
Get me there, and l can take care of the rest.
"C" Company-- what's their status?
They're holding position about 200 yards from here.
Get them on the horn.
You'll lead us into the compound,
but l'm coming with you.
l work better alone.
This isn't a request. lt's an order.
Order? Do l look
like l'm wearing one of your uniforms?
l go alone.
l thought you needed our help.
l'll be right behind you.
Lieutenant Blake.
There's been a change of plans...
Even if l manage to disrupt the neural interfaces,
we've still got a war to fight.
We're going to need something a lot more effective
than these old firearms.
l believe l can enhance these weapons
using Borg technology, but l'll have
to access Cargo Bay 2.
lf something goes wrong and l don't succeed,
you'll be the only one left
who knows what's really going on.
Have our suspicions been confirmed?
ls she a collaborator?
l think we can trust her.
Are you certain?
Three hours ago, you were prepared
to put a bullet in her head.
She's on our side.
ln your absence,
l may be forced to make that determination for myself.
l've already made it.
You're not to harm her.
ls that understood?
German forces are advancing on our position.
Let's give them a warm welcome.
Mademoiselle, after you.
Punctured lung, arterial rupture,
fracture of the 13th vertebrae.
He needs surgery.
First- and second- degree burns to the face and neck.
Treat him.
His injuries are minor.
He can wait.
l said treat him!
This man has massive internal injuries.
lf l don't operate now, he'll die.
Treat the burns, or l'll deactivate your program.
What kind of physician are you?
The first rule of triage
states that critical injuries take priority.
Your rules, not mine.
From now on, leave the wounded prey where they fall.
Tend only to our own.
l'm as dry as the crater at Tarpahk... the middle of the dry season...
when it's dry!
l'm not done!
Share with your brothers.
lt's the eve of battle.
l may be drunk,
but l can still send your soul to the next world
and leave your body here to rot!
Though from the stench of it, l'd say it's begun to already.
Wrong guy.
You speak English?
l speak English.
l didn't see him coming.
You saved my life.
Why are you out of uniform?
What company are you with?
well, l'm a...l'm a civilian.
ln the middle of a battle zone in France?
The hell you are.
Go on.
l'm right behind you.
Look, l don't have time for 20 questions.
You say you're an American?
All right then, if Betty Grable came around that corner
what part of her would you be staring at?
Sorry. Time's up.
Her legs!
l- l'd be staring at her legs.
Bull's- eye.
Lucky for you.
You're a gung ho kind of gal, aren't ya?
Does that bother you?
Nope. Just not used to it, that's all.
The girls back home are a little different.
l guess when it comes to my people's safety,
this girl tends to get a little...gung ho.
Nothing to apologize for.
l'm the same way with my men.
There's not a day goes by when l don't think to myself,
"l'm going to get 'em back safely
even if l die trying."
l know the feeling.
We're about to enter some caves that run under the town.
We're going to meet our contact there.
l should warn you.
There are eccentric people who live in the caves,
but don't be alarmed. cha loH qech
ro- cha loH qech
qor'taH- taH- taH- taH- taH- taH- taH Dech roH
taH- taH- taH- taH- taH- taH
Dech roH!
Good evening, gentlemen.
Who are you?
How did you get past our battle lines?
We're friends.
Sent by what House?
The House of...
...of ToH- Maag.
ToH- Maag.
l never heard of it.
l'm not surprised.
lt's a long way from here.
This battle doesn't concern you.
Maybe not...
but we'd be honored
to fight alongside such great warriors.
lf you prefer, we'll take our weapons elsewhere.
l'll consider your request...
but first, prove your fortitude.
San- roH
t'patoH- cha!
l guess my French is a little rusty.
Don't drink it.
lt's twice as strong as whiskey.
l'll be right back.
Captain. it you?
Yes. We've got to disable the rest of those interfaces.
The controls are routed
through the surgical console in Sick Bay,
but it will take time to disable all of them.
We don't have time.
l'll access the Jefferies tube that runs under that deck plate,
set a few charges and blow out the console.
Charges? The Hirogen have seized the armories.
No problem.
l got all the ammo l need right here.
Holographic explosives?
With the safety protocols off- line,
they're as good as the real thing.
Ah! Another of your warriors?
He's a frail- looking thing.
l'll contact you when l've disabled
the rest of the interfaces.
ln the meantime, stay here.
With the Klingons?
Believe me, it's peaceful compared to Sainte Claire.
Please, don't do that.
They've got us outnumbered!
And outgunned.
They're setting up a machine gun emplacement
across the street.
Where have you been?
Obtaining supplies.
What is this?
German technology taken from their compound.
l can use them to enhance our weapons.
l've cornered several Voyager crewmen,
but they've taken refuge in a guarded building.
l need three nucleonic charges to penetrate the structure.
Nucleonic charges could damage the holodeck further.
Use your hand weapons.
Then l'll need more hunters.
They're on the way.
Damn. There's a level- 9 force field
around the surgical console.
We'll have to go in and shut it down.
"Force field"?
l'll explain later.
Set the detonator for five minutes.
Five hunters have been killed in the last hour.
You must engage the safety protocols.
Those protocols aren't functioning.
Then l'll need assistance to...
Stand by.
Get him out of here.
There are ten pounds of dynamite under the floor
set to blow in less than three minutes.
Bridge to Sick Bay.
Sick Bay, respond.
Bridge to Deck 5.
Converge on the Sick Bay.
- Ow! - Oh!
We're on the holodeck under attack.
You must...
Bridge, this is Holodeck 1.
l have seized the building
and l have found another access to this holodeck.
Seal it.
How many captives?
Their neural interfaces have been disabled.
l will make the kill.
No. They are not prey; they are hostages.
l'll need them.
As you wish.
You. Help me seal this hatch.
So, what do you think?
A boy or a girl?
lt's a holographic projection.
Unfortunately, it's a very good projection.
l feel 20 kilos heavier.
lt even kicks.
l don't recognize this program.
l do.
He's wearing a Nazi uniform.
We're on Earth during the second world war.
Totalitarian fanatics bent on world conquest--
the Borg of their day, no offense.
None taken.
What are you staring at?
Get up.
You deceived me.
l should've seen through your flirtations.
lf you say so.
The thought of you carrying my child disgusts me.
You're not the only one.
Look, l don't know what went on
between the two of you, but it's obviously over now.
l see you're acquainted.
Do you find her as attractive as l once did?
l'll miss our nights together.
Put the weapon away.
Funny. He doesn't seem like your type.
Doctor, trouble.
Now what?
The Klingons are starting to wake up from their nap.
All right, all right, hold on.
What are you doing?
l've established an interface with Holodeck 1.
l want to monitor what's going on over there
in case the crew needs my help.
Uh- oh. What should we do?
Not having a cure for Klingon hangovers,
l couldn't tell you.
The battle has begun.
Our plan is to penetrate the enemy's position,
cut his forces in half.
And a very good plan it is.
Best of luck with it.
will lead us into battle, great warrior.
Maybe l'll just watch from here--
try to offer up some pointers
as things develop.
to'qaH! Lead the attack or die here by my hand.
You heard him.
Don't argue with the man-- run along.
l'll reattach any severed limbs.
Just don't misplace them.
You! Cover our flank.
Leave her.
l see you've done some redecorating.
Your attempt to retake this vessel was...
From the day l seized Voyager, you put up
a dauntless fight, but your fight is over now.
You're going to help me shut down these simulations
and repair the holodecks.
We'll destroy this ship before we surrender it.
Don't threaten me, Captain.
l've faced far more intimidating prey than you.
lf this fight continues, l promise you,
l will hunt down and kill every member of your crew.
Well, by then this ship will be damaged beyond repair
and there won't be much of a trophy left, will there?
Perhaps l should kill you
and find someone who will cooperate.
Good luck. You'll get the same response
from all of them.
You don't realize what's at stake.
l know what's at stake-- your sick little game.
This is not a game!
Then what is it?
l'm trying to create a future for my people.
l don't expect you to understand.
You are prey.
You underestimate us.
Perhaps l do.
l'm listening.
My people are hunting themselves into extinction.
Your holodeck technology might offer us
an alternative-- a new way of life.
lnstead of scattering ourselves across the Quadrant
in pursuit of prey, we could simulate the hunt
and give ourselves a chance to rebuild our civilization.
And confine your killing to holograms.
With the safety protocols off- line, the pursuit is just
as challenging.
Oh, l understand what you're trying to do,
but then...why have you been torturing us?
Why have you thrown my crew
into one brutal simulation after another?
l've been studying your behavior as l do with all my prey,
but your holodecks allowed me to go further--
to explore your culture, your history.
l must admit l've learned a great deal.
How so?
Your people have faced extinction many times,
but you've always managed to avoid it.
You seem to recognize the need for change.
Yes. You've got one of those moments
running right now on the holodeck.
We called it World War ll.
One of your most difficult eras.
And yet you survived.
lt wasn't easy.
You are a resilient species.
l admire your cunning.
Let's end this.
l'll call a cease- fire
and we can try to contain the damage.
l want my ship back, but in return, l will give you
what you need to create the holodeck technology.
lt would be cunning for you to agree.
And undrinkable.
l am tired of this simulation.
Mein Herr, a word with you.
And these holograms are becoming annoying as well.
What are we waiting for?
Why don't we execute these prisoners?
Orders from the commandant.
lf l may speak freely?
The commandant has been acting strangely the past few days.
He's been questioning German superiority.
Perhaps we shouldn't follow his orders so...
You will do as he says...
as long as l tell you to.
l don't know how much longer
l can stand being trapped in here.
Perhaps you would enjoy some entertainment.
l will not.
or you will die.
Then l'll die.
Seven, you are a valued member of this crew.
The logical response would be to grant his request.
Logic is irrelevant.
One day the Borg will assimilate your species
despite your arrogance.
When that moment arrives, remember me.
Bridge to Holodeck 1.
l've come to an agreement with Captain Janeway.
Call a cease- fire.
lt's true, Tuvok.
Our first order of business
is to call off the troops.
l want you to find Chakotay
and have him convince his soldiers
to pull out of the city.
Aye, Captain.
Turanj, order our hunters to end the fighting.
This is madness.
We're winning this battle.
Our civilization depends on this agreement.
You heard him.
Release the captives.
l'll tell the others.
Order all units to withdraw to these positions.
l have always thought highly of you.
Have you?
But the commandant is a fool.
He doesn't understand.
He's never embraced the Fuhrer...or his vision.
One does not cooperate with decadent forms of life.
One hunts them down and eliminates them.
The commandant speaks of civilization.
The ancient Romans were civilized.
The Jews are civilized.
But in all its moral decay, Rome fell
to the spears of our ancestors...
as the Jews are falling now.
Look at our destiny.
The field of red.
The purity of German blood.
The blazing white circle of the sun
that sanctified that blood.
No one can deny us, no power on Earth or beyond--
not the Christian savior, not the God of the Jews.
We are driven by the very force
that gives life to the universe itself.
We must countermand the commandant's orders.
Stay and fight.
We must be faithful to who we are.
You two, follow me.
All units, clear the valley.
Return to your previous positions.
We're calling a cease- fire.
Repeat. Cease- fire.
Well, the word is out.
Whether it will be acted upon is another question.
Oh, they'll follow orders.
l'm their commanding officer, remember?
Keep it moving! Keep it moving!
Get the lead out of your pants!
Yes, sir. You heard him! Let's move it.
Mid- 20th century American slang.
You got a problem with that, sister?
You're enjoying this simulation.
l find that peculiar, given the circumstances.
Loosen up, baby doll.
The war's almost over.
So much for the cease- fire!
Fire! Fire!
l've been monitoring the other simulation
and the fighting's getting worse.
The crew is taking heavy casualties.
How can we help?
l'll transfer my program to Holodeck 1.
You take the Jefferies tube and meet me there.
There's only the two of us.
Nevertheless, we have to try and...
Even half drunk,
Klingons are among the best warriors in the galaxy.
But they're already in the middle of a war
with the House of... mmm, uh, whatever it is.
Then you'll just have to convince them
that there's a more important battle to be waged.
What, me?
You are their"great warrior." Lead them.
Pardon me, gentlemen.
l wonder if l might have a word with you.
They're Klingons, not kittens.
You will listen!
These sensors show you've placed
holo- emitters on Decks 5 through 12?
No wonder the system breached.
You've turned Voyager into one big holodeck.
Can you shut it down?
Yes, but l'm going to have to initiate an overload.
We'll worry about making repairs later.
Right now, we've got to put an end to those simulations.
Janeway to Ensign Kim.
Yes, Captain.
Harry, l'm going to need your help
overloading the holo- emitter network.
l'm transferring optical processor control to you now.
Start charging the secondary power relays.
We'll use them to trigger the overload.
l'm on it.
This is going to take some time.
There are over 800 emitters that we have to...
Move away from the controls!
Why haven't you ordered the cease- fire?
Move away from the controls.
Listen to me.
What are you waiting for?
l am a hunter.
You are my prey.
Acknowledged. Out.
Our holographic allies are losing ground.
The German troops are surrounding the city.
l don't know how much longer we can hold them off.
These weapons are pretty crude.
They're not much help.
Maybe we should fall back.
Where to? They're coming in from all sides.
Tuvok, any chance we can get
through that breach in the hologrid?
Unlikely. 20 more Hirogen
have taken up position near the opening.
We are outnumbered.
How's it going?
l'm modifying this explosive device
to emit a photonic burst.
lt'll be harmless to organic tissue,
but it should disrupt all holographic activity
within 20 meters.
We'll try to buy you some time.
l'll be in Sick Bay.
Schnell! Schnell!
They're closing in. Seven!
Auf stehen.
Bring that one to me.
l will spare your life for now,
but only because you are carrying a German child.
Please don't do this.
l can be of use to you.
l can help you repair the ship.
Don't kill me.
Against the wall.
Your deaths will serve the glory of the Reich.
Prepare to fire.
Fight on, warriors!
This way!
Qapla', gentlemen! Qapla'!
This hunt is over.
Tell your hunters to stand down.
l'll use this if you force me to.
lt's over.
Let's go.
Captain's Log, Stardate 517 15. 2.
The damage to Voyager has been extreme.
Both sides have taken heavy casualties,
and it's clear that no one is going to win this conflict.
The fighting has reached a standstill
and the remaining Hirogen
have agreed to negotiate a truce.
What is this?
An optronic datacore.
You can use it to create holodeck technology
on your own vessels.
l made a promise with your leader before he died
that l would give this knowledge to the Hirogen.
Take it.
His ideas were unconventional.
l do not share them.
Was he any more unconventional than you are...
calling a cease- fire with your prey?
Only a few days ago,
the thought of speaking with us on equal terms
would've been inconceivable, but here we are.
Accept this...
You can use it to create a new future for your people.
At the very least, you can hang it on your bulkhead.

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