0600 hours.
Regeneration cycle complete.
Daily Log, Seven of Nine, Stardate 15781. 2.
Today Ensign Kim and l
will conduct a comprehensive diagnostic
of the aft sensor array.
l have allocated three hours, 20 minutes for the task
and an additional 17 minutes
for Ensign Kim's usual conversational digressions.
l am scheduled to take
a nutritional supplement at 1500 hours,
engage in one hour of cardiovascular activity,
then l intend to review a text the Doctor recommended
entitled A Christmas Carol.
He believes it will have educational value.
End log.
l'll get this.
Don't give me any hints.
l have no intention of doing so.
Hi, Seven.
Are you ready to begin
our sensor diagnostic?
ls it 0600 already?
We've been playing all night.
Vulcan kal- toh.
For a game of logic,
you'd be surprised at how addictive it is.
Give me a few more minutes to figure this out.
You should attend to your duties, Ensign.
l'll accept your forfeit.
No way.
This is the closest l've ever come to beating you
and l'm not giving up now.
Elementary spatial harmonics.
Are you ready now?
Yeah. Sure.
l would have gotten that.
ls there anything you don't know?
l was Borg.
"l was Borg."
That's what you always say.
But what does it mean?
You have the knowledge of 10, 000 species in your head?
Not exactly.
Each drone's experiences
are processed by the collective.
Only useful information is retained.
Still, that probably makes you
the most intelligent human being alive.
So what do you need the rest of us for?
Forget l asked.
What was that?
We just dropped out of warp.
What's the problem?
We were hit by some kind of shock wave.
Hold on.
l just lost all my sensor readings.
The computer is bringing up some kind of message,
but l can't access it.
You better take a look at this.
l can see it.
What is it?
l have no idea.
My command codes aren't working.
The computer says l have insufficient clearance
to access the message.
We can't function like this.
l'm going to get Harry up here to trace the source.
Don't do anything. l'll take care of this.
Send all sensor data about the particle wave
to my ready room.
Tom, disengage engines and hold position here.
what's going on?
l can't explain right now.
Don't discuss any of this with the rest of the crew.
l'll have further instructions for you soon.
Computer, seal the doors to this room.
No entry without my authorization.
Doors are sealed.
Access secured data file: Omega one.
Voiceprint confirmed.
State clearance code.
Janeway- one- one- five- three- red, clearance level 10.
Sensors have detected the Omega phenomenon
within 1. 2 light- years of this vessel.
lmplement the Omega Directive immediately.
All other priorities have been rescinded.
Display sensor data.
l've been informed this is a highly classified mission.
lnformation will be provided on a need- to- know basis--
Captain's orders.
Classified? By who?
We're 60, 000 light- years from Starfleet.
Like l said, need- to- know.
B'Elanna, she wants you to install
multiphasic shielding around the warp core.
l've never seen this shield configuration.
l'd like to run a couple of computer simulations
- to make sure it's stable. - No time.
She needs this done by 1 100 hours.
1 100? l don't think that's possible.
Make it possible.
Are we attempting to protect
the core from some form of subspace radiation?
l don't know any more than you do.
lt will be difficult
to complete the task, without more data.
The data you've got will have to do.
Tom, start modifying a shuttlecraft
to withstand extreme
thermal stress-- 12, 000 Kelvins at least.
Aye, sir.
Does all this have anything to do
with that secret message that the Captain received?
What have you heard?
Rumors, mostly.
Janeway's been locked in her ready room
for the last 16 hours...
something about an Omega Directive.
Ring a bell?
Look, the speculation ends right here.
Now, l expect you to carry out your assignments
with a minimum of gossip, understood?
l know it's hard not to wonder.
Frankly, l'm curious myself,
but the Captain was very adamant about this.
Get going.
The Captain wants to see you.
l thought she might.
Come in.
What do you know about the Omega Directive?
Everything you do, most likely.
l thought as much.
The Borg assimilated Starfleet Captains.
You would possess all of their knowledge.
That's correct.
Do you intend to carry out the Directive?
Then sensors have detected the molecule.
So it would appear, but we have to confirm it.
You're going to help me carry out the Directive.
Protocol forbids me
from discussing this mission with any of my crew,
but since you already know about it,
my choice is to either work with you
or...confine you to quarters.
Perhaps you should do the latter.
l will not help you destroy Omega.
lt should be harnessed.
That's impossible.
The Borg believe otherwise.
On one occasion, we were able
to create a single Omega molecule.
We kept it stable
for one- trillionth of a nanosecond
before it destabilized.
We didn't have enough boronite ore left
to synthesize more, but the knowledge we gained
allowed us to... refine our theories.
The Borg have been waiting
for the chance to test them out.
But we never found another source of the ore...
until now.
but if someone out there is experimenting with Omega,
l'm under orders to stop them.
Otherwise, this entire Quadrant would be at risk.
Those orders are the result
of Starfleet's ignorance and fear.
l can alleviate your ignorance.
As for your fear...
Sometimes fear
should be respected, Seven.
Tell me...
how many Borg were sacrificed during this experiment?
29 vessels, 600, 000 drones, but that is irrelevant.
Not to me, not to my crew,
and not to the people who live in this Quadrant.
l'm going to neutralize this threat, Seven,
with or without your help.
l will assist you.
You will?
l have waited many years
to observe this molecule firsthand.
l will not deny myself that experience.
All right.
Go back to your cargo bay.
Assemble all the data you have about Omega.
l'll expect a report within the hour.
l didn't realize you had
such a strong scientific curiosity.
Not curiosity...
Omega is infinitely complex, yet harmonious.
To the Borg, it represents perfection.
l wish to understand that perfection.
The Borg's Holy Grail.
Never mind.
l'll see you in an hour.
Arithrazine? What for?
l'm going on an away mission.
What are you planning to do--
stroll through a supernova?
Something like that.
20 milligrams-- when can you have it ready?
Captain, arithrazine is used
for the most severe cases of theta
radiation poisoning.
A physician must be present to monitor the treatment.
That won't be possible.
Then l'm afraid l can't accommodate you.
l'd be in violation of Starfleet medical protocols.
Well, l'm overriding those protocols.
Don't tell me--
"The Omega Directive," whatever that might be.
The arithrazine, Doctor.
lt'll be ready in the morning.
Have it sent to the shuttle bay.
Captain, l don't know what's going on here,
but l'd hate this to be the last time l ever see you.
Please be careful.
l will.
l've analyzed the sensor logs using Borg algorithms.
The shock wave we detected indicates not one
but possibly hundreds of Omega molecules.
Within ten light- years.
l'm having difficulty isolating
the exact star system.
Hundreds of molecules.
That changes everything.
A shuttle mission may be insufficient.
We require the resources of this entire crew.
We're going to need more firepower,
more protection.
Transfer your data to the Astrometrics Lab.
l'll work on it there.
Calibration complete.
Phase modulator.
Detonator circuits?
On standby.
We're ready to load the gravimetric charge.
This looks like enough for a 50- isoton explosion.
54, to be exact.
What are we planning to do, blow up a small planet?
l don't know.
This warhead isn't standard issue.
Who designed it, the Captain?
Mr. Kim, you ask
too many questions.
Change of plans, gentlemen.
lncrease the charge to 80 isotons.
Aye, Captain.
Harry, when you're done here,
give B'Elanna a hand with the shuttlecraft.
She's reinforcing the hull.
Ensign Hickman thinks it's Species 8472.
Pardon me?
That's his theory.
There's an opening in fluidic space
and Captain Janeway has to shut it down.
Want to know what l think?
l think there's a type- 6 protostar out there
and the Captain's planning on detonating it
and opening up a wormhole
to the Alpha Quadrant.
ln theory, it's possible.
And because she doesn't want to get her hopes up,
she's not telling anybody.
Then l wouldn't suggest getting your hopes up.
Then what do you think it is?
l do not engage
in idle speculation.
Oh, come on, Tuvok.
Aren't you curious?
Yes, but we have a task at hand.
The phase modulator.
Come in.
Status report.
Everything's going according to schedule.
The Omega Directive doesn't allow me to say much,
but l want you to know what to expect.
At 0600 hours, l'll be leaving
in a shuttle with Seven of Nine.
Would it be out of line to ask where you're going?
l can tell you this.
One of two things is going to happen.
Either Seven and l will succeed on our mission
and return within a few days,
or your long- range sensors will detect
a large explosion in subspace.
lf that occurs, you'll have less than ten seconds
to jump to warp and get the hell out of here.
Head for the Alpha Quadrant and don't look back. Understood?
l always thought that Starfleet
was run by duty- crazed bureaucrats,
but l find it hard to believe that even they
would order a Captain to go on a suicide mission.
This shuttle excursion is your idea, isn't it?
Let's just say l've had to amend the Directive,
given the circumstances.
But you have your orders and l expect you to follow them.
That's expecting a lot.
You're asking me to abandon my Captain and closest friend
without even telling me why.
lf it were a simple matter of trust,
l wouldn't hesitate to tell you.
But we've encountered situations
where information was taken from us by force.
l can't allow knowledge of Omega to go beyond Voyager.
That's a reasonable argument,
but you're not always a reasonable woman.
You're determined to protect this crew
and this time, you've taken it too far.
A dangerous mission-- fine, l'll acknowledge that--
but isn't it more likely to succeed
with everyone behind you, working together?
Ordinarily, l'd agree,
but this Directive was issued many years ago.
Starfleet didn't exactly have our predicament in mind, did it?
Lost in the Delta Quadrant with no backup.
l can't ignore the orders,
but l won't ask the crew to risk their lives
because of my obligation.
"My obligation."
That's where you're wrong.
Voyager may be alone out here, but you're not.
Let us help you.
We'll keep classified information
limited to the senior staff.
We'll take every security precaution.
Just don't try to do this alone.
Assemble the troops.
lf we were in the Alpha Quadrant right now,
we wouldn't be having this conversation.
l'd be in contact with Starfleet Command
and they'd send in a specialized team
to deal with the crisis.
ln their absence, we're going to have to make do
with the training l've received
and the knowledge
Seven of Nine has retained from the Borg.
You've all seen this symbol.
Omega...the last letter of the Greek alphabet--
chosen by Starfleet
to represent a threat not only to the Federation
but to the entire galaxy.
Only starship captains and Federation flag officers
have been briefed on the nature of this threat.
What you're about to hear will not go beyond these bulkheads.
ls that clear?
This is Omega.
A molecule?
Not just any molecule...
the most powerful substance known to exist.
A single Omega molecule
contains the same energy as a warp core.
ln theory, a small chain of them could sustain
a civilization.
The molecule was first synthesized
over a hundred years ago
by a Starfleet physicist named Ketteract.
l think he was hoping to develop an inexhaustible power source.
Or a weapon.
Ketteract managed to synthesize
a single molecule particle of Omega,
but it only existed for a fraction of a second
before it destabilized.
This was a classified research center in the Lantaru Sector.
Ketteract and 126
of the Federation's leading scientists
were lost in the accident.
Rescue teams attempting to reach the site
discovered an unexpected
secondary effect.
There were subspace ruptures
extending out several light- years.
The Lantaru Sector...
it's impossible to create a stable warp field there.
You can only fly through it at sublight speeds.
But l was always told that it was a natural phenomenon.
You're saying it was caused
by a single molecule of this stuff?
Omega destroys subspace.
A chain reaction involving a handful of molecules
could devastate subspace throughout an entire Quadrant.
lf that were to happen,
warp travel would become impossible.
Spacefaring civilization as we know it
would cease to exist.
When Starfleet realized Omega's power,
they suppressed all knowledge of it.
Have you detected Omega here
in the Delta Quadrant?
l'm afraid so.
l've been authorized to use
whatever means necessary to destroy it.
Tom, l've calculated
the location of the molecules.
l'll transfer the coordinates to the helm.
Take us there at full impulse.
Aye, Captain.
l don't have to tell you what's at stake.
lf a large- scale Omega explosion occurs,
we will lose the ability to go to warp forever.
We've got our work
cut out for us.
Captain's Log, supplemental. Encrypt log entry.
We're approaching the star system
where we believe we'll find Omega.
l have to admit, l've never been
this apprehensive about a mission.
l know how Einstein must have felt about the atom bomb,
or Marcus when she developed the Genesis Device.
They watched helplessly as science
took a destructive course,
but l have the chance to prevent that from happening.
l just hope it's not too late.
Status report?
This is a harmonic resonance chamber.
The Borg designed it to contain and stabilize Omega.
l thought l asked you to work on the photon torpedo.
The torpedo may be insufficient.
l can modify this chamber to emit an inverse frequency.
lt will be enough to dissolve Omega's interatomic bonds.
Here's to Borg ingenuity.
This is excellent work, Seven.
We may need this.
The modifications require
several complex calculations.
Assist me.
l guess l will.
l'm curious...
when did the Borg discover Omega?
229 years ago.
Assimilation? Yes.
Of 13 different species.
lt began with Species 262.
They were primitive, but their oral history
referred to a powerful substance
which could"burn the sky."
The Borg were intrigued... which led them to Species 263.
They, too, were primitive
and believed it was a drop of blood from their creator.
Yes, but irrelevant.
We followed this trail of myth for many years
until finally assimilating a species
with useful scientific data.
We then created the molecule ourselves.
Omega caused quite a stir
among my own species.
Federation cosmologists had a theory--
that the molecule once existed in nature...
for an infinitesimal period of time
at the exact moment of the big bang.
Some claimed Omega was the primal source of energy
for the explosion that began our universe.
A creation myth, like any other.
What is it the Borg say?
That Omega is perfect?
ls that a theory or a belief?
Bridge to Captain.
Go ahead.
We're approaching the coordinates.
l'm on my way.
l'm leaving this project in your hands.
Use whatever resources and personnel you need.
We've entered a planetary system.
There's a pre- warp civilization
on the outermost planet.
The source of Omega seems to be further in.
The damage to subspace in this region is extreme.
We won't be able to go to warp.
We are encountering distortions.
Track their origin.
An M- Class moon.
We're in visual range.
On screen.
There is a subnucleonic reaction
occurring in the upper atmosphere.
lt is apparently emanating
from a structure on the moon's surface.
Can your sensors penetrate the atmosphere?
Stand by.
My God.
Over 300, 000
square kilometers... destroyed.
Scan the structure.
Are there any Omega molecules remaining?
l can't tell.
Several sections of the outpost are still shielded.
l'm detecting life signs.
How many?
A few dozen, maybe.
lt's hard to get a clear reading.
Harry, can we transport to the surface?
l can get you there,
but conditions in the structure aren't good.
There are high levels of radiation.
assemble a rescue team
and have them report to Sick Bay for arithrazine inoculations.
Tell the Doctor to prepare for casualties.
Tom, move Voyager into a high orbit
and then join the away team.
We'll need a field medic.
Yes, ma'am.
You're going with them?
lf Omega's still down there, l have to find it.
l'll keep an open com- link with the ship.
You have the Bridge.
l'm picking up Omega's resonance frequency.
lt's here, but l can't pinpoint a location.
l need to ask you questions
about the experiments you've been conducting here.
There accident.
We lost containment.
The substance you were trying to create--
did any of it survive the explosion?
lnside the primary test chamber.
- Who are you? - Captain Janeway
of the Starship Voyager.
We're here to help you.
Away team to Voyager. Two to beam
directly to Sick Bay.
Aye, Captain.
This door is solid duritanium
13 centimeters thick.
Can we get it open?
The duritanium has melted
into the door frame.
We'll need to cut through the metal with phasers.
Do it.
l'd be negligent if l didn't point out
that we are about to violate the Prime Directive.
For the duration of this mission,
the Prime Directive is rescinded.
Let's get this over with.
Crewman Dell, l'm assigning you a task
more suited to your abilities.
Calibrate the ionic- pressure seals on the observation ports.
Your new designation is Three of Ten.
Yes, ma'am.
l've got more isolinear processors for you to install.
but l need to get the power relays on line first.
Are you sure that's a good idea?
Ensign Wildman was assigned to that.
This is ridiculous.
l'm not going to waste time
just because Seven wants to turn this team
into her own private collective.
She says it's more efficient.
Maybe for a bunch of drones.
Six of Ten, this is not your assignment.
Please, stop calling me that.
You are compromising our productivity.
l am reassigning you to chamber maintenance.
Your new designation is Two of Ten.
Wait a minute. You're demoting me?
Since when do the Borg pull rank?
A Starfleet protocol l adapted.
l find it most useful.
l'm glad you're not the Captain.
How's it coming?
The crew can be quite efficient
when properly organized.
The harmonic chamber will be completed within the hour.
Good. l'll let the Captain know.
Has she retrieved
any new data from the surface?
Not yet.
They're still trying to access
the primary test chamber.
Were there survivors?
A few. The Doctor's treating them in Sick Bay.
Seven's taking this "hive mentality"
just a little too far.
Designated functions, numbered drones...
l wouldn't be surprised
if she started plugging us into alcoves.
When in the collective, Harry...adapt.
Which of them is the senior researcher?
This gentleman. Why do you ask?
He has knowledge l require.
He also happens to be barely conscious.
Come back in an hour.
This is my Sick Bay.
The man needs to recover.
The Captain left me
in charge of our efforts on Voyager.
l would be negligent
if l ignored a new source of information.
Our next social skills seminar is entitled
"Adding Diplomatic Flair to Future Negotiations."
How are you feeling, sir?
Better. Thank you.
Are you comfortable enough to speak with this individual?
Keep it brief.
How many of the molecules were you able
to synthesize?
200 million?
l'm not certain.
What is the iso- frequency of your containment field?
1. 68 terahertz.
We used the molecule's
own resonance to calculate the field.
That should've been enough to stabilize them.
Obviously it wasn't.
Obviously, but your approach is innovative.
Perhaps l can adapt your technique and improve upon it.
You will assist me.
Our equipment was destroyed.
lf you can transfer the molecules to your ship...
maybe they can be saved.
l have no intention of saving them.
My orders are to destroy the Omega molecules.
This is my life's work... the salvation of my people.
Will you assist me or not?
Our resources are nearly gone.
The future of my people depends on this discovery!
Then your answer is no.
Small- minded creatures.
You destroy whatever you don't understand!
Rescue ships are on the way.
They won't let you do it.
Please, try to be calm.
Seven, you'll have to leave.
You don't realize what you're doing.
You don't know what this is... what this means...
On the contrary.
l understand perfectly.
We've disabled the locking mechanism.
Narrow your phaser beams to cut through the inner seal.
We'd risk penetrating the containment field.
Then we'll have to use some elbow grease.
Give me a hand.
There's enough here to wipe out subspace
across half the Quadrant.
l'll order the away teams back to Voyager,
and target this facility with a gravimetric charge.
lt won't be enough.
We'll have to go with our Borg option.
Yes, Captain.
Return to the ship.
Tell Commander Chakotay
to help Seven complete the harmonic chamber.
We'll have to transport Omega directly to the ship.
That means finding a way
to shut down this containment field.
lt's unfortunate we can't study
this phenomenon in more detail.
We may not have the opportunity again.
Let's hope we never do.
A curious statement from a woman of science.
l'm also a woman who occasionally knows when to quit.
Take another look at your tricorder.
Omega's too dangerous.
l won't risk half the Quadrant to satisfy our curiosity.
lt's arrogant and it's irresponsible.
The final frontier has some boundaries
that shouldn't be crossed...
and we're looking at one.
We don't need to destroy the molecules.
l believe l've found a way to stabilize them.
The alien in Sick Bay calibrated
his containment field using Omega's own resonance--
an approach unknown to the Borg.
l have modified this chamber...
Those weren't your orders.
The Captain wants Omega eliminated.
That is still an option
if she insists on yielding to her fear.
Show me what you've done.
This simulation shows the molecules
in their free state, highly unstable.
l've modified the chamber to emit a harmonic wave form
that will dampen the molecules.
Looks great in theory, but this is only a simulation.
How are you going to test it?
On Omega.
Bad idea.
One mistake and no one will be around for a second try.
lt will work.
Someday, maybe.
Hang on to your research.
For now, we stick to the plan.
Stand by to transport
the molecules into this chamber and neutralize them as ordered.
l have been a member of this crew for nine months.
ln all of that time,
l have never made a personal request.
l am making one now.
Allow me to proceed.
Why is this so important to you?
Particle zero- one- zero...
the Borg designation for what you call Omega.
Every drone is aware of its existence.
We were instructed to assimilate it at all costs.
lt is...
The molecules exist in a flawless state--
infinite parts functioning as one.
Like the Borg.
l am no longer Borg,
but l still need to understand that perfection.
Without it, my existence will never be complete.
Commander, you are a spiritual man.
That's right.
lf you had the chance to see your God, your Great Spirit,
what would you do?
l'd pursue it... with all my heart.
Then you understand.
l think l do.
l'll inform the Captain of your discovery.
For now, her orders stand.
Thank you.
Set the confinement beam to its narrowest dispersion.
We'll target this facility with the gravimetric torpedo.
lf anything goes wrong during transport,
that'll be our only hope.
Bridge to Janeway.
We've detected two ships on an intercept course.
They're not responding to hails.
How long until they get here?
Less than four minutes, Captain.
Stand by to transport
the molecules directly to the harmonic chamber.
Understood. Bridge to Cargo Bay.
Yes, Commander.
Seven, get ready.
We'll have to do this quickly.
That's not advisable.
We don't have a choice.
The alien ships are on their way.
Then l recommend moving the ship
within 5, 000 kilometers of the surface.
That'll take us right into the atmosphere.
With our shields down, we won't be able to withstand
the thermal reaction for more than a few seconds.
Then we'll only get one shot at this.
Take us in.
Aye, sir.
Transporter status?
Targeting scanners are locked.
Captain, are you ready?
Pattern enhancers are active.
Do it.
We're 1 1, 000 kilometers
from the surface.
lf we get much closer, we'll incinerate.
We're losing structural integrity.
9, 000 Kilometers.
We're close enough.
lnitiating transport.
The Omega molecules are stable.
Transport was successful.
l've got the away team in Transporter Room 2.
Get us out of here, maximum impulse.
Already on it.
How far away are those ships?
They're right on our tail.
We're heading into an area of open space--
no indications of life or any kind of technology.
We can carry out the procedure
with no risk to anyone else.
Except those two ships behind us.
Can we stay ahead of them?
Not for long.
How soon can we clear the subspace ruptures
and go to warp?
Ten, maybe 15 minutes,
but those ships will catch up to us before then.
Well, we have one advantage. We've got Omega.
They won't risk firing at us.
At least not until they've run out of options.
That should give us a chance
to neutralize the molecules.
Captain, we might have another problem.
Seven of Nine?
She's convinced she can stabilize Omega.
l thought we'd settled that question.
While you were on the surface, she showed me
a pretty convincing simulation of how it could be done.
l should've known she wouldn't just let this go.
l'll be in Cargo Bay 2.
Seven, the procedure?
lt's working.
1 1 percent Of the molecules have already been neutralized.
Let's see if we can speed up the process a little.
Did Commander Chakotay tell you about my idea?
Then you will allow me
to stabilize the remaining molecules.
You know l can't do that.
Your Starfleet Directive is no longer relevant.
l have found a way to control Omega.
l don't care if you can make it sing and dance.
We're getting rid of it.
A foolish decision.
Yes, but it's mine to make. Now, step aside.
l could've done this without your permission,
but l chose to follow your command structure.
l should've made the attempt.
l still can.
But you won't.
You know l'm not trying to stop you from finding perfection,
but l can't risk the safety of this Quadrant.
Omega must end here. We both know that.
18 percent.
This could take hours.
Can you increase the harmonic resonance?
Yes, but it would rupture the chamber.
How many molecules would we neutralize?
40, 50 percent at best.
That's good enough.
Our torpedo can take care of the rest.
Janeway to Bridge.
Chakotay here.
Chakotay, l want you to clear Deck 4.
Put emergency force fields around this section.
Prepare to decompress Cargo Bay 2 on my command.
Tuvok, load the gravimetric torpedo.
Once we've jettisoned the chamber, fire.
Aye, Captain.
Harmonic resonance to maximum.
Commander, they're closing on us.
They're attempting
to stop us with a tractor beam.
Adjust shields to compensate.
They're hailing us.
On screen.
Disengage your engines
and prepare to be boarded.
l can't do that.
You've stolen our technology,
abducted our people.
Your people are safe.
They're receiving medical care.
l'll be glad to get them back to you when this is over,
but we're keeping the molecules.
l won't allow this substance to fall into enemy hands.
l'll destroy it first.
They're charging weapons.
You'll destabilize the molecules.
We'll both be destroyed.
Then return our!
l'm sorry. That's not possible.
Direct hit. Shields down ten percent.
Evasive maneuvers. Try to shake them off.
Harmonic resonance at maximum, Captain.
The molecules?
80 percent remaining.
We need to get that down to 60.
Any damage to our power grid could
overload the chamber-- Omega would chain- react.
The same thought crossed my mind.
Where are we now?
72 percent.
That's close enough.
Bridge, start the decompression sequence.
What's wrong? What's happening?
The molecules are stabilizing.
l've done nothing.
lt's occurring spontaneously.
That's impossible.
Decompression in 30 seconds.
Decompression in 25 seconds.
Seven, let's move!
Decompression in 20 seconds.
Decompression in 15 seconds.
Decompression in ten seconds.
Tom, are we clear of the subspace ruptures?
l need maximum warp within ten seconds
or we'll be stuck at ground zero.
Yes, sir.
Decompression is complete.
The harmonic chamber has been jettisoned.
We made it. We're at warp 1.
The alien ships?
Out of range.
Sensors show no traces of Omega molecules.
Mission accomplished.
Captain's Log, Stardate 51793. 4.
We've arranged for our guests in Sick Bay
to be taken back to their homeworld,
and we can finally put this mission behind us.
This will be my last encrypted log
concerning the Omega Directive.
The classified data files will now be destroyed.
l wondered who was running my program.
Master da Vinci doesn't like visitors after midnight.
He protested. l deactivated him.
What're you doing here, Seven?
This simulation contains... many religious components.
l was studying them
to help me understand what l saw in Cargo Bay 2.
The data wasn't clear on why Omega
stabilized in the last few seconds, but chances are
it was simply a chaotic anomaly, nothing more.
For 3. 2 seconds...
l saw perfection.
When Omega stabilized, l felt a curious sensation.
As l was watching it, it seemed to be watching me.
The Borg have assimilated many species
with mythologies to explain such moments of clarity.
l've always dismissed them as trivial.
Perhaps l was wrong.
lf l didn't know you better...
l'd say you just had your first spiritual experience.

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