When the Captain told us to start collecting deuterium,
Seven suggested a series of modifications
to the Bussard collectors.
Problem is, l didn't realize the extent of the modifications
until after we'd begun the sweep--
l mean, not that there was anything wrong with them.
ln fact, efficiency is up 23 percent.
ln a nutshell, Harry.
The collectors are almost full,
but l can't tell exactly how full
until l realign my sensors with Seven's.
Why didn't you just say so?
Next time, work closer with her from the start.
Closer. Right.
So, you're going to realign your sensors with Seven's.
Sounds like fun.
Very funny.
What was that?
Are you getting feedback from Seven's modifications?
l am picking up proton surges just outside the ship.
The first was off the port beam,
and the second two were off the starboard bow.
On screen.
There's nothing out there.
Whatever it is, it's getting closer.
Red Alert. Janeway to Astrometrics.
Yes, Captain.
Use the astrometric sensors to scan for the disturbance.
l'm detecting close- range weapons fire.
Proton surges suggest two cloaked ships engaged in battle.
With us caught in the middle.
Evasive maneuvers.
Aye, sir.
There's a massive power surge--
like one of the ships is exploding.
there is one life sign aboard
that vessel.
lt is no longer on our sensors.
We're being hailed-- audio only.
Let's hear it.
Chakotay, please, l need your help.
Chakotay, are you reading me?
Please answer.
This is Commander Chakotay.
Who are you?
Please, anyone on Voyager,
if you can hear me, l need help.
There has been an explosion on the vessel.
The hull is destabilizing.
Life support is off- line.
Beam her directly to Sick Bay.
Targeting her coordinates.
l've lost her. Trying again.
l don't understand.
l get a clear lock; then it drops out.
lf we can get an away team over there,
we could stabilize her ship and tractor it in.
Do it.
Tom, Tuvok, let's find out what's going on.
Environmental systems are not functioning.
Oxygen levels are dangerously low.
try to get life support on line.
No life signs.
See if you can stabilize the hull.
l'll look for the pilot.
Can you hear me?
Chakotay, is it you?
l'm going to get this bulkhead off you.
But the beam will fall.
l'm going to pry the bulkhead off you.
When l say"now," get ready to roll out of there
like your life depended on it.
All right.
l knew you'd come.
Do l know you?
Chakotay to Voyager.
Two to beam directly to Sick Bay.
How is she?
l'm not certain.
When l scan her, the readings
won't stay in the database.
Luckily, l'm a master of visual diagnosis.
She has a minor concussion
and a compound tibular fracture--
nothing life- threatening.
l can repair the damage.
Did you find out how she knows you?
Not yet.
l can't.
She's coming around.
Don't be frightened.
You're quite safe here.
Captain...please... l need asylum.
You must let me stay on your ship
and we've got to get away
from here.
They'll be coming after me.
Slow down a minute.
l have a few questions first.
Who are you?
And how do you know my First Officer?
lt's a complicated story.
l'm not...
l'm not sure...
quite how to begin.
But if you don't give me asylum, they're going to track me down
and they're going to take me back.
And l don't want to go.
We won't turn you over to anyone without knowing the whole story.
Thank you.
l want you to stay with her.
She seems to trust you.
Maybe you'll be able to find out
what this is all about.
l hope so.
Keep me informed.
Once l've repaired the fracture,
she'll need some bed rest.
Will you stay with me?
Of course.
Then l'll be fine.
That should do it.
l'd ask you to monitor her vital signs,
but since they aren't registering,
l suppose there's no point.
Well...l have several days' worth
of inoculation records to catalog.
l suppose l'll get to it.
ls he gone?
Then we're alone.
ln a manner of speaking.
Can you start clearing up a few things now?
l'll try.
lt's complicated.
You see...we've met before.
lf that were true, l'm sure l'd remember.
No, you wouldn't.
You couldn't.
You see, the memories of my people
can't be held in the minds of other races.
When we encounter others,
which we do...
they remember us for a few hours...
but then the memories fade away.
We're completely forgotten by the next day.
ls this done through technology? Telepathy?
lt's a factor of our biology.
You see, our bodies produce a sort of pheromone,
which blocks the long- term memory engrams of others.
ls that why the tricorder can't scan you?
Why we couldn't get a transporter lock?
We're impervious to those sort of devices.
Your ships are cloaked as well.
When you live a covert existence,
you develop technology to enhance it.
But you say we've met before.
About a month ago.
l spent several weeks here.
Several weeks?
You and l worked closely together.
You helped me a great deal.
Then l left...
knowing that you would forget everything about me.
Then why did you come back?
Why the battle? Why ask us for asylum?
l know you want
everything in a nutshell.
That's the way you work.
But l have to tell you the whole story
before it will make sense.
Fine. l'm listening.
l came back...
because l fell in love with you.
She comes from Ramura.
lt's a closed society
that won't tolerate anybody trying to leave.
Apparently, she was disenchanted with that and wanted out.
They're trying to bring her back.
That's why she's asking for asylum.
But you say that she claims
she was on Voyager before this.
About a month ago.
She says she's a"tracer"--
a kind of bounty hunter who tracks down people
who try to leave their world.
She found a runaway hiding on Voyager.
She was here, but nobody remembers it?
That's what she says, but l think we have to find
a way to verify her story.
l was looking at her ship.
lt uses a sophisticated polarization technique
that causes our sensor scans to pass right through it.
She could have been shadowing us
for quite a while.
And learned enough about us
to convince us she's been here before.
But why?
Why go to that trouble?
What about the battle with that other cloaked ship?
She put herself in danger
when it would have been a lot easier
simply to ask for asylum.
l agree...
but l think we have to make sure
she doesn't have some hidden agenda.
lf she was here, there should be some evidence of it.
She said a computer virus was planted
to wipe all references to her being here,
but l have to believe we can at least turn up
some evidence of tampering.
Harry, Tuvok. Tom,
do the same with her ship.
See if the navigational logs support what she's saying.
l agree we should take precautions,
but you seem very suspicious of her.
l want to make sure we're not being manipulated.
l agree.
lf we grant her asylum,
we'll be in the position of having to protect her.
lf we're going to commit to that,
we should certainly find out if she's telling the truth.
l'd appreciate your thoughts on that.
Aye, Captain.
l have successfully downloaded
the navigational logs from your vessel.
Good. Now, compare them with your own logs
over the last two months.
Display Voyager's route toward the Alpha Quadrant.
Now overlay my route.
There, you see?
Our ships traveled together for at least two weeks.
You could have falsified your navigational logs.
There is no proof that you ever came aboard Voyager.
That's what l always liked about you two--
such unyielding logic, such refreshing skepticism.
Run a diagnostic on my logs.
You'll find they haven't been altered.
How's it going?
Her story seems to be legitimate,
but there are further steps to take.
Then take them.
l thought you might like to get something to eat--
unless your memories of our Mess Hall aren't good.
As a matter of fact,
l was quite fond of Neelix's food.
Now, that's something that's hard to believe.
Commander Chakotay's face became flushed
as he spoke with her.
What does that signify?
l'd rather not engage in speculation.
lt is a dangerous pastime.
l think our guest will enjoy this, Commander--
uh, fried soy meal, buttered carrots
and a delightful almond pudding.
Sounds wonderful.
Very nice. Thanks, Neelix.
You were very diplomatic.
Why do you say that?
You hate carrots; fried food upsets your stomach;
and you refuse to eat pudding because you think it's slimy.
l'm curious.
When you were here before, you said we worked together,
but you also said you were here to retrieve a runaway.
How was l involved?
Aren't you more curious
to hear about how we fell in love?
"We"? You said you were in love with me.
You didn't say l felt the same way.
lf you hadn't returned the feelings,
do you really think l would have taken
such a terrible risk to get back to you?
Let's take it one step at a time.
How did you get on our ship?
That was easy.
The hard part was looking for the runaway
without anyone finding me.
l managed two days on the ship before l triggered
an intruder alert and lost my cloak.
And then what happened?
And then l met you.
Wrong direction.
l don't want to hurt you.
Put your weapon down.
On my ship, l give the orders.
Put yours down.
l don't mean you any harm.
You have a stowaway on board.
l'll retrieve him, and we'll be on our way.
That's not the way we do things here.
Chakotay to Tuvok. l'm in Cargo Bay 2.
l have our intruder.
Understood, Commander.
You're about to find yourself outnumbered.
lf you want to give me your weapon
and explain what's going on, l'll listen.
l felt an attraction right away,
but l couldn't afford to get distracted.
l had work to do.
And l didn't know if you felt it, too.
What happened next?
You took me to Captain Janeway.
l explained the situation.
She didn't like the idea of a stowaway
on her ship, so she told you and Tuvok
to work with me to flush him out.
And did we?
You keep trying to jump to the end.
You're skipping all the parts about us.
And you keep trying to talk about your feelings.
l'd rather you stick to the events,
not the emotions surrounding them.
Does it make you uncomfortable?
l don't want to play this game.
l've been assigned to talk to you--
to figure out whether or not you're telling the truth.
Even if you are, l have no memory of meeting you
and l certainly have no memory of feeling anything
for you.
You might remember a relationship
between us, but as far as l'm concerned...
it didn't exist.
l see.
l'm sorry.
l just want to make it clear how l feel.
Of course.
ls there anything l can do for you?
Can l have your pudding?
Then you're forgiven.
Chakotay and Kellin,
report to the Bridge immediately.
lt's the tracers. They've found me.
We don't detect any ships.
l'm assuming these are your people in cloaked vessels.
They've come to take me back.
Harry, hail them.
They won't answer.
She's right, Captain.
No response.
Their weapons are going
through our shields as if they weren't there.
Match shields to the frequency of their particle beams.
No effect.
Shield strength down to 29 percent.
They'll keep firing until you surrender
or until l contact them and agree to come back.
Do you still want to stay with us?
All right. Tom,
get us out of here.
That last volley damaged our propulsion systems.
We have thrusters only.
Captain, if you'll let me have access
to your sensor systems,
l can modify them to detect the ships.
Do it.
This is the moment, Chakotay.
Either we give her up or we fire back.
Which one is it?
l think you might
be able to detect them now,
but only for a minute or two.
Affirmative. Two heavily armed ships
off the port bow.
Can we get them on screen?
That's the best l can do.
target their weapon systems.
Well done.
Stand down Red Alert.
Well, it seems we've granted you asylum.
Now you'll have to give
some thought to what you want to do.
l'd prefer to remain on board.
Consider that carefully.
We're heading for the Alpha Quadrant.
Before long, we will be so far from your world
that if you change your mind,
you wouldn't be able to get back.
l won't change my mind, but l must warn you--
the tracers won't give up that easily.
Your ship is still at risk.
Nothing we haven't faced before.
l was only able to make a temporary modification
to your sensors.
lf you'd let me access your astrometric processors,
l could make that modification permanent.
You'll need a command officer with you
to override the security lockouts.
l can do that, Captain.
Go ahead.
Tom, coordinate with Engineering
to get the propulsion systems back on line.
l'm on it, Captain.
We'll have to climb up to Deck 10.
ls something wrong?
l can't relax until we're far enough away
that they realize they can't get me back...
and to my knowledge, that's never happened before.
There's always a first time.
l have a high security clearance.
They'll be afraid l'm going to do
exactly what l'm about to do--
show you how to detect them.
Look at it this way.
lf they do figure out we can spot them,
they might realize
they aren't going to be able to take you back.
You're such a kind person.
That's what l remembered most.
lt's what made me turn around and come back.
And sometime...
you might be interested in...
hearing about our last night together.
Evening, Commander.
Craving a late- night snack?
No. Something to help me sleep.
Got any ideas?
l know humans think warm milk will do it.
Frankly, l find it repulsive.
l agree.
What's available in the tea area?
Herbal is best.
l have several Terran varieties, uh...
as well as some more exotic blends.
Just mix me up whatever you think
is the most relaxing.
Forgive me. l wasn't trying to pry.
l know that.
l'm just not sure how to answer you.
How's our guest adapting to life on Voyager?
Quite well, l think.
She must be happy to be here.
l'm sure she is.
Forgive me, Commander...
but sometimes it's best to be straightforward.
lt's obvious how she feels about you--
to me, at least.
l see how she looks at you.
Might that be the source of your consternation?
She says she, or rather
we fell in love when she was here before.
Since l can't remember any of that,
l don't know if it's true,
but somehow, it's hard to believe.
Why is that?
l don't know.
lt just doesn't seem like me.
l'm still suspicious of her.
l don't know if she's using me in some way
just for her own purposes.
You don't trust her.
Not really.
May l suggest...
that maybe it's yourself you don't trust?
Your own feelings that you're afraid of?
Sweet dreams.
l couldn't sleep.
l need to talk to you.
May l come in?
l was just wondering
if you still had doubts about me
or if you believe what l told you about us.
Your story seems to have been verified.
l believe you're telling the truth.
And the rest of it?
What about us?
l'm not one to hold back, as you may have noticed,
so l'll get to the point.
l came here because of you.
l knew you wouldn't remember me,
but l was sure we could regain
the feelings we had before.
They were there...
and they were real...
but now l'm not so sure.
My being here puts
this ship at risk.
lt's better for everyone if l go back to Ramura.
So please be honest.
lf you feel nothing for me...
just tell me...
and l'll leave.
Don't go.
lt's called"ice cream"?
l'm surprised you didn't have any
the last time you were here.
l could eat this every day.
Then you should.
Voyager's a very...
powerful ship.
And very fast.
We've met people with ships that are faster
and more powerful,
but Voyager's always managed to be a match
for the best of them.
Ramuran vessels are fast.
They could stay up with this ship.
we'll keep you safe.
That's a promise.
A tracer never goes home empty- handed.
The disgrace would be too great.
When l was here before,
l'd been tracking that man for almost a year.
But you know all the tricks.
You can use them against anyone
who tries to come after you.
You said you were going to tell me
about our last night together.
Let me show you.
You were sitting here in this chair...
and l...
was here.
And we were drinking something with bubbles.
l wanted to celebrate.
l'd caught my runaway that day with your help.
How was that?
You came up with the idea
of using a magneton sweep
to disrupt his polarization cloak.
We knew he'd be watching me closely,
so...we tricked him.
l'm sorry you didn't get your fugitive.
He must have jumped to another ship
while Voyager was in orbit of Mikah last week.
l'll find him eventually.
lf you think we could be of any more help, let me know.
Thank you, Commander.
This is my problem.
l'll handle it from now on.
Just beam me back to my ship
and l'll backtrack to Mikah.
Good- bye, and thank you again.
Ready to energize.
Hello, Resket.
You were a real challenge.
l haven't had the chance
to welcome you to Voyager.
Too bad you'll be leaving so soon.
We put him in the brig.
Once l used the neurolytic emitter on him,
he was only too happy to be going home again.
Neurolytic emitter.
We use it on runaways.
lt wipes their memories of the outside world.
So we were celebrating...?
You'd become much more than a friend to me,
but l knew l had to go home,
and you'd forget about me within hours.
So l took the initiative.
More than usual?
Oh, yes.
l moved closer to you...
l thanked you profusely for all your help,
told you that l couldn't have done it without you...
and l touched you.
l told you l... l cared very much for you...
and that l wanted something to remember you by.
And then l did this.
That's when l knew you felt the same way.
But it didn't matter because l still had to go.
But now you don't.
lf Kellin's going to be with us,
the Captain wants her to serve a function--
to contribute in some way.
A reasonable expectation.
What are her skills?
Basically, she was a security operative for her people.
She's a trained expert in weaponry,
surveillance, fighting skills.
Any idea where she might fit in?
Mr. Neelix could use an assistant in the Mess Hall.
Tuvok, that was a joke.
Don't deny it-- you were trying to be funny.
lf you choose to interpret my remark as humorous,
that is your decision.
l do and it was.
lt's perfectly logical.
All the qualities you mentioned
would help in defending Neelix
against the periodic wrath of the crew.
Maybe so, but don't you think she'd be better off
as a member of your security detail?
Perhaps. l'll assign her to a team
and let her observe for a week.
At the end of that time, l'll evaluate her situation.
Good enough.
Commander, l've been giving some thought to the fact
that the Ramuran ships might be in pursuit
and could attack us again.
l've given that some thought myself.
Their proton weapons
were particularly effective against us.
lf Kellin would work with Seven and Ensign Kim,
perhaps we could devise
a strategy to defend ourselves.
l'm sure she'd be happy to do that.
Have her report to Astrometrics
at 1300 hours.
l've downloaded data from our tactical logs.
You can access it from this console.
Our weapons are proton- based particle beams,
very tightly focused.
lt's like being hit with thousands of needles.
They can penetrate any shield
even if the modulations are changed.
Very clever.
No defense has ever stopped these weapons.
Then maybe we're about to make history.
You've found a way to counteract them?
l think so.
The trick is to scatter those beams a little,
make it harder for them to penetrate the shields.
l think we could do that by tying the baryon sensors
into Deflector Control.
Here's what l have in mind.
Why don't you look this over and let me know what you think?
l'll do it right away.
By the way, l hear Chakotay recommended you to Tuvok
to serve on a security detail.
l want to help out in some way.
A word of advice.
Volunteer for Beta Squad; they're the best team.
You'll learn a lot from them.
l will. Thank you.
When you mentioned Commander Chakotay's name,
she flushed.
He did the same when he saw her.
What are you saying?
l suspect the Commander and Kellin are engaged
in a courtship ritual.
lt seems an unnecessary and complicated precursor
to the act of procreation.
l know you think so,
but trust me, some people need those rituals.
lt's...it's usually considered a good idea
if two people get to know each other a little
before they become...intimate.
Why is that?
Because it's more comfortable.
Uh, you spend some time together, you laugh, you talk.
That makes it easier to...
to get closer.
But the end result is the same, is it not?
Well, l guess so.
Then l fail to see what is accomplished by all the talk.
Seven, if you don't get it, then l can't explain it to you.
l should have known.
They must have gotten somebody on board
during the battle.
You're jumping to conclusions.
No. There's a tracer.
He's here, he's come for me.
That broken vase was a warning.
We'll protect you.
l'm not going to let anything happen to you.
- lt's too late. - No!
We can use the same magneton sweep
we used to flush out Resket.
We'll find this one and send him on his way.
l'm afraid l can't let that happen.
Curneth, don't.
Chakotay to Security.
lntruder alert, my quarters.
Please, l beg you, don't do this.
You know better than to ask that, Kellin.
Drop it!
Drop it!
You're too late.
She's already beginning to forget
everything that's happened here.
The Doctor says there's nothing he can do.
Your recent memories have already begun to fade.
Don't let this happen, please.
Don't let this happen.
Do you have any idea how we can reverse the effect?
Promise me...
if l forget why l'm here,
if l forget you...
do what l did...
and you'll tell me all about us...
and you'll help me to remember.
l will, but l'm going to try to do more than that.
Can the effects of the neurolytic emitter
be reversed?
l have no idea.
As far as l know, no one's ever tried.
Then l'll be the first.
Tell me how the emitter works--
how it affects the memory centers.
You sound desperate, Commander.
Does Kellin mean that much to you?
What you're doing is wrong.
She wants to stay here.
This is futile.
Even if l knew how the emitter works,
l wouldn't tell you.
You have no right to do this.
l have every right.
The laws on our world are very specific about that.
No one may leave.
No one may reveal anything about us
to the outside world.
Kellin has violated both of those edicts.
Returning her will serve as a deterrent
to others who might think of leaving.
Did it ever occur to you
that the fact that so many people want to leave might mean
that there's something wrong with your society?
We have a strong and cohesive society
because of our efforts to keep it that way.
A few runaways among millions
hardly indicates a problem.
lf there are so few...
why not let them go?
That would suggest that we don't care about them.
What a terrible message.
You may have wiped her memory, but Kellin's not going back.
Maybe we should wait and see if that's what happens.
She made it
clear to me that she wants to stay here.
So maybe you should start practicing
what you're going to tell your superiors.
The Doctor told me he'd released you.
How are you feeling?
l'm fine.
Do l know you?
At least, you did.
You'll have to forgive me,
but l don't remember how l got here
or anything else that's happened
in at least the past few weeks.
l know.
l hope l wasn't throwing things in a fit of rage.
l assume a tracer is here to take me back.
That's right.
what l'm going to say will sound strange...
but it's what you asked me to do
before you lost your memories.
You came here about a month ago
looking for a runaway.
After you left with him, you decided to come back.
But if l finished my assignment,
why would l come back here?
you'd fallen in love with me.
Forgive me.
You're...certainly attractive,
but...what you're telling me
seems very unlikely.
But it's what happened.
We started to work together...
and l began to realize how unique you are.
Before long, l couldn't get you out of my mind.
Are you saying that you fell in love with me as well?
And then we realized the tracer was on board.
After he used the emitter on you,
you made me promise to tell you all of this,
so you would know what happened between us.
This is...
a little unsettling.
What is it you want from me?
don't go back with the tracer.
Stay here for a while, at least for a few days.
We can get to know each other again.
l honestly can't imagine what would be served by that.
l have to go home.
lf you stayed...
you might change your mind.
Then that's all the more reason
that l should leave now.
l've violated one of our most important edicts...
and l wouldn't want to make that mistake again.
l wish...
l wish we had met under different circumstances.
Your ship's ready.
Thank you, Commander.
l've implanted a computer virus
to eliminate any reference to our being here.
By tomorrow afternoon,
you'll have forgotten everything.
lt will be as though we never existed.
lt's better that way.
You're such a kind person.
l won't forget that.
l wish you both the best.
First Officer's Personal Log, Stardate 51813. 4.
Maybe it would be best, as the tracer said,
to forget about Kellin and the time she spent here,
but l don't want to do that.
l want to remember.
More coffee, Commander?
No, thanks.
l'm almost done.
Strange to see you using
those ancient writing implements.
Ah, it's the only way l could get a permanent record
of what's happened in the last few days.
l want to get it down before l forget it all.
l'm sorry things
didn't work out for you.
l've been trying to make sense of it.
l fell in love with her twice.
l thought she could do the same.
We were the same two people on the same ship.
Why didn't it happen again?
l keep going over and over our last conversation,
trying to think if there was
something l could have said, could have done...
but nothing comes to mind.
Commander, l don't think you can analyze love.
lt's the greatest mystery of all.
No one knows why it happens or doesn't.
Love is a chance combination of elements.
Any one thing might be enough to keep it from igniting--
a mood, a glance...
a remark.
And if we could define love...
predict it...
it would probably lose its power.
l'll let you finish.
Good night.

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