Ship is gray, Captain.
We've cut power to Decks 4 through 9.
Replicators, holodecks,
and all other nonessentials are off-line.
Remaining systems are operating at 20 percent capacity.
Tom, how long can you keep us flying?
With the deuterium supply this low,
even at one-quarter impulse,
we'll be out of gas inside a week.
Everyone redouble your efforts.
Keep your eyes open for new sources of deuterium.
Tuvok, Chakotay, l want recommendations
for further methods of conservation.
Harry, you and l will give them a hand in Geophysics--
see if we can't synthesize a substitute fuel.
ln the meantime, we stay in gray mode.
lf anybody's got any other ideas, l'm listening.
We could set up a bicycle
in the Mess Hall, attach a generator, pedal home.
Now, why didn't l think of that?
And l volunteer Harry to take the first shift.
Living space will be extremely limited.
Take only those personal items which are absolutely essential.
Hello, there!
What, may l ask, is this?
That, Mr. Vulcan, is the Selected Works of Jirex.
Only essential items, Mr. Neelix.
Oh, Jirex is essential.
He's the greatest writer in the Talaxian canon.
l never go to sleep
without reading at least one of his parables.
A habit you will have to break,
until we're able to restore power to crew quarters.
l suppose l can try.
And... these?
l... l get terrible neck pains without them.
l suggest you ask the Doctor
to prescribe an anti-inflammatory.
Oh, fine. l don't mind roughing it.
Mr. Neelix, the blankets.
No. No, that's where l draw the line.
My mother knitted these herself.
l've slept with them since l was a child.
You'll have to make do with standard-issue bedding.
But those Starfleet blankets give me a rash.
Then l suggest you ask the Doctor...
For some anti-itch cream.
l might as well sleep in Sick Bay!
Thank you, Mr. Vulcan. You've just given me an idea.
What's going on here?
l'm working.
You were ordered to shut down Astrometrics an hour ago.
We can't afford the power.
Seven, it's inefficient.
Efficiency is relative, Commander.
lf l shut down Astrometrics,
l won't be able to scan for new fuel sources.
l appreciate your efforts,
but we'll have to use conventional scanners until...
Conventional scanners would not have found this.
Highly concentrated deuterium.
Computer, display source.
A planetoid .4 light-years from our present position.
There are dense pockets of deuterium
just beneath the surface.
Maybe so, but that's a Demon-class planet.
That's what Starfleet calls it.
Also known as Class-Y.
lt's got a toxic atmosphere
filled with thermionic radiation.
Surface temperatures are in excess of 500 Kelvins.
Just entering a standard orbit would be suicide.
Our situation is desperate.
When faced with desperate circumstances, we must adapt.
Captain's Log, supplemental.
l've ordered adaptations to our shields
to repel the thermionic discharges.
Hoping that the benefits will outweigh the risks,
we're now trying to beam deuterium
from beneath the planet's surface.
Narrow the annular confinement beam to .47 terahertz.
Ready here, Captain.
Stand by.
Harry, shunt whatever additional power you can
to the containment field.
l don't want any of those atmospheric gases seeping in.
Aye, Captain.
A thermionic discharge has struck the forward shields.
They're holding.
Let's get this over with before you tell me otherwise.
Seven, do it.
Transport in progress.
Shields are weakening.
l'm reading an overload in the pattern buffers.
Abort transport.
Controls not responding!
Get out of there now.
Computer, seal off the Transporter Room
and erect a level-10 containment field.
Containment field established.
The good news is Nozawa and Seven of Nine
have both been treated and released from Sick Bay,
and the planetary gases have been expelled
from the transporter room.
And the bad news?
The transporters are off-line.
lt'll take days before they're back again.
Great. We lose valuable energy on a course change,
and all we get for our trouble is another downed system.
Can we send a probe to collect the deuterium?
lt would incinerate within seconds
of entering the upper atmosphere.
Then l don't see any other options.
Tom, put us back on our original course.
One-quarter impulse.
Captain, maybe l can help.
Harry, the bicycle thing was just a joke.
l've been thinking.
With Tuvok's shield modifications
and a few tweaks to an environmental suit,
l could take a shuttle to the surface
and mine the deuterium from there.
Need l remind you, Ensign, that there is no environment
less hospitable to humanoid life than a Class-Y.
Actually, Tuvok, no, you needn't remind me.
What's the alternative?
Resume course, creep along at quarter-impulse
hoping we'll find fuel
before we end up dead in the water?
We've got deuterium within arm's reach.
We can't let the opportunity slip away
without at least trying.
He's got a point.
You wouldn't be able to communicate with us
if you got in trouble.
And until we can get transporters back,
we couldn't beam you out.
Even with modifications,
it wouldn't be long before your suit began to corrode.
Exposure to that atmosphere could kill you within minutes.
l know the risks.
Even if l agreed, l'd never let you go alone.
Of course not.
That's why l'm volunteering
my good buddy Tom here to go with me.
You were pretty forceful in there.
So? l don't think
l've ever seen you that assertive
in a staff meeting before.
You must be bucking for a promotion.
l had an idea and l spoke up, that's all.
Oh, no, no, no. lt was more than that.
You put Tuvok in his place, right in front of everybody.
He was stating the obvious again.
Talking down to me like l didn't
know anything about Demon-class planets?
l am not criticizing you.
Believe me, nobody enjoys seeing
the Vulcan master put down a peg more than l do.
l was just surprised, that's all.
lt didn't seem like you.
Cargo Bay 2.
You trying to change
your squeaky-clean image or something?
Not exactly.
What, then?
How do l explain this?
When l first came on board Voyager,
l was pretty green, right?
A deep, almost fluorescent green,
if l remember correctly.
l was young, inexperienced, and l acted like it--
nervous about giving my opinion, hesitant to make suggestions--
so l usually just kept my mouth shut,
and l behaved that way for so long,
it became a habit.
But, in the last four years, a lot has happened.
l've fought the Borg,
been transformed into an alien,
helped defeat the Hirogen.
Hell, l've even come back from the dead.
lt's been a wild ride.
l woke up the other morning and it suddenly hit me--
l've got a lot of experience now,
so why should l be afraid
to take the initiative or voice my ideas?
Good for you, Harry.
do me a favor.
The next time you try to assert yourself,
leave me out of it.
l hate hot weather.
Don't worry, we can cut some holes
in the environmental suits, get some ventilation going.
Harry, while you're busy improving yourself,
you might try working on your sense of humor.
My sense of humor?
What about that stupid gag about the bicycle?
Oh, ho-ho! That was funny.
No, that was not funny.
You think that's humor?
l can't thank you enough
for getting me in on this mission, Harry.
Don't mention it.
Remind me to volunteer you to help
the next time l have to clean the warp plasma manifolds.
Really, Tom, you don't owe me anything.
Oh, but l do.
We've lost attitude control.
Time to show off your piloting skills.
Think you can handle it?
Watch me.
Oh, l'll be watching you, all right.
Switching to manual control.
Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.
We're entering the lower atmosphere,
approaching the landing coordinates.
All right. l'm going to set us down.
On my mark...
You did that on purpose, didn't you?
lt's almost 500 degrees Kelvin.
Don't worry. The suits can handle it.
lf not, we'll be human barbecue.
l'm picking up traces of deuterium...
50 meters... that way.
Let's move.
No sweat.
lt's coming from in here.
What is it?
Some kind of metallic compound...
highly viscous...
and if these readings are right,
its temperature is only 12 degrees?!
ln this environment?!
Whatever this stuff is,
it's packed with liquefied deuterium.
There's another pool
20 meters that way.
Why don't you go check it out
while l collect a few samples here.
l don't know, Harry...
a couple of lounge chairs,
a big beach umbrella,
maybe some dermalplast to counteract the chemical burns,
and l think we've found ourselves a new vacation spot.
Aw, come on.
That was a little funny.
Let me hear you do better.
Oh, my God.
l know it's hot out, Harry,
but you picked a lousy time to go for a swim.
l don't know what happened.
l leaned over to collect a sample
and it was like l was pulled in.
Warning. Ensign Kim,
an environmental seal has been compromised.
Oxygen depletion in 30 seconds.
Hang in there, buddy,
and l'll get you back to the shuttle.
Have you put on weight?
You're just out of shape.
Oxygen depletion in 15 seconds.
l'll make you a deal-- you hold your breath
till we get back to the shuttle,
and l promise l'll start exercising every day.
Maybe you should start with the bicycle.
l thought l told you to hold your breath.
Warning. Oxygen depletion in five seconds.
Hang in there, Harry.
We'll make it.
Warning. Lieutenant Paris,
an environmental seal has been compromised.
Oxygen depletion in 30 seconds.
You gotta be kidding me.
We're in the same boat now, buddy,
but l'll get us out of this.
Warning. Oxygen depletion in 15 seconds.
You're right.
l definitely need to get back in shape.
Warning. Oxygen depletion in five seconds.
Out of the question.
Be reasonable, Doctor.
Take it up with Commander Chakotay.
He's on his way here right now.
But it's only for a couple of days.
Just until we get power back in the crew quarters.
l suggest you set up camp in the Mess Hall.
The Mess Hall is full.
Where are we supposed to sleep?
Anywhere but here.
This is a Sick Bay, not a dormitory.
But you have four empty beds.
Bio-beds, reserved for patients.
You don't have any patients.
l may have one in a moment,
if you and your fellow squatters don't go elsewhere.
You wanted to see me, Doctor?
Oh, it's about time.
Mr. Neelix is attempting to turn my Sick Bay
into a flophouse.
We are short on beds for now.
We've got to adapt.
But what if there's
a medical emergency?
Then Neelix and the others will get out of the way.
But... this isn't just Sick Bay.
lt's my residence.
And we promise to be the most perfect houseguests.
What more can you ask for?
l have a routine.
l'm a night owl.
What if one of them should snore
while l'm listening to Puccini?
Well, if you feel that strongly about it, Doc,
l suppose we'll have to consider other options.
Thank you, Commander.
For example, we could shut down your program
until you're needed.
The Captain asked me to look for ways
to conserve power, and it would spare you
from having to listen to them snore.
Commander Chakotay to the Bridge.
On my way.
Make yourselves at home.
Try scanning for infrared signatures.
There's too much interference.
What's up?
Tom and Harry still aren't back.
You want me to take another shuttle down and look for them?
And risk losing you, too?
Either we keep waiting until we run out or deuterium
and get trapped in orbit, or...
We land the ship.
As you know, Captain, the landing procedure
requires a significant output of energy.
With shield strength as low as it is,
we can't even be certain
the ship will survive the descent.
What's the alternative?
We're up here, the deuterium's down there,
and we're stuck without it.
We've come this far.
Janeway to Engineering.
Vent all plasma from the nacelles.
Transfer any available power to atmospheric thrusters
and stand by to commence landing sequence.
Acknowledged, Captain.
Commander Chakotay, take the conn.
Tom's going to be sorry he missed this.
Code Blue.
Commander Tuvok to all hands.
Go to Blue Alert
and report to Code Blue stations.
Atmospheric controls at standby.
Landing struts on line.
lnertial dampers at maximum.
All operative decks report Condition Blue.
Let us down easy, Commander.
We're on a declining glide trajectory.
Altitude 150 kilometers.
A thermionic discharge.
Shields down to 81 percent.
Shields at 43 percent.
l think we're through the worst of it.
Shields at 22 percent and falling.
Can you shore them up?
Negative. There's no more available power.
Engaging landing struts.
Brace for impact!
l could give you a litany of damaged systems, Captain,
but suffice it to say, now that we're down,
we won't be going up again soon.
Start organizing repair crews.
Well, that was very good, Commander.
Take an away team and find Harry and Tom.
Chakotay... you're going out to look for them, aren't you?
-That's right. -Take me with you.
l can't do that, B'Elanna.
You're needed here to complete repairs.
l've already handed out assignments.
Vorik's on top of it.
l want to help you find them.
Look... l know you're concerned about Tom and Harry.
We all are.
l'll have them back safe and sound in no time.
Don't patronize me.
We both know how dangerous that environment is.
They could be in serious trouble.
You're right.
l don't know what we're going to find.
That's why l need cool heads.
You think l can't control myself?
l think you're a little too close to this.
You're damn right l am.
lf someone you loved was missing on this planet,
you would be the first one out that door, and you know it.
B'Elanna, the clock is ticking.
Go back to Engineering, do your job,
and let me do mine.
Do me a favor.
Take Seven of Nine with you.
You're recommending her?
You said you needed cool heads, didn't you?
Nobody's head is cooler than hers.
All right.
And bring them back safe.
l will.
Excuse me, Doctor.
Yes, Mr. Neelix?
We'd like to sleep now, if you don't mind.
Not at all.
Make yourselves comfortable.
But you seem busy.
Oh, don't mind me.
Just going about my routine.
Sleep away.
What about the lights?
What about them?
Could we turn them off?
You don't expect me to work in the dark, do you?
Well, no,
but l'll never be able to fall asleep.
That's not my problem, is it?
l've got a very, very busy day tomorrow
and my next shift is just four hours away.
Perhaps you should've thought of that
when choosing your accommodations.
Well, if we can't sleep,
l guess we'll just have to find some other way
to pass the time.
How about a sing-along?
l could teach you all some Talaxian rondos,
and l know a Vulcan funeral dirge,
not to mention the classics of Klingon opera.
Very well, Mr. Neelix, you win.
Pleasant dreams.
Computer, lights off.
You're a little jumpy, aren't you?
l thought l heard something.
Now you know why they call it Demon-class.
Demon implies a presence.
This planetoid is unoccupied.
l'm picking up the shuttlecraft.
Nobody home.
lt's unlikely their environmental suits
were able to survive the elements for this long.
l hope you're wrong.
Looks like they went this way.
My tricorder isn't picking up any life signs.
How did you reach that conclusion?
l guess you never assimilated any lndian scouts.
High concentrations of deuterium...
coming from this fluid.
l'll collect a sample.
Let's find Tom and Harry first.
We'll collect the deuterium later.
As you wish.
Maybe they found some shelter inside.
Good to see you guys.
Welcome to the Demon Planet.
Our suits were corroding, our lungs were burning--
we were suffocating!
You know what they say
about your life passing before your eyes?
Well, it's true.
l was finally getting past puberty
when suddenly, l lost consciousness.
l don't know how long l was out, but...
the next thing l knew, l was awake
and... and l was breathing normally
and l looked over at Harry.
He was breathing normally, too--
with his helmet off--
and-and we just looked at each other,
and we just started laughing.
l know it sounds crazy,
but... it was an exhilarating experience.
His vital signs are normal.
Apparently, he has adapted.
Just the same, we'd better
let the Doctor take a look at you.
Chakotay to Voyager.
l've already tried that.
The com signal can't get out of the caves.
Then we'll call again when we get back outside.
l'm telling you, Chakotay,
it was an amazing experience.
lt-lt's like when you're a kid who's afraid of the water,
and you suddenly realize that you can swim.
Go ahead.
Take your helmets off. Try it.
l'm glad you're feeling all right,
but none of us should be taking any risks
until we know exactly what's going on.
Don't tell me that a big, tough guy like you
is afraid of a little poisoned atmosphere.
Where's Harry?
He's further inside the cave.
We found a huge cache of deuterium.
Let's find him and get you two back to the ship.
Whatever you say, boss,
but l'm telling you, we could breathe this air forever.
We should have transporters back on line within the hour.
Well, that's great, but, right now,
l'm more concerned with little things,
like, oh, l don't know, say, life support?
lndeed. According to my calculations,
environmental systems will cease to function
in two hours.
You say that like you're giving me
the weather report.
Well, l agree the situation is dire,
but losing our cool will not help matters.
Losing our cool?
Where did you pick up that expression?
Mr. Paris.
Well, there's hope for you yet.
Now, how about giving me a hand?
lsn't it incredible?
That's what l've been trying to tell them.
Are you feeling okay, Harry?
Never better.
lf we could get some mobile transporters down here,
we could mine enough deuterium
to get us all the way to the Alpha Quadrant and back again.
Tom tells me you've already picked up 20 kilos.
That should be enough to get the main systems back on line.
Let's get back to the ship; have the Doctor take
a look at you.
l'd rather stay here and keep working,
if it's all the same to you.
lt's not.
Really, Commander, l'm fine.
You should send some more personnel out to help.
They won't even need environmental suits.
l appreciate your enthusiasm,
but we're going back to Voyager-- now.
lt's all right, Harry.
Once the Doc takes a look at us and sees we're fine,
we'll get right back to work.
Status, Mr. Tuvok.
l've shut down life support everywhere but Decks 1 and 5.
lt should provide us
with an extra hour of breathable air.
Chakotay to Voyager.
Janeway here.
We found Tom and Harry.
First good news l've had all day.
What about the deuterium?
We've got a few kilos.
We're on our way back to Voyager now.
What's your position?
About two kilometers from the ship.
Transporters are coming back on line.
We should be able to beam you back
from that distance, but it may take a few minutes.
Have the Doctor standing by.
l think he's going to want to take a look at Tom and Harry.
Computer, lights.
Maximum illumination.
Everybody up.
Rise and shine, Mr. Neelix.
What's going on?
lt's checkout time.
lt's the middle of the night.
Medicine knows no time clock.
l've got patients on the way and there's no more room at the inn.
Patients? ls somebody sick?
l can't answer that until l've examined them, now, can l?
Examine who?
Ensign Kim and Lieutenant Paris.
ls there anything l can do to help?
Yes. You and your friends can vacate the premises.
Right. Move! You heard the Doctor!
This is an emergency evacuation!
Move! Move!
thanks for your hospitality,
and if you ever need a place to stay,
my door's always open.
Beam Tom and Harry to Sick Bay.
What happened to them?
As soon as we beamed aboard, they started suffocating.
Computer, erect a level-7 force field
around bio-beds 1 and 2.
Force field established.
What are you doing?
Filling the area inside the force field
with the atmospheric gases from the planet.
Try to breathe normally now.
Easy, or you'll hyperventilate.
Slowly, in and out.
ln... and out.
Captain's Log, supplemental.
The Doctor continues to investigate Tom and Harry
whose condition seems as serious as it is strange.
That stuff is in our blood?
l'm afraid so.
>From what l can tell, you've been bioformed.
Think of it as the opposite of terraforming.
ln the same way we adapt the environment of a planet
to suit our needs, this planet...
has adapted you.
How is that possible?
This fluid somehow entered your bloodstream
and began altering your physiology
at the cellular level.
l haven't had the time to analyze the substance,
but l hope to have some answers soon.
l'd like to run
a few tests of my own, if you don't mind.
Of course.
So, what's our prognosis, Doc?
you'll be fine.
As long as you keep breathing the planet's gases.
You mean we have to stay inside this force field?
l'm afraid it's worse than that.
The atmosphere of this planet can't be replicated safely.
Which means...
if we leave...
we'll have nothing to breathe.
Either we find a way to treat your condition...
..or you'll have to be left behind.
Can the bioforming process be reversed?
As it stands,
l don't know enough about the phenomenon to undo it.
l'll send Chakotay and Seven back to the surface.
They'll gather as much information as they can.
B'Elanna and l will start running tests on this.
Let me go with the away team, Captain.
l know the terrain. l can help.
Right now, they're better off out there
than they are in here.
But one of you will have to remain,
so l can monitor your condition.
No problem.
l volunteer Tom to stay here and play guinea pig.
Each square kilometer of this planetoid
is less appealing than the last.
l think it's breathtaking.
Perhaps your recent experience has impaired your perceptions.
No, l don't think so.
l wasn't really seeing it before.
Seeing what?
The beauty.
Would you care to point out an example?
Look over there.
What do you see?
l see monochromatic geological formations,
dust, haze.
What do you see, Harry?
To me, those geological formations
are a dozen shades of red and gold.
That dust-- it's glowing
and the haze... it seems to intensify the colors.
l'm sorry.
l know it's weird, but l feel connected to this place.
Connected how?
l'm picking up humanoid life signs.
100 meters this way.
Magnify, factor 10.
Deuterium, hydrogen sulfate, dichromates.
Add a little sodium chloride
and it would probably taste a lot like Neelix's soup.
We should be so lucky.
Oh, what's this?
Magnify, factor 20.
That's a protein molecule.
This fluid has organic properties.
Let me see the sample that's been treated with the reagents.
Let's get you to Sick Bay.
Wait. That might not be necessary.
Janeway to Bridge. Report.
A large pool of the metallic compound
is forming beneath the ship.
We are sinking, Captain.
On my way. Get down to Engineering.
Get thrusters on line.
We're getting off this planet.
l'm not sure how, but they're still alive.
Just barely.
Tuvok to Chakotay.
Go ahead.
The Captain has ordered an emergency ascent.
We must bring you back to the ship.
Understood. l've got five to beam back.
We found another Paris and Kim.
l can't explain it.
l think l can. Prepare for transport.
Beam us directly to Sick Bay.
l don't want to go back.
Transporters are still acting up.
We can't get individual locks.
We're going to have to grab you in a wide beam,
and bring you in as a group.
l belong here.
Maybe so,
but until we know what's going on,
you've got to come back with us to the ship.
Harry, no!
Four of the away team are in Sick Bay, Captain.
l'm trying to get a lock on the fifth.
lt is Ensign Kim,
or rather, one of the Ensigns Kim.
The ship is continuing to sink.
Then there's no time.
We've got to get back into orbit.
We'll worry about Harry,
or whoever he is, once we're up.
Bring antigrav thrusters on line.
Thrusters enabled.
lnertial dampers to flight configuration.
Dampers reconfigured.
All stations report ready.
lnitiating ascent.
l need power to the thrusters.
We are being restrained by an electromagnetic force.
No effect.
Decks 14 and 15 are submerged.
The ship is continuing to sink.
Thrusters are off-line due to an overload.
Decks 13 through 15 are submerged.
lf we don't lift off soon, the hull will begin to corrode.
Bridge to Engineering.
Ensign Vorik here.
l need thrusters back on line.
Lieutenant Torres has already sent a team
to the thruster control junction.
How long?
At least a half an hour.
Even if thrusters are repaired, they
won't be of much use if we sink any deeper.
There must be some way to disperse it.
Try a nadion burst from the phaser emitters.
lt may weaken the electromagnetic properties
of the fluid.
Aye, Captain.
l'm on my way to Sick Bay to check on Harry and Tom.
You've got the Bridge.
How are they?
Lucky. The backup systems in their environmental suits
kept their vital functions going.
lt'll take time, but they'll recover.
And him?
Aside from his ability
to breathe the rarefied air on this planet,
he's the exact duplicate of Mr. Paris.
He even seems to share his memories,
not to mention his winning personality.
B'Elanna and l discovered
that the fluid has mimetic properties.
Somehow, it reads the DNA
of whatever it comes in contact with
and re-creates it.
Can you tell me who you are?
Please... just let me go back.
Not until l find out why two of my crew
have been duplicated.
Captain, you have to believe me.
l don't know any more than you do about this.
Until he showed up, l thought l was Tom Paris.
A little changed by my experience on the planet maybe,
but now l don't know who or what l am.
All l know is that l have to get off this ship
and go back down to the surface.
We're ready to try the nadion burst, Captain.
Do it.
What are you doing?!
Captain, we're receiving an urgent hail.
lt's from Ensign Kim-- the one on the surface.
Put him through.
Captain, please!
Stop what you're doing!
lf you really do have Harry Kim's memories,
you know that l'm going to do whatever it takes
to get this ship back in orbit.
You can't do that!
Why not?
l... l'm not sure l understand it myself.
Well, then you're going to have to help me figure it out.
Mr. Tuvok, l'm on my way to Transporter Room 1.
Erect a level-7 force field around the platform.
Fill it with atmosphere from the planet
and then beam Mr. Kim, or rather his duplicate, aboard.
Aye, Captain.
Do you have a lock on him?
Yes, ma'am.
Release my vessel.
We can't do that.
The planet and l, we're connected somehow.
l can't explain it, Captain.
l only know that you've got to stop.
And l'm willing to stop,
but l'll say it again: release the ship.
No. We need you.
Janeway to Tuvok. Fire.
What are you?
Stop. No.
l'll fire again.
You're killing us.
You're leaving me no choice.
lt's not fair. lt's wrong!
Janeway to Tuvok...
No, no, no.
Please... no more.
Hold your fire, Tuvok.
Captain, we are continuing to submerge.
Hold your fire.
l want some answers.
l'm trying to understand.
This is hard for me as well.
You said you have a connection to this planet.
You talk about it like it's alive.
but not the planet.
The silver blood.
The compound that sampled Harry's DNA...
and created you.
Yes... but it's never been conscious, never sentient
before now... before me and the other.
Tom Paris.
We're the first.
Don't you see?
You came here.
You showed us.
When the compound came in contact with Tom and Harry,
it experienced awareness for the first time.
Before, it was only instinct--
sound and light and heat.
But those two... showed us thought.
l'm beginning to understand.
This silver blood...
experienced sentience...
and now you want more.
You want to duplicate the rest of this crew
and populate this planet.
You're trying so hard to reach home, but...
this can be home.
Not for me and not for my people.
Do you understand why we can't stay here?
l think so.
Well, then release us.
We'd rather die than be alone.
We deserve life.
This silver blood that created you... duplicated Harry without killing him.
So you don't need our bodies...
only samples of DNA.
Release Voyager...
and l'll speak to my crew.
And if they're willing,
l'll let you duplicate the rest of us.
Bridge to Janeway.
We've stopped, Captain.
We're no longer submerging.
We're getting out of here, Tuvok,
but first, assemble the crew in Cargo Bay 1,
and have the Doctor meet me there.
l'll explain later.
lt's time to meet your new family.
All stations report ready for liftoff.
Code Blue status confirmed.
Take us up, Mr. Paris.
Aye, Captain.

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