When diplomacy fails,
there's only one alternative--
Force must be applied without apology.
lt's the Starfleet way.
Then our philosophies are in agreement.
Will you help us?
You're asking me to fight your war,
destroy your enemy.
l'm asking you to intimidate the Kyrians
with your technology...
help me capture their leader.
This ship has superior firepower.
He won't risk a conflict with you.
We risk life and limb
so your people can annex Kyrian land.
Sounds like a good deal for you.
What do we get?
A way home.
You know more about Voyager than you've let on.
Your reputation in this Quadrant precedes you.
That's why we sought you out.
l'm listening.
There's a cyclic wormhole five days' journey from here.
We know where it is
and we can help you stabilize it.
lf you are lying...
How far do you have to go?
60, 000 light- years?
l want all tactical data regarding your little war:
Kyrian defenses, the position of your own forces,
You'll have it within the hour.
Eight Kyrian fighter- ships approaching.
Arm the assault probes.
Fire at will.
Hail them.
Channel open.
This is Captain Janeway of the Warship Voyager.
Break off your attack, or l'll destroy you.
They are not responding.
They're returning fire.
Shields are holding.
Chako- tay, any luck tracking down their leader?
Not yet.
We think Tedran has gone into hiding.
l thought he might.
We'll have to flush him out.
What do you suggest?
Biogenic weapons.
We'll infect
the most populated Kyrian territories.
The Doctor's nearly done working on the weapon.
Our conflict is with Tedran himself, not with his people.
They're innocent.
The best way to bring down a ruler
is to make his people suffer.
- Captain... - This is no time
for half- measures.
You wanted victory.
You're going to get it.
Bridge to Sick Bay.
We have established a datalink
between my neural net and the phaser array.
l am reconfiguring the beam
to carry a bio- agent into the planet's atmosphere.
When will it be ready?
lt is ready now, Captain.
Phasers are on line.
Target the first city.
And fire.
The Warship Voyager--
one of the most powerful vessels of its time.
Armed with photonic torpedoes and particle weapons,
this ship of destruction
could wipe out an entire civilization within hours.
On this particular day in history, we were lucky.
The death toll could've been much worse.
By the time Voyager targeted our major cities,
Tedran had already begun an evacuation.
Thousands of lives were saved.
Unfortunately, it was only the beginning
of Captain Janeway's onslaught.
As you'll see,
her actions would have a lasting effect on our world.
Even today, 700 years later,
we are still feeling the impact of the Voyager encounter.
Before we continue the simulation,
l'd like to answer any questions you might have.
l'm curious about Voyager itself.
How many people were on board?
We believe they had a complement
of over 300 soldiers.
Did they attack other worlds, as well?
Well, we aren't certain.
Records of Voyager's travels through our Quadrant
are incomplete, but it's safe to assume
that they interfered with many other cultures, yes.
Tell us more about the Borg drones
they kept on the ship.
Voyager had many weapons at their disposal,
including species they'd assimilated along the way:
Borg, Talaxian, Kazon.
They were captured and made to work
as part of Voyager's fighting force.
Let's resume the simulation,
and you can see for yourself.
lt's a few hours after the initial bombardment.
Janeway and her squadron are on the Bridge,
mounting their assault.
Now, what you are about to see is graphic and unsettling.
Approximately 3, 000 Kyrians dead.
That's it?
The bio- agent is still dispersing
through the atmosphere.
The fatality rate will be 300, 000 soon enough.
How soon?
Best guess--
one hour.
Why do you always keep me waiting, Tuvok?
My apologies.
Preparing to fire again.
Double the yield.
Captain, don't you think that's excessive?
You picked a bad time
to have second thoughts, Ambassador.
l want them defeated,
but...but this is genocide.
Defeat? Genocide?
Why quibble with semantics?
This wasn't our agreement.
We're going to defeat the Kyrians
and you're going to keep up your end of the bargain.
Ensign, confine this gentleman to the brig.
l'll let you know when it's over.
Three more Kyrian vessels approaching.
Evade them.
Aye, aye, sir.
The location?
Look...l can keep this up all day.
Tell the Commander what he wants to know.
Maybe l can't keep this up all day.
l'm a man of peace.
My native people are enlightened...
much like your own.
l'm saddened that this has happened to you.
lf we can work together,
maybe we can end this conflict.
Stand aside, Chako- tay.
Let me hit him.
That hyperspanner would cause an unacceptable level of damage.
l remind you-- he must still be able to speak.
What do you have in mind?
This neural solvent--
a clean and efficient inducer of pain--
far more effective
than your crude attempts at persuasion.
No doubt you are experiencing a tingling sensation
behind your eyes.
The chemical is dissolving your optic nerves.
l'll ask you again.
Where is Tedran?
The pain will increase exponentially
until your cerebral cortex begins to liquefy.
l can reverse the process...
if ordered to do so.
And l want to give that order.
But you have to tell me...
where is Tedran?
He's here, at these coordinates.
Assuming our prisoner told you the truth.
Oh, believe me, he was very cooperative at the end.
l'm reading a fortified compound
1. 6 kilometers beneath the surface.
Chako- tay, you and Tuvok take an assault team
and find Tedran.
Make sure he's escorted safely to Voyager.
Yes, sir.
What now?
lntruders. Four Kyrians just beamed into the Engine Room.
Bridge to Engineering.
They've erected force fields.
Our soldiers can't get in.
They've left me no choice.
initiate the Borg activation sequence.
Sequence in progress.
Bridge to Seven of Nine.
State your instructions.
A group of Kyrians is in the Engine Room.
Stop them.
We understand.
Resistance is futile.
Seven of Nine to the Bridge.
The Kyrian threat has been neutralized.
Two of the Kyrians are still alive.
What shall we do with them?
Well, you've been wanting to expand your fighting force.
Assimilate them.
We understand.
l just received word from the attack team.
Good news, Lieutenant?
They've captured Tedran and one of his aides.
They're heading back to Voyager.
Take them to Chamber 19
and get the Vaskan Ambassador.
This is one negotiation he won't want to miss.
Welcome aboard.
l appreciate your hospitality.
Are all your guests treated so well?
Well, it's not every day
that we receive such an important visitor--
the great Tedran...
a man of wisdom and peace...
a servant of his people.
Well, your people need you, now more than ever.
State your demands.
Tell your forces to stand down, and l'll call off my attack.
l understand what the Vaskans want--
more of our territory...
more resources.
But what do you want, Captain?
Why are you doing this to us?
He's offered my crew a way home.
To reach your home, you would destroy ours?
That's right.
And you'd do the same in my position.
No, l would not.
Spoken like a true martyr.
You're very enlightened.
But are you so proud...
that you'd let your people die before you'd humble yourself?
Tell them to surrender.
You have shamed us all.
We could've ended this on our own...
without her.
We will prevail.
Don't look so shocked, Ambassador.
This is what you wanted, isn't it?
The ensuing conflict was brief but brutal--
two million Kyrians slaughtered within days.
The Warship Voyager continued on its way,
leaving the Kyrian dynasty in ruins.
The Vaskan leaders proceeded to occupy our lands,
forcing my people into subservience.
lt took centuries for us to undo the damage
that Captain Janeway had done.
And the Kyrian struggle for equality is far from over.
This simulation and this museum
are a testament to that struggle.
l hope you found your experience here worthwhile.
lf you'd like to learn more about Voyager
and its role in the history of our planet,
l suggest you explore the rest of this exhibit.
Thank you for your time.
Please, feel free to try the simulation.
Oh, thank you very much.
l wouldn't touch that if l were you.
One of the Voyager's torpedoes-- 25- isoton yield.
lt could destroy an entire city within seconds.
lt's been inactive for centuries,
but you never know.
No, l'm only teasing, but, please, be careful.
lf we damage any of these relics,
they can never be replaced.
The history of our people should be respected.
l have a question about that history.
How can you prove that it's true?
Take a closer look.
The evidence is all around you.
Some musty fossils and a re- creation?
That doesn't prove anything.
l disagree.
You're trying to blame the Vaskans
for all your troubles, the way you always do.
l don't have a problem with your species.
l have Kyrian friends, but l don't appreciate
seeing my people being portrayed as villains
in your little simulation, and l certainly don't want
your history taught to my children.
Well, you'd better get used to the idea,
because we've just uncovered an artifact that's going
to confirm everything you've seen here.
Three weeks ago,
our research team found a data- storage device
buried nine meters beneath the ruins at Kesef.
l've confirmed that it came from Voyager.
Another fossil?
The device contains active data...
possibly crew logs--
even Captain Janeway's personal almanac.
ln the next few days, we could be hearing
Voyager's version of these events,
in their own words!
And what if those words tell a different story?
What then?
We will change our views accordingly.
l'm sure you will.
l apologize.
Please, enjoy the rest of your visit.
Activate re- creation: "The Voyager Encounter."
Display Engine Room.
Begin dictation.
l'm resuming work on artifact 27 1:
the Voyager data- storage device.
l've decided to try using period tools
from the simulation itself.
With any luck, they'll be more compatible.
there's far more data here than l expected.
Seems more like a program of some sort.
lt's an optronic datastream...
a hologram.
Please state the nature of the medical emergency.
Please state the nature of the medical emergency.
l recognize you.
You're Voyager's Doctor.
What am l doing in Engineering?
Where's my mobile emitter?
You're not an android.
Of course not.
What are you talking about?
A Kyrian.
Doctor to the Bridge. lntruder alert!
Security to Engineering!
You won't have much luck with that.
Nothing in here is real.
lt's a simulation.
A holodeck?
You're in the Museum of Kyrian Heritage.
You've stolen my program.
let me try to explain.
Try quickly.
are a hologram.
That l know.
Uh...l just discovered your program
inside this data- storage device.
That's the EMH backup module.
One of your attack parties must have taken it from Sick Bay.
Actually, we found it at the ruins at Kesef.
l know this will be difficult for you to accept,
but a great deal of time has passed
since Voyager encountered the Kyrians.
How much time?
700 years, give or take a decade.
We're not certain.
l don't believe you.
Think about it.
When your program is inactive,
a moment or a millennium are the same to you.
700 years?
What about my ship?
What happened to my crew?
No one knows.
lt's safe to say they're long dead.
And l'm some sort of... fossil?
No, not a fossil--
a witness, a living witness to history.
There's so much we don't know about what happened,
but you saw it.
You lived through those times.
You helped to shape them.
Doctor, you could be the most important discovery
of all time.
No, this isn't possible.
l don't believe you.
What's going to happen to me now?
Will you put me on display?
The holographic Rip van Winkle?
l'm not sure.
l want to try to contact Starfleet...
if there still is a Starfleet.
That will have to wait.
Wait for what?
There are other... issues to be resolved.
What kind of issues?
You're the Voyager Doctor.
A lot of people are going to have questions.
On our world,
artificial life- forms are considered sentient
and responsible for their actions.
You might have to face charges.
For your crimes.
You designed the bio- weapons
that killed eight million Kyrians.
l did nothing of the sort.
All of our evidence shows that you were a war criminal.
Evidence? What evidence?
Like this, for example? Triple- armored hull?
30 torpedo tubes? 25 phaser banks?
This isn't what our ship looked like.
We reconstructed it from a partial schematic
found in the Cyrik Ocean...
which was badly damaged by corrosion.
We were bound to get a few details wrong.
Voyager wasn't a warship.
We were explorers!
Yes, l know-- trying to get home, to Mars.
Earth! You see, you couldn't even get that right!
This is a nightmare.
What if l'm found guilty?
What's going to happen to me?
That's up to the Arbiters.
But l imagine the penalty would be severe.
Your program could be decompiled.
You've got to believe me.
To you, this may be ancient history.
To me, it's yesterday.
You called me a living witness.
Well, at least give me the chance
to set the record straight.
l want to see your version of what happened.
We've already drained two phaser banks,
and he hasn't hit anything.
lf you looked at your console once in awhile,
instead of chasing the female ensigns,
you'd see otherwise.
Tom's right.
This war was supposed
to be over in five minutes.
You have a better idea, Lieutenant?
As a matter of fact, l do.
Fighter shuttles-- a direct assault.
Led by you? Good luck.
Watch your mouth, hedgehog.
l haven't heard a single good idea.
Well, then propose something, First Officer.
Earn your rank for once.
Get away from us...
Save it for the holodeck-- we've got a war to fight.
We've only been attacking
the Kyrian military installations-- a mistake.
We should target the general population.
Excellent idea, Captain.
l've examined the Kyrian genome,
and they would be vulnerable
to any number of biological weapons.
How soon could you have one ready?
Within the hour.
Pure fiction.
This is absurd.
Halt re- creation.
This is a reasonable extrapolation
from historic record.
But if you'd like
to point out any inconsistencies...
l don't know where to begin.
Granted, this looks like the briefing room,
but these aren't the people l knew.
No one behaved like this.
Well...aside from Mr. Paris.
We weren't at each other's throats.
We didn't talk about how to destroy planets.
We helped people.
We were an enlightened crew.
Are you denying these events took place?
Are you saying you never got involved
in the conflict between my people
- and the Vaskans? - Yes!
Well, no, we did get involved,
but it was nothing like this.
There was a meeting in this room,
but it wasn't about battle tactics,
it was about a dilemma we were facing.
We had negotiated a trade agreement with the Vaskans.
We were dealing with a representative, Ambassador...
Ambassador Daleth.
Daleth. Exactly.
Everything was going according to plan...
..we were attacked...
by your people, the Kyrians.
They'd picked that moment to start a war
and we were caught in the middle.
The Kyrians were the aggressors?
No, no, that can't be right.
Captain Janeway called this meeting to figure out
how we could extricate ourselves from the conflict
and still maintain the trade agreement with the Vaskans.
But we weren't on their side,
and we certainly never attacked you.
Save your objections until you see the entire re- creation.
Let's continue.
We will prevail.
Don't look so shocked, Ambassador.
This is what you wanted, isn't it?
Somewhere-- halfway across the galaxy, l hope--
Captain Janeway is spinning in her grave.
You've portrayed us as monsters.
The Captain's a cold- blooded killer;
the crew's a gang of thugs; and l'm a mass murderer.
- Calm yourself. - Why should l?
l'm about to be hanged for crimes l didn't commit.
Tell me your version of events.
l remember this man.
He was a martyr to our people.
Some martyr.
He led the Kyrian attack against Voyager.
You're lying.
l was there.
You're trying to protect yourself.
And so are you!
From the truth.
lsn't it a coincidence that the Kyrians are
being portrayed in the best possible light?
Martyrs, heroes, saviors.
Obviously, events have been reinterpreted
to make your people feel better about themselves.
Revisionist history...
it's such a comfort.
We were not the aggressors in the Great War.
We were the victims.
The proof can be found anywhere on this world.
The Kyrian people are being oppressed to this day.
The problems in your society are none of my business.
l'm just telling you what l saw 700 years ago.
l don't believe you, and neither will anyone else.
What are you doing?
Shutting down your program.
Wait. Please. l...
l can prove to you l'm right.
The medical tricorder--
the artifact you have on display.
lf you just let me...
Begin dictation.
l've reexamined the data module
and from what l can tell, the Doctor was telling the truth--
at least about one thing.
He is a hologram, a backup program.
We always knew he was an artificial life- form,
but we thought he was an android.
lf we were mistaken about that...
l wonder if we might also be wrong about Voyager itself.
Another question:
Why would a hologram designed for medical purposes
be programmed to lie so readily?
From the moment l activated him,
this Doctor has insisted that he's innocent.
At first, l... didn't believe him.
End dictation.
Activate re- creation: "The Voyager Encounter."
Display Medical Chamber.
Please state the nature of the medical...
Oh. lt's you.
You've given me a lot to think about.
l thought you'd heard enough of my...lies.
l judged you too quickly.
l'm sorry.
What changed your mind?
Time to think.
For your information, l don't appreciate
being deactivated in the middle of a sentence.
lt brings back...
unpleasant memories.
lt won't happen again.
Because if you don't stop treating me
like a second- class hologram,
l won't cooperate with your investigation.
l'm perfectly happy to lie dormant
in that data module for a few eons.
l didn't come here to argue.
Then what do you want?
l don't know.
To talk, l guess,
about what really happened 700 years ago.
Are you sure you're willing to listen
to a mass- murderer like me?
l'm willing to keep an open mind.
That's the most l can promise.
Try to understand my point of view.
All my life, l thought l knew the truth.
There was never any doubt.
l never meant to throw your beliefs into doubt,
but l can't deny what l know to be true.
l realize that now...
and l want to know the truth.
And l want the Arbiters to know it, too.
the stage is certainly set,
but l'll have to rewrite the characters
and revise the plot a little.
l'm quite adept in the art of holographic programming.
lf you'll give me access to your technology,
maybe l can create a simulation of my own...
show you what happened.
Don't worry, Ambassador.
We've got plenty of medical supplies,
and we'd be more than happy to share them with you.
Then we agree.
ln exchange, we'll provide you
with as much dilithium as you need.
That's very generous, Ambassador.
l'll transport the canisters immediately.
lt would be in your best interest
to make this exchange quickly.
Oh? Why is that?
We've been in conflict
with a neighboring species, the Kyrians.
They've been threatening to attack us.
War could break out any day.
We've tried every diplomatic option,
but the Kyrians are a violent, stubborn people.
No problem. l understand what you're going through.
l wish l could make you one of our diplomats.
You might have better luck resolving this situation.
Under different circumstances...
Janeway to Sick Bay.
This is the Doctor.
Ambassador Daleth and l have reached an agreement.
Assemble the medical supplies.
Done, Captain.
The supplies are in Cargo Bay 1.
Once we transport the supplies to the surface, there may be...
Red Alert.
Captain Janeway to the Bridge.
We're being fired on by three ships.
The Kyrians.
Hail them.
Channel open.
This is Captain Janeway of the Starship Voyager.
We are not your enemies.
Please break off your attack.
They're not responding.
l'd advise you to retreat, Captain.
Shields down to 86 percent.
Break out of orbit.
Put some distance between us.
Yes, ma'am.
Four intruders.
They are in Engineering.
Janeway to Engineering.
B'Elanna, respond.
Take as much of their technology as you can.
You will fail.
Drop your weapons.
Back away.
- Tuvok to Janeway. - Go ahead.
The Kyrians have killed three of the Engineering crew.
They've taken Seven of Nine
and one of the injured crew members hostage.
They're now on Deck 2, Section 32.
Remember your offer to make me a diplomat?
Well, it looks like l don't have much of a choice.
Tell the Doctor we have casualties.
Have him meet us on Deck 2.
Janeway to Tuvok.
We're approaching Section 31.
The evacuation of Deck 2 is complete.
Send three security teams to this deck,
then seal all the access points.
How typical of the Kyrians.
What do you mean?
They fight the same way they live-- deviously.
Janeway to Tuvok.
Tuvok here.
The Kyrians are in the Mess Hall.
We're going in.
Security is on the way.
l'll go first, Captain, and draw any fire, if need be.
Your crew is heroic, Captain.
l just happen to be invulnerable to phaser fire,
but l appreciate the compliment.
- Captain? - Go.
this is between us.
Leave these people out of it.
l know what you're doing--
an alliance with these aliens.
We were trading with them, nothing more.
You expect me to believe that?
You plan to use this ship to destroy us.
We wouldn't need help if we wanted to destroy you.
We didn't realize you were fighting with the Vaskans.
Now, lay down your weapons,
and l promise you won't be harmed.
He's dead.
Computer, freeze program.
A tragic, needless death,
but, as you can see, Voyager was not responsible.
After Tedran was killed,
Voyager was attacked by nine Kyrian ships.
My program was disabled,
most likely when they stole my backup module.
The next thing l knew,
l was standing next to this gentleman,
seven centuries later.
Very entertaining.
l'll admit your holo- technology is new to me.
l had to extrapolate in a few places,
but l assure you, this is an accurate re- creation.
Perhaps. Or perhaps it's the fabrication
of a war criminal who's afraid for his life.
Do you have any evidence to support your explanation?
ln fact, l do.
l've confirmed that this is the same tricorder
l used to scan Tedran at the moment of his death.
lf l can access the bio- readings inside,
l can prove that he was killed by a Vaskan weapon,
not by Captain Janeway.
Can this be done?
l've been trying to decipher the instrument for years,
but with the Doctor's help...
l fail to see what this would prove.
Tedran died on Voyager,
a victim of a conspiracy to oppress my people.
The weapon used, who fired it-- this is all beside the point.
Was there a conspiracy?
Did Voyager really help my ancestors
to start the Great War,
or were Kyrians the aggressors,
as my people have always believed?
No, this casts doubt on everything.
But it doesn't change the fact that my children
can't attend the same academies as yours,
or that we are forced to live outside of the city center.
Today's problems are not at issue here.
This is about history.
Look, l don't know who started your war.
All l'm saying is that Voyager wasn't responsible.
l can't believe that you would cooperate
with this murderer-- you, of all people.
You built this museum.
The facts are turning out to be more complex than l expected.
We shouldn't be listening to this hologram.
l want him arrested and charged
for the crimes we know he committed.
That's not your decision to make.
No, it's not, is it?
l'm only on this commission
because you needed a token Kyrian.
Please. This isn't about race.
lt's always about race.
You seize every opportunity
to keep yourselves in power.
l'm sorry you see it that way.
l think we are obligated
to hear what the Doctor has to say.
Proceed with your investigation.
Yes, Arbiter.
You'll pay for your crimes.
700 years, and l'm still caught
in the middle of your little dispute.
One might have hoped
for a bit of social progress in the interim.
Change never comes easily for us.
Humph. That's an understatement.
l've entered the specifications that you gave me.
Let's give it a try.
Close enough.
This diagnostic tool should help me get past
the initial encryption sequences.
Too bad we can't re- create B'Elanna Torres.
Torres...the Chief Transporter Operator.
Chief Engineer.
You might want to make
the correction in your history books.
What was she like-- Torres?
l suppose we've gotten her personality wrong, too.
Starting to believe me, are you?
Well, let's just say l'm trying to keep an open mind.
B'Elanna Torres...
intelligent, beautiful,
and with a chip on her shoulder
the size of the Horsehead Nebula.
She also had a kind of vulnerability
that made her...
quite endearing.
You miss her...
and the others.
From my perspective,
l saw them all only a few days ago.
But in fact, it's been centuries.
And l'll never see them again.
Did they ever reach home?
l wonder.
l've always wondered that, too.
From as far back as l can remember.
Ever since l was a small child,
the first time l heard the name Voyager,
it conjured up my imagination.
Even though we were the bad guys?
That didn't matter.
l was too young to understand the implications.
The fact that you were so far from home,
traveling across the stars.
Oh, l found it all very heroic.
l suppose Voyager
is what made me fall in love with history.
lf it means anything to you,
you would have made a fine member of our crew.
l hope that's part of the simulation.
No, it isn't.
No! Stop this!
We know about the hologram!
This museum's filled with lies!
Stop! Listen to me!
We've listened long enough!
They're using photon grenades.
We've got to take cover.
This way.
What's happening?
l've been hearing weapons.
lt's getting worse.
Protests, vandalism...
two people have been killed.
Don't worry. They've cordoned off the museum.
We're safe for now.
That's not what l'm concerned about.
Two deaths, a race riot, all because of me?
You were only the catalyst.
The pressure's been building for years.
lt was only a matter of time before something set it off.
Have you found the tricorder?
Not yet.
lt's crucial that we do.
The Kyrians are demanding you be punished for your crimes,
but the Vaskans want to hear your version of events again.
They want to continue the investigation.
What's going to happen?
l don't know.
The Vaskans are more powerful, but the Kyrians are very angry.
They're talking about another war.
Then there's only one solution.
Delete my program.
l've become a kind of symbol for this conflict.
As long as l'm around,
your people are going to keep on fighting.
l'll show you how to decompile my program.
You can say l was damaged in the attack last night.
No one will hold you responsible.
l can't do that to you.
Then l'll do it myself.
l'm a medical hologram...
programmed to do no harm,
but l'm doing harm on a global scale.
Ever since you reactivated me, l've been concerned
with clearing Voyager's good name.
But that's not important now.
There's more at stake.
A few days ago, l might have agreed with you.
But what about the facts?
Facts be damned!
Names, dates, places-- it's all open to interpretation.
Who's to say what really happened?
And ultimately, what difference does it make?
What matters is today and the future of your people.
Doctor, you were there.
You can't deny what happened.
l can...and l will.
Tedran was a martyr for your people, a hero,
a symbol of your struggle for freedom.
Who am l to wander in 700 years later
and take that away from you?
History has been abused!
We keep blaming each other for what happened in the past.
lf you don't help us now, it could be another 700 years.
Let's find that tricorder.
lt was a pivotal moment in our history.
As a result of the Doctor's testimony,
a dialogue was opened between our peoples.
Eventually, we found a new respect
for our divergent cultures and traditions.
The efforts of people like Quarren and the Doctor
paved the way for unity.
Quarren died six years later,
but he lived long enough to witness the Dawn of Harmony.
And the Doctor...
well, he served as our Surgical Chancellor for many years,
until he decided to leave.
He took a small craft and set a course
for the Alpha Quadrant,
attempting to trace the path of Voyager.
He said he had a longing...
for home.
This way.

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