Lieutenant, we're already at 200,000 meters.
You could thermalize at this altitude.
l said higher.
We're at 300,000 meters.
Level us off.
Computer, disengage safety protocols.
Disengaging safety protocols presents extreme risk of injury.
Safety protocols have been disengaged.
Drop the force field on my mark.
Bridge to Torres.
l don't believe it.
Report to Engineering on the double.
Computer, end program.
l was not aware that protective attire
was required for this mission.
l was on the holodeck-- orbital skydiving.
Leaping from a spacecraft at exospheric altitudes.
A curious form of recreation.
The probe is ready for launch.
However, there is still a problem
with the telemetry link.
ls something wrong?
Actually, l'm not feeling so well.
Can you handle the launch without me?
You are putting me in charge?
No. Just unexpected.
Shall l inform the Doctor you are ill?
Captain, someone's locked on to our probe
with a tractor beam.
lt looks like a Malon freighter.
l had a feeling we hadn't seen the last of them.
Open a channel.
Aye, Captain.
Starship Voyager to the Malon vessel.
That probe belongs to us.
Release it immediately.
No response.
Tom, how fast can you get us there?
Two hours at least.
They'll be long gone.
lf we instruct the probe to emit a polaron burst,
it could disrupt the tractor beam.
Do it.
The beam has been disabled.
Harry, redirect the probe's course.
The Malon are in pursuit.
That probe can't outrun them.
But we might be able to hide it from them.
The probe surveyed a class-6 gas giant this morning.
l think we should send it back for a closer look.
You're going to steer the probe into a gas giant.
the atmospheric pressure will crush it.
Not if the Borg shielding does its job.
Hail them again.
No response.
Voyager to Malon vessel. Break off your pursuit.
The probe is entering the giant's upper atmosphere
and the Malon vessel is following it in.
The probe's stuck in a deep layer
of liquid hydrogen and methane about 10,000 kilometers below
the outer atmosphere.
lt's not responding to commands.
Any good news?
lt's still intact.
lt can be repaired.
lf we can get it out of there.
Sorry l'm late.
We were just discussing how to retrieve the probe.
ls there any possibility of transporting it out?
l don't see how we could get close enough.
ls there any way to boost transporter range?
Not in that kind of atmosphere.
Well, if we can't transport it out,
we'll just have to fly in and grab it.
Perhaps you weren't paying attention
when the Malon freighter imploded.
We won't be going in a Malon freighter, Tuvok.
We'll be going in our new shuttlecraft.
Oh, here we go again.
Let's face it-- class-2 shuttles
just don't cut it in the Delta Quadrant.
We've needed something bigger and better since we got here.
lt's time we built it.
Tom, we've been through this l don't know how many times.
We all appreciate your enthusiasm...
Speak for yourself, Commander.
Bottom line-- we don't have time
to design and build a ship from scratch.
l knew you were going to say that.
So l've given us a head start.
Behold the Delta Flyer.
Ultra-aerodynamic contours, retractable nacelles,
parametallic hull plating,
unimatrix shielding based on Tuvok's brilliant design
for the multispatial probe
and a Borg-inspired weapon system.
The basic design elements are...
High praise.
lf we used isomagnetic EPS conduits in the plasma manifold,
we could maximize the power distribution.
That's the spirit, Harry.
My shield designs could be successfully applied
to a vessel of this size.
Big of you to admit it, Tuvok.
And you think
it'll be able to withstand the gas giant's atmosphere.
The probe did.
l'm impressed.
But how quickly can it be built?
We could replicate the alloys and the new design components,
use spare parts from storage.
lf we worked around the clock,
we could have it up and running inside a week.
l'm willing to put in as much overtime as it takes.
l will forgo regeneration for the duration of the project.
What about you, B'Elanna?
Building a new vessel from scratch--
that's an engineer's dream come true.
What do you say, Captain?
Why are you all standing around?
Computer, add dynametric tail fins to the nacelles.
Computer, delete dynametric tail fins.
What'd you do that for?
We are not designing a ''hot rod,'' Lieutenant.
That is exactly what we're designing--
a 24th century, warp-powered, ultra-responsive hot rod.
Your embellishments are purely decorative.
They serve no practical purpose.
No, l beg to differ.
lf we make this thing look mean enough,
other ships are going to think twice before taking us on.
l suggest we return our attention
to the matter of structural integrity.
Lieutenant Torres' hull design is flawed.
We should be using tetraburnium alloys
instead of titanium.
Uh, B'Elanna?
Sounds fine to me.
l'm going to finish up the thruster specs.
lt's open.
Thruster specs.
Where you running off to?
My quarters.
Stay a while.
l'll, uh, replicate some dinner, a bottle of burgundy.
We deserve a break, don't you think?
Not tonight.
what's going on?
Well, then how come it's impossible
to have a conversation with you?
l'm sorry.
l don't want an apology.
l want an explanation.
Tom, l'm tired.
Asleep is more like it.
You hardly said three words in that last meeting.
And then when Seven changed your design,
you acted like...
like you didn't care.
l guess l didn't.
l don't get it.
How many times have we talked about how great it would be
to do what we're doing now?
To really collaborate-- my piloting skills
and your engineering expertise.
We finally get the chance to create something
together from the ground up
and you're not the slightest bit enthusiastic?
l'm doing my job, aren't l?
l delivered the thruster specs on schedule.
B'Elanna, l'm not your boss.
l'm not questioning your productivity
or keeping tabs on how many hours you put in.
l just want to know what's going on.
l have to go.
Computer, activate holodeck program Torres 2-1-6.
The program is active.
Disengage safety protocols.
Warning. Disengaging safety protocols
presents extreme risk of injury.
Safety protocols have been disengaged.
Ensign, put us into a high orbit.
l want to stay well-above that ionospheric turbulence.
Aye, ma'am.
There's the probe.
10,000 kilometers
beneath all that methane but still intact.
We're not alone.
l'm reading massive theta radiation.
lt's being dumped by a Malon freighter
approaching from the far side of the planet.
They're hailing.
Well, they're more talkative than the last ones.
Open a channel.
Aye, sir.
Leave orbit of this planet now.
l don't believe we've been introduced.
l'm Captain Janeway.
l know exactly who you are.
You are the person responsible
for the destruction of one of our freighters
and the deaths of nine Malon citizens.
l'm very sorry that lives were lost,
but you're leaving out an important detail.
Your people were trying to steal a probe from us.
We warned them to stay away from the gas giant,
but they didn't listen.
l'm taking your probe as compensation for our losses.
That's going to be a little difficult.
lt's stuck beneath the atmosphere
of the same gas giant that crushed your other ship.
My people are expert at salvage operations.
Well, Mr....
Vrelk. Controller Vrelk.
We have a little expertise of our own.
We're a very determined crew.
So my suggestion is that you leave orbit
and in the future, if you come across anything
that bears the insignia of the USS Voyager,
head in the other direction.
You are making a serious error.
End transmission.
Why would people in the business of toxic waste disposal
be so anxious to get hold of a probe?
lt's not just any probe.
lt's multispatial technology.
Maybe they think it'll help them find new places
to dump their garbage.
What a nice surprise.
l was just getting ready to close.
Business has been slow
with so many people busy on the new shuttle.
l-l was just hoping we could catch up.
You want to catch up?
W-with me?
lf you have the time.
Are you kidding?
Yeah, we-- can l get you something?
Name your poison.
Come on, B'Elanna, l handed that one to you
on a silver platter.
Name your poison?
l was expecting one of those
scathing but affectionate insults you always make
about my cooking.
You'll feel wittier on a full stomach.
So, uh, what'll it be?
You know, actually...
l was hoping for banana pancakes.
Huh. l-l-l don't think l ever heard
of banana pancakes before.
My grandmother used to make them for me when l was a kid.
lt's always put a smile on my face.
Well, then...
one smile coming right up.
Computer, one stack of banana pancakes.
Smells delicious.
So how have you been?
Oh, just great.
My security training is going really well.
Tuvok told me the other day that l'm, uh...
Not completely inept.
Aren't you going to try them?
Oh, sure.
l have to get back to work.
What are they still doing here?
Apparently, they're not willing
to give up on the probe so easily.
The question is: How do they expect
to get their hands on it?
lt's reasonable to assume
they're waiting for us to retrieve the probe,
at which time, they'll attempt to steal it again.
Maybe, but they have to know we're prepared for that.
lf they were planning to fight, you'd think
they'd call in reinforcements, try to outgun us.
Sensors don't show any other Malon ships in the area.
Seven of Nine to the Captain.
Janeway here.
Report to the Astrometrics Lab.
l have important information regarding the Malon vessel.
What have you got?
l've been using coherent neutrino beams
to document activity aboard the Malon freighter.
ln other words, you've been spying on them.
l've made a troubling discovery.
This is a polythermal image
of an interior section of the alien ship.
The shaded figures you see are Malon crew members.
That appears to be a small ship.
Correct. The Malon are constructing a spacecraft
composed of tetraburnium alloys.
Theoretically, such a ship would be capable
of withstanding extreme atmospheric pressures.
l'll be damned.
They're going after the probe themselves.
That's not all, Captain.
According to my projections, they will finish construction
of their vessel at least 36 hours before we finish ours.
Well, then...
l'd say we've got
an old-fashioned space race on our hands.
Captain's Log, supplemental.
We've stepped up the pace of construction
in order to finish our shuttle before the Malon finish theirs.
According to Seven's most recent intelligence,
we've gained some ground over the last 24 hours,
putting us in a virtual dead heat with our competitors.
l keep telling you
we've got to reinforce the hull with kellinite.
That's all there is to it.
Proposing the same flawed strategy over and over again
will not make it more effective, Ensign.
Well, we've got to come up with something
or we'll never get this thing off the ground.
Vorik, turn that damn thing off.
l can't hear myself think.
Sorry, sir.
Look, we could spend
weeks trying to solve this, but we've got a ticking clock.
Engines are working; weapon systems are on line.
l say we launch now and hope for the best.
Mr. Paris, that is perhaps the most illogical statement
you've ever made.
Unless we find a way
to reconfigure the structural integrity field,
the hull will incur microfractures during descent.
Microfractures, Tuvok.
Doesn't necessarily mean we'll have a hull breach.
And if we do, l suppose these useless design
elements from your ''Captain Proton'' scenario
will compensate for the problem.
Hey, every one of these knobs and levers is fully functional.
And completely superfluous.
Maybe to you.
l am tired of tapping panels.
For once, l want controls
that let me actually feel the ship l'm piloting.
Where you going?
What for?
To find out if this microfracture problem
is a fatal flaw.
Computer, activate immersion shielding.
lmmersion shielding activated.
Commence descent sequence.
Range to probe-- 30,000 kilometers. 25,000.
Atmospheric pressure is exceeding tolerance levels.
Rapid ascent recommended.
Continue descent.
Acknowledged. Range to probe-- 10,000 kilometers.
Disengage safety protocols.
Warning. Disengaging safety protocols
presents extreme risk of injury.
Safety protocols have been disengaged.
Warning. Atmospheric pressure is exceeding tolerance levels.
Reroute power from secondary systems
to structural integrity.
Microfractures are present in zones one and four.
The Malon are venting a theta radiation cloud.
Our shields are down to 89 percent.
Ensign, back us off.
Vrelk is hailing.
On screen.
That was rude, wasn't it?
But we still have quite a bit of antimatter waste to expel.
l hope we didn't damage your shields.
Our shields are fine.
Mmm. Well, we only ejected a small amount of waste this time.
We still have much, much more to get rid of.
Your shields may not be able to stand
even higher levels of theta radiation.
l've already told you we're not going anywhere.
Let's stop playing these games, Captain.
You've scanned my ship; l've scanned yours.
We each know
the other is building a vessel to retrieve the probe.
What you don't know is that my vessel will be ready to launch
in less than two days.
You're too far behind.
Well, if you're so far ahead,
why bother trying to scare us away?
Just trying to save you the embarrassment of losing.
You think they're really two days away?
He's probably bluffing,
but we're not going to take any chances.
We've got to speed up construction somehow.
We'd also better find a way to shore up our shields
in case Vrelk decides to do any more venting.
Good idea.
Janeway to Lieutenant Torres.
Computer, locate Lieutenant Torres.
Lieutenant Torres is in Holodeck 1.
Get down there.
Hull microfractures are present
in zones one, two, three and four.
Hull breach is imminent.
Repeat: Hull microfractures
are present in zones one, two, three and four.
Hull breach is imminent.
Computer, freeze program.
Chakotay to Sick Bay. Medical emergency.
What am l doing here?
You had an accident on the holodeck.
How long was l out?
Almost 12 hours.
l'd better get back to work.
Not just yet.
The Captain's asked me to keep you here.
But l feel fine.
Would you excuse us, please, Doctor?
Captain, what's going on?
When the Doctor examined you...
he found evidence of internal bleeding,
fractured vertebrae, contusions, cranial trauma.
l guess the accident was pretty serious.
The injuries l'm talking about didn't happen recently.
Some of them are weeks, even months old.
Well, l'm an engineer.
l've had my share of bumps and bruises.
But you didn't seek treatment for any of these.
l don't run to Sick Bay every time l stub my toe.
Some of these injuries were life-threatening, B'Elanna.
Do l look like l'm dying?
The Doctor says many of the wounds were treated...
by someone with the medical expertise
of a first-year nursing student.
Oh, that's ridiculous.
ls it?
We investigated today's accident.
You turned off the safety protocols
during the holo-simulation.
We have a microfracture problem.
With the safety protocols on, there's no way to be sure
what would happen during a real flight.
You don't really expect me to believe that, do you?
Are you calling me a liar?
According to the holodeck logs, you've been spending
a lot of time there over the last few months.
lf l were to check...
would l find that you've been running
other programs without safety protocols?
Would you like to look at my personal logs as well?
B'Elanna, l'm worried about you.
lf there's something wrong, l want to help.
Nothing's wrong.
No. lt's not okay.
And until you decide
to be more forthcoming, you'll remain
under the Doctor's supervision,
which means you're off the shuttle project.
l'm sorry.
l'm not.
Now l know there's something wrong.
Engines are operating at close to 90 percent efficiency.
Seven's got her new weapon system on line
and if we can just solve that microfracture problem,
we'll be ready to go.
Keep on it.
let's talk about B'Elanna.
Tom, you had no idea about these injuries
or how she got them?
She never complained about being hurt.
But then again, she's barely speaking to me lately.
lt's almost as if she's been
intentionally trying to hurt herself.
You think all these injuries
have been happening on the holodeck?
Well, where else?
lf they'd happened while she was working
as she claims, somebody would've filed an injury report.
Any idea what sort of programs she's been running?
You're thinking the same thing l am.
l hate to go digging around
in someone's personal holodeck programs,
but if she won't tell us what's going on
l don't think we have much choice.
Tom, what do you think?
He's right.
Start digging.
l'm sleeping.
l thought you were the Doctor making a house call.
He let you out of the cell block, huh?
He thinks familiar surroundings will help speed my recovery.
Recovery from what?
That's what l said.
He thinks l'm suffering from clinical depression.
Are you depressed?
What are you,
the new Ship's Counselor?
Just a friend.
This whole thing is so ridiculous.
l don't report a few scrapes
and suddenly Janeway thinks there's something wrong with me.
Typical Starfleet, huh?
You have been running holodeck programs
without safety protocols.
A few.
But l haven't put anybody else at risk
and it's nothing that l can't handle.
Tell you what.
What do you say you and l pay a little visit to the holodeck?
You can show me some of the programs you've been running.
Right now?
Sure. Maybe if l see what you've been up to,
l can convince the Captain there's nothing to worry about.
She's taken away my holodeck privileges.
Consider them restored.
Computer, activate holoprogram Torres Zeta-1.
Program activated.
What are you doing?
Computer, freeze program.
Computer, belay that command!
Turn it off!
Not until you tell me what it is.
You know what it is!
Who's this?
Li Paz.
Don't you recognize him?
Oh, l recognize them all.
You created a program
to watch all our Maquis friends get slaughtered.
What l want to know is why.
l thought we came down here to talk
about safety protocols.
This has nothing to do with that.
l'm not so sure.
The logs show you only ran this program for 47 seconds--
the day after l gave you the news about the massacre.
Then you shut it down and started running
the most dangerous programs you could find
with the safeties off.
This is ridiculous. l'm leaving.
Computer, seal the doors.
You can't do this!
The hell l can't.
You're not going anywhere until you tell me what's going on.
why are you intentionally trying to hurt yourself?
l don't know.
Are you trying to commit suicide?
Then why?
because if l sprain my ankle, at least l feel something.
What do you mean?
l'm not trying to kill myself.
l'm trying to see if l'm still alive.
l don't understand.
When you look at those corpses...
how do you feel?
Maybe a little guilty that l wasn't there to die with them.
Not me.
l don't feel anything at all.
B'Elanna, the Maquis were like our adopted family.
l can understand you trying to block out that kind of pain...
You don't understand.
lt's not just the pain.
l don't feel anything--
not about my dead friends,
not about Tom...
you, my job.
Maybe you're afraid
if you let yourself start to feel something,
you might not be able to stop.
You can't just shut off your emotions, B'Elanna.
Sooner or later...
you're going to have to let yourself grieve.
Just so l can go through it all over again?
What are you talking about?
When l was six, my father walked out on me.
When l was 19, l got kicked out of Starfleet.
A few years later, l got separated from the Maquis.
And just when l start to feel safe,
you tell me that all of our old friends
have been slaughtered.
The way l figure it, l've lost every family l've ever had.
you have a new family now... here on Voyager
and you're not going to lose us.
You're stuck with us.
You can't promise me that.
No, l suppose l can't.
Losing people is inevitable,
and sometimes it happens sooner than we expect...
but l can promise you that the people on this ship
aren't about to let you stop living your life
or break your neck on the holodeck.
You're going to have to find another way to deal with this.
l don't know how.
Then we'll figure it out...
Commander Chakotay, we're under attack.
Report to the Bridge immediately.
You'd better go.
Why are they suddenly picking a fight?
l believe they're attempting to distract us, Commander,
while they launch their new shuttlecraft.
The Malon vessel is 42,000 kilometers
from the probe and closing.
We can still catch them.
Bridge to Lieutenant Paris.
Paris here.
We've got to launch now
if we're going to get to the probe first.
Are you ready?
Yes, ma'am.
l'll begin the prelaunch sequence.
What about the microfracture problem?
We're keeping an eye on it,
but we sure could use an extra hand.
Chakotay's on his way.
let me go.
B'Elanna, l'm in a hurry.
l am not out to get myself hurt if that's what you're thinking.
l just want to do my job.
l thought you weren't interested in your job anymore.
lf that hull breaches, l should be there.
l'm still the best engineer we've got.
Not lately.
l can do this.
l need to do this.
40 seconds to launch.
Powering impulse engines.
Stand by to bring aft thrusters on line.
l heard you might need some help
keeping this thing from falling apart.
Welcome aboard.
Vorik, you're in my seat.
Excuse me, Lieutenant.
20 seconds to launch.
Get that hatch closed.
Hatch sealed.
Give me aft thrusters.
Aft thrusters enabled.
Ten seconds.
All right.
Let's see what this baby can do.
The Delta Flyer is away, Captain.
How long till they overtake the Malon shuttle?
At present velocity, approximately three minutes.
We're in.
Structural integrity's at 92 percent.
There's the Malon shuttle-- 200 kilometers off the port bow
and 3,000 kilometers from the probe.
We'll catch them.
B'Elanna, how's the hull?
Structural integrity's down about 12 percent.
They're launching spatial charges.
Shields holding.
They want to play dirty.
Let's show them what a little
Borg-inspired weaponry can do.
Loading photonic missiles.
We've lost power to secondary systems.
Three direct hits.
They're losing attitude control.
They're pulling up.
Nice shooting, Seven.
l'm taking us down to the target.
Harry, get ready to grab the probe.
Still out of transport range.
We're losing integrity. 50 percent...
lf you can hold us together for another half a minute,
we'll be within range of the target.
We still need to survive the ascent.
One thing at a time.
We're losing structural integrity.
lt's down to 25 percent.
Harry, prepare to lock on.
We've got microfractures forming-- aft starboard hull
zone two.
l've got a lock.
Beaming the probe into the cargo hold.
Got it.
lnitiating rapid ascent.
Harry, l need those secondary systems
back on line.
l can't. They're fried.
Lieutenant, what are you doing?
Patching a hole before it opens.
That'll never hold.
lt'll hold a minute or two,
and with any luck, that's all we need.
Seven, take over here.
l need an EPS relay.
Uh, there's one in the transporter control circuitry.
The panel is sealed.
Good. Get away from it.
l need a phaser.
Watch out.
l don't know if this is going to work.
Glad you decided to come along.
The Delta Flyer has docked.
And the Malon?
They're a little preoccupied.
Seems their shuttlecraft's having a problem
climbing out of the gas giant's atmosphere.
Get us out of here, Ensign-- warp 2.
Aye, Captain.
l heard you did a hell of a job.
So? How are you?
You mean am l back to my old charming self?
l don't know.
Give it time.
What you did down in the holodeck today...
But if you ever do anything like that again,
l'll break your neck.
one stack of banana pancakes with maple syrup.

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