Welcome to Earth.
l am Admiral Bullock and l will be your commanding officer
for the next six months.
Questions, comments-- bring them to me.
Problems-- talk to Lieutenant Kinis.
you're assigned to the Federation Counsel
Deputy Liaison Officer.
Young and Reiskin, report to Orbital Flight Control.
You'll be monitoring incoming vessels from the Bolian sector.
Report back to your commanding officer
as soon as you've completed your assignments.
l can save you some time there, son.
They're bamboo.
l know that.
Unfortunately, my tricorder is reading them as maple trees.
l think the isodyne relays must be malfunctioning.
Well, why don't you pay a visit to Logistical Support?
Maybe they'll issue you a new one.
Good idea.
l'm going that way myself.
Mind some company?
Not at all.
So, what's your assignment here?
l don't know.
l haven't received my orders yet.
l just arrived.
From where?
A three-year tour on the lntrepid.
ls that a fact?
l thought the lntrepid was patrolling the Neutral Zone.
lt is. l caught a transport vessel at Deep Space 7.
Got tired of wrestling with the Romulans?
Let's just say it's good to be back.
What about yourself?
How long have you been posted here, Mister...?
Boothby. Boothby is the name.
Boothby, l've heard of you.
l should hope so.
l've been tending these grounds for 54 years.
Give or take a few months.
And beautiful grounds they are.
Logistical Support.
Straight through the main complex,
second door on your right.
Thank you.
Logistics is a secure area.
They won't let you in with that holo-imaging device.
Fresh from the Neutral Zone...
You're not a Romulan double agent are you, son?
Actually, l was just recording a few images
for my friends back home.
Would you mind posing for a shot?
Me? You want a picture of me?
The one and only Boothby.
My friends would be impressed.
Well, when you put it that way.
Take our picture, will you?
Don't cut off our heads.
l expect a copy of that, young man.
You're in my seat.
And you're reading my book.
You want my drink, too?
Depends. What is it?
Klingon martini-- vermouth, gin, with a dash of bloodwine.
Bloodwine-- never touch the stuff.
What do you like?
Excuse me, l was waiting for a friend.
Valerie Archer.
Hayek. Jason Hayek.
Nice tattoo.
l bet there's a story behind it.
A long one.
A Cave Beyond Logic:
Vulcan Perspectives on Platonic Thought.
Sounds fascinating.
You can borrow it if you like.
Thanks anyway. l can only take
small doses of Vulcan philosophy.
Stationed here?
Where do you call home?
You first. Where are you from?
Everywhere. My parents were starship officers.
By the time l was ten, l'd seen half the Quadrant.
Starfleet brat.
Bratty as they come.
Can l ask you a question?
Have you ever reverted?
Not yet.
Ensign O'Halloran, this is his third time this week.
lf it happens again, they'll pull him out of training.
What about you?
Any trouble?
Oh, l can keep my human form.
lt's the little things that bother me.
Little things?
Breathing oxygen,
bipedal locomotion, and sleeping--
the concept of being unconscious for eight hours a night,
it's so... alien.
l know what you mean.
That's why l started reading their books.
For some reason, it helps me relax.
But we shouldn't be talking about this.
Think human. Talk human. Be human. Remember?
How could l forget?
So, had a chance to take a look around?
Not yet.
Headquarters has a lot more to offer
than conference rooms and consoles...
if you have the right guide.
ls that an invitation?
l get off duty at 1900 hours.
Speak of the devil.
We were just discussing Vulcan philosophy.
Join us.
Another time perhaps.
We have work to do.
Oh, can't it wait?
l'm afraid not.
What about tonight?
Do we have a date?
1900 hours--
meet you right here.
l'll do my best.
Live long and prosper.
A ''date''?
Relax, Tuvok. l plan on standing her up.
We agreed to limit our investigation to surveillance.
lt was worth the risk.
She talked about training.
These are some kind of aliens learning to pose as humans.
For what purpose?
l don't know. l didn't get that far.
We're due back at the transporter coordinates.
Excuse me! Gentlemen!
You've entered a restricted area, captains and above.
Sorry, we didn't realize...
l'm going to have to ask you to come with me.
All unauthorized personnel
are to be debriefed by Starfleet lntelligence.
Direct orders from Admiral Bullock.
Listen, Ensign, we're late for a meeting with Starfleet Command.
The debriefing will have to wait.
l'm sorry, Commander.
Very well.
When he regains consciousness,
he'll no doubt want to report this incident.
Chakotay to Paris. Three to beam up.
l'll explain later.
Who's that?
One of Starfleet's finest.
Take us to Voyager.
What did you find down there?
Welcome aboard.
Where am l?
On a starship.
What starship?
Why have you brought me here?
l'll be reporting this incident to the Admiral.
You can drop the charade. We know you're not human.
Who are you?
Gentry, David.
Rank: Ensign.
Starfleet service number 9-9-beta-3-2-7-8.
Planet of origin: Earth.
We're not interested in your knowledge of human culture.
We're not part of your re-creation.
l'm Captain Janeway
of the Federation Starship Voyager.
l'm from Earth.
You're not.
Gentry, David.
Rank: Ensign.
Starfleet Service Number 9-9-beta-3-2-7-8.
What are you doing?
l need a sample of your DNA.
Since you won't tell us who you are,
we have no choice but to find out for ourselves.
You won't be harmed.
Gentry to Headquarters. Security alert!
We've disabled your combadge.
Don't touch me.
lt appears he's released
a cellular toxin into his bloodstream.
He's dead.
Captain's Log, supplemental.
Until we know exactly what's going on,
l'm keeping Voyager concealed behind a class-3 moon.
Federation Council, Astrophysics,
Starfleet Medical Complex.
They even re-created the officers' club--
the Quantum Cafe.
Computer, return to time index 4228.
That's Boothby.
The head groundskeeper at Starfleet Academy.
When l was a cadet,
he used to give me fresh roses for my quarters.
lt's safe to assume this individual is not Boothby.
Whoever they are, they've gathered
incredibly accurate information about Starfleet Headquarters.
Perhaps they had access to a Federation database.
Or they've been to San Francisco.
The habitat's population consists
of humans, Vulcans, Bolians, Ferengi...
All Alpha Quadrant species.
What do we know
about this artificial environment, Seven?
l've used the tricorder data
holo-images and astrometric scans
to extrapolate a cross-section of the interior.
l believe they used a combination
of holographic projection and particle synthesis.
Power source?
There are 13
thermionic generators beneath the city.
l can't identify the energy signatures.
The habitat's heavily fortified.
They are well prepared to defend against an attack.
Sick Bay to Captain.
Go ahead.
l've completed my postmortem analysis.
You'd better get down here.
On my way. lf this is a training ground,
it could mean they're planning an invasion of the Federation.
We should prepare for the worst.
See if you can find a way to penetrate their defenses.
He may look human, he may sound human,
he may even smell human,
but there's no question-- he's alien.
Was he genetically altered?
On a highly sophisticated level.
lf it weren't for microcellular scans,
l wouldn't be able to distinguish him
from the genuine article.
l've managed to isolate the alien DNA.
Fortunately, most of his cells are still chemically active.
lf l use a cytokinetic injection,
l should be able to trigger a genetic reversion.
Do it.
Talk about a wolf in sheep's clothing.
Species 8472.
The question is:
Why are they training to pose as human beings?
Back in the 20th century,
the Soviets used to build American towns
to train their agents to infiltrate the United States.
Species 8472 could be doing the same thing.
They're going
to infiltrate the Alpha Quadrant.
Maybe they already have.
Tom's right. How else could they
have gathered their information about us?
Perhaps they acquired it from the Borg.
lt doesn't matter how they got their data.
We need to find out what they intend to do with it.
lf our previous experience is any indication,
they will try to destroy Earth.
A logical assumption.
They did threaten to purge our galaxy of all life.
Tuvok, keep working on a way
to target their habitat's power source.
We're going to need nanoprobe warheads and plenty of them.
Seven, see to it.
Yes, Captain.
ln the meantime, l've got a date to keep.
l made contact with one of them--
Commander Valerie Archer.
Maybe l can capitalize on the relationship,
get a better idea of what they're planning.
Tom, Harry, take him back in the Delta Flyer.
Keep a constant transporter lock on him.
lf Species 8472 attacks Earth...
the Federation won't have any defenses against them
and l don't need to remind you
that we have no way to warn Starfleet Command.
Voyager may be the last defense
against an all-out invasion of Earth.
Last minute preparations?
Just planning my big night out.
l can recommend a nice Japanese replimat on the Embarcadero.
l was never very good with chopsticks.
Starfleet Headquarters.
Brings back memories
even if it is just a re-creation.
l remember my last visit there.
l was given my general orders for Voyager's first mission--
proceed to the Badlands, and find the Maquis.
The orders that brought us together.
What about you?
When was the last time you were at Headquarters?
Before today?
March 3, 2368--
the day l resigned my commission.
l can still remember the look on the Admiral's face.
Which one?
He taught at the Academy, didn't he?
That's right.
lnterspecies ethics, wasn't it?
Tactical analysis.
Of course.
Kathryn, you think l might be one of them.
You're testing me.
You and Tuvok were in the alien habitat
for nearly three hours.
Anything could have happened down there.
Why don't you have Tuvok meet us in Sick Bay?
The Doctor can perform a microcellular analysis.
Tuvok's already there.
You could've just asked me to report to Sick Bay.
Given Ensign Gentry's reaction,
l thought l'd be a little more tactful.
You're not taking any chances, are you?
Don't feel singled out.
l've asked the Doctor to examine the entire crew.
There's no telling how 8472
got their information about Starfleet--
from the Borg, Earth.
For all we know, there's been an impostor on board.
Cell morphology normal.
All of your nucleotide sequences are accounted for.
You're 100 percent human.
That's a relief. And Tuvok?
Green-blooded Vulcan through and through.
Well, two down, 125 to go.
You'd better get going.
l don't want to be late.
Just be home before midnight.
Yes, ma'am.
l've enhanced this tricorder with a transoptic datalink.
lt should help you access some of their systems.
Type-1 phaser, modified to fire Borg nanoprobes.
Do you always arm yourself before a first date?
You've never had a date with Species 8472.
Personally, l don't go out with girls from other galaxies.
You're a true explorer, Chakotay.
ls she cute?
ln her human form, anyway.
l've always wondered what it would be like to date an alien.
l'll take notes.
We're making our approach.
All stop.
Shields up.
Feisty little fellows.
You've increased their cellular motility by over 200 percent.
l thought it would be prudent to maximize their efficiency.
Seven, the last time we used nanoprobes,
we sent 8472 scurrying back to fluidic space.
You can't get more efficient than that.
The species is highly adaptive.
lt's been over a year since our first encounter.
They may have developed a defense
against our technology.
There's one way to find out.
We can test the nanoprobes on our corpse.
You'll find the body in Morgue Chamber 3.
Beam it to the surgical bay.
The creature's only been dead for a few hours.
There should still be plenty of cellular activity.
lnitiate a bio-scan, full spectrum.
Don't worry.
lt's an autonomic reflex.
The creature still has residual
bio-electric activity in its nervous system.
Something's wrong.
The nanoprobes should have taken effect by now.
What is it?
The creature's nucleotides are still intact.
lt looks like your concerns were warranted.
We'll have to inform the Captain.
-We may have to... -Doctor.
Hmm. False alarm.
l will replicate more nanoprobes.
l don't mind telling you, Seven,
l'm still holding out for a diplomatic solution.
Species 8472 will not respond to diplomacy.
Funny. We used to say the same thing about the Borg.
My point is, anything's possible if you keep an open mind.
Optimism, Seven.
Try to look on the bright side.
lt is difficult to be optimistic
when we are preparing for battle.
Have you ever heard the phrase
''the best defense is a good offense''?
Throughout human history,
weapons of mass destruction were often designed
in the hopes that they'd never be used.
And yet, in Earth's third world war,
nuclear weapons accounted for 600 million casualties.
Were they looking on the bright side?
An unfortunate exception.
We were just talking about you.
She didn't think you were going to show up.
l've known Archer
since she was a first-year cadet.
She's not easily impressed.
l didn't think you were her type.
Oh, uh, if you'll excuse me,
l've got some midnight orchids that need my attention.
Think about what l said, young lady.
You'll be fine.
Thank you, Boothby.
l was offered a field commission this morning.
First Officer of the Starship Hor-CHA.
lt's a Klingon vessel.
So, what did Boothby say?
Du cha mee gagh roch.
''Smile when you eat the gagh. ''
Wise words.
Do you always seek advice from the groundskeeper?
Half the captains in Starfleet wouldn't be where they are today
if it weren't for Boothby.
Lopez, Picard, Richardson... just to name a few.
Closing time.
You offered to be my guide.
Where's our next stop?
Can you dance?
l've been accused of trying.
lt's Pon farr Night at the Vulcan nightclub.
lt's just around the corner.
Take it easy, Harry.
We didn't build the Delta Flyer
to withstand such extensive pacing.
He should have contacted us by now.
Give him time.
Four hours?
lt's a date.
These things can't be rushed.
They probably just finished dinner,
a couple of drinks,
and now, they are moving past the polite stage.
''Polite stage.''
The last 8472 l met
tried to dissolve me from the inside out.
lt was only trying to get to know you better, Harry.
You can't fault a person for that.
Look, Chakotay can take care of himself
and if he can't,
who better than us to come to the rescue?
Turns out the transporter malfunctioned.
My uniform ended up in the pattern buffer.
You're kidding. You were naked?
Not entirely.
l had my combadge.
l hope it was well-placed.
Computer, lights.
So this is where
they're putting up officers nowadays.
Not bad.
Can l get you something to drink?
Water's fine.
l'm beginning to think you're a teetotaler.
l like to stay in control.
Always at Yellow Alert, huh?
Something like that.
Find anything interesting?
Beyond the Galactic Edge: Humanity's Quest for lnfinity.
This is a 21st century edition of Hesterman, isn't it?
Replicated. Good book, though.
Never read it.
You should.
Human beings--
they're quite a paradox.
Oh? How so?
At first glance...
they're so primitive--
genetic impurities, no telepathy, violent--
and yet they've created so many beautiful ways
to communicate their ideas-- literature, art, music.
At times, l've actually enjoyed being in this form.
You must think l'm crazy.
Not at all.
l wonder what they think about us?
Hard to say.
l'll tell you what l think.
They despise us.
They'll attack any species
that's not a part of their Federation. Mmm.
Speaking of being in human form,
l could use an isomorphic injection.
You need one?
l'm fine.
Make yourself at home.
How do you like the view?
Looks like a full moon.
You can see the entire bay on a night like this.
l should have brought my holo-imager.
You make a pretty picture.
Mm, feel that?
Salinated oxygen molecules
stimulating the epidermal neural receptors.
Non-fluidic space has its charms.
No argument there.
Planet Earth.
The simulation will be real soon enough.
How soon do you think?
Weeks, days.
As soon as they think we're ready.
Can l be honest with you?
l'm starting to wonder if all this is worth the effort.
What do you mean?
This simulation, our mission--
are we certain the humans pose a threat?
They were allies with the Borg.
They invaded our realm.
That was one incident.
Doesn't mean the entire Federation
is planning a war against us.
We can't trust them.
We have to prepare for the worst.
l'm not so sure.
l think you've been human a little too long.
Before you know it,
l'll be sending my résumé to the real Starfleet.
''Alien from distant galaxy seeks employment.
References available upon request.''
Well, it's getting late.
l'd better go.
l have a tactical report
to finish before morning.
Aren't we forgetting something?
l'm no expert at human dating rituals,
but l think it's customary to kiss good night.
You've never done this before.
Me, neither.
Just... think of it as part of our training.
l analyzed his DNA.
Your suspicions were correct.
How much does he know?
lt's difficult to say.
He'll have to be interrogated.
Where is he?
By now, he should be in the main quad.
l recommend we go to daylight.
He'll be easier to track.
Chakotay to Paris.
Delta Flyer, respond!
Yes, come in.
The Borg modifications are complete.
19 standard photon torpedoes and three class-10s
armed with high-yield warheads.
We've depleted our supply of nanoprobes.
Replicate a new supply.
That is not possible.
Have the Doctor extract them from your bloodstream,
grow them in a petri dish, whatever it takes.
lf we do engage 8472,
l don't intend to run out of firepower mid-battle.
You of all people should understand that.
They killed what-- four million drones?
Directive 010:
''Before engaging alien species in battle,
''any and all attempts to make first contact
and achieve nonmilitary resolution must be made.''
ln this case, we made first contact over a year ago
and we barely got out of it alive.
lt seems to me a battle is inevitable.
Maybe even war.
So why can't l get that directive out of my mind?
This species intends to purge our galaxy of all life.
lt's time you resisted your Starfleet philosophy.
Captain to the Bridge.
The away team is hailing us.
Chakotay's in trouble.
He tried to contact us ten minutes ago,
but his signal was cut off.
Some kind of force field went up around the habitat.
We can't get a lock on him.
Has your vessel been detected?
l don't think so.
At least no one's tried to take a shot at us yet.
Hold your position. Keep trying to locate him.
We're on our way.
Yes, ma'am.
Bring those Borg weapons on line.
Red Alert.
All hands to battle stations.
Take us out of orbit.
l thought you had a tactical report to finish.
What'll you have, son?
l'm a single malt man, myself.
Aged 200 years.
Been saving it for a special occasion.
And l'd say this is special enough, mm-hmm.
A toast... to Earth.
Chakotay. Rank: Commander.
Starfleet Service Number: 47-Alpha-6-1-2.
First Officer, USS Voyager.
Species 8472.
Origin: Fluidic space.
Well, now that we've been formally introduced,
how many ships?
Cat got your tongue?
l asked you a question.
How many vessels do you have in the Delta Quadrant?
How did you find us?
We detected what looked like
a Federation subspace transmission.
lt took us weeks to track it here.
We wanted this simulation
to be accurate to the last detail.
We obviously went a little too far.
Now that you know about our re-creation,
you've no doubt alerted the Federation.
Your fleet will be on its way.
You've got it wrong.
We're not planning a war against you.
ls that why you were here to spy on us--
because you're curious?
A starship is approaching.
lt's Voyager.
Raise our shields.
Stand by, all weapons.
Captain Janeway is not here to launch an attack.
She's here to find me.
We've got the real McCoy here.
We might as well take advantage of it.
Perform a genetic extraction.
lt may help us find a better way to maintain these human forms.
Yes, sir.
We're approaching the habitat.
Shields to maximum. Charge weapons.
All hands, this is the Bridge. Tactical alert.
Report to your posts and stand by to engage the enemy.
l have a visual.
We're being scanned.
Let them take a look.
The Delta Flyer is heading up from the habitat.
Open a channel.
Tom? Status.
They've taken a couple of potshots at us, Captain.
We've lost our shields. Mind if we join you?
You're clear to dock. Shuttle Bay 2.
Any word from Chakotay?
l'm afraid not.
Bring us within range.
Target their weapons array.
Captain, we should target their power systems as well.
No, l don't want to risk
shutting down their life support.
lf we can end this without casualties,
so much the better.
This species does not deserve our compassion.
You picked a lousy time for an ethical debate.
The weapons array now.
We're entering range.
3,800 kilometers.
That's not my name.
Then what is it?
You're afraid of us, aren't you?
You think we're violent.
That we're planning to destroy your species.
But none of that's true.
lf you would take the time
to speak to us directly, we could prove it to you.
''There are no secrets except the secrets that keep themselves.''
George Bernard Shaw.
l saw a copy of his collected works on your bookshelf.
He had a complex mind... for a human.
And he had a point.
As long as we keep spying on each other,
making assumptions,
we probably will go to war.
They're charging weapons.
Do the same.
We're being hailed.
Mr. Boothby.
Captain Janeway.
Good to see you after all these years.
Enjoying the Delta Quadrant?
Don't get sassy with me, young lady.
This re-creation may be Starfleet,
but our weapons are far more sophisticated.
l can destroy your vessel with a single command.
Run along, now.
l'm not going anywhere.
Not until you return my First Officer
and give me a damn good explanation
for what you're doing in our galaxy.
l've targeted your re-creation
with Borg nanoprobes.
And we're willing to use them if you force us to.
Don't try to rattle my cage.
l'll disable your tactical systems before you...
The last time our species engaged in battle,
you suffered heavy casualties.
Are you willing to take that chance again?
An armed conflict
isn't going to solve our problems.
We could go on making threats.
Spying on each other.
Risking a war between our species.
Or we could try a more direct approach.
What do you have in mind?
How about a class reunion?
Targ manure!
United Federation of Planets...
tolerance for all species...
the Prime Directive...
targ manure, every word of it.
Your metaphor is colorful, but inaccurate.
Vulcan logic...
add that to the list.
Obviously, you've studied a Starfleet database.
You must've learned something about our history.
We adhere to our directives.
High-minded ideals are one thing,
but your actions tell a very different story.
You infiltrated our re-creation,
captured and killed one of our people.
l told you he took his own life.
You created biological weapons to infect our species.
You are allies with the Borg.
There's a drone sitting
at this very table.
Look at her-- all gussied up to look like a human being.
l am no longer part of the collective.
Once a Borg, always a Borg.
Seven of Nine is a member of this crew.
The Borg are irrelevant.
lt's the humans that pose a threat.
They think the Federation is a hostile invasion force
out to destroy their species.
l see.
So you're planning a preemptive strike against Earth.
Maybe l am.
You realize l can't let that happen.
Go ahead. Fire your damn nanoprobes,
blow our re-creation to high heavens.
There are a dozen more
scattered throughout the Quadrant.
You'll never find them all.
What if l told you
that Starfleet isn't planning an invasion,
that no one on Earth has even heard of you?
l'd say you're lying.
Have another look at that Federation database of yours.
You'll see there's no mention of your realm.
Any information regarding our species
has no doubt been classified by Starfleet lntelligence.
has no doubt been classified by Starfleet lntelligence.
Good point.
You know, we could
keep this paranoid debate going all day.
You have no reason to trust us,
and we have no reason to trust you.
Hear, hear. l knew this reunion would be a fiasco.
disarm the warheads.
Do it.
What are you trying to prove, young lady?
One of us has to take our finger off the trigger.
lt might as well be me.
Their weapons are off-line.
lt's a trick.
Our defenses are down.
What will you do now?
Blow Voyager to high heavens or do we keep talking?
Humans... you've got a flair for the dramatic,
l'll give you that.
You want to keep talking?
Fine by me, but no more beating around the bush.
Now what do you want from us?
The truth, Captain.
Voyager is alone in the Delta Quadrant.
We haven't been in contact with Earth for over four years.
Explain why you attacked our realm,
hand in hand with the Borg.
At the time, we didn't realize
the Borg had started the war against you.
We forged a temporary alliance with them
because we thought you were the threat.
''Your galaxy will be purged.''
Sound familiar?
We were only trying to defend ourselves.
lf that's true, why are you still in our galaxy?
Your conflict with the Borg ended over a year ago.
Why re-create Starfleet, masquerade as humans?
lt looks to me like you're the ones planning an invasion.
The truth.
Don't answer her.
She's manipulating us.
lf you won't answer, l will.
Our mission is to infiltrate your homeworld,
to place operatives
in the highest levels of Starfleet,
monitor your military installations.
lt's a reconnaissance mission, nothing more.
We should listen to her, Captain.
They're being driven by fear just like we are...
unless everything you said on our date
was just part of an act.
lt wasn't.
We must not negotiate with these creatures.
Sit down, Admiral.
l said sit down
or l'll knock you right on your human butt.
You've been seduced by them, both of you.
l've had a chance to see through human eyes
and l'm beginning to wonder...
are they really so violent?
What if we're wrong?
We can't risk trusting them.
You'd rather risk another war?
Keep talking, son.
Archer's right.
We've got to set aside
our preconceptions about each other.
Granted, our species didn't meet
under the best of circumstances,
but maybe we can make first contact again.
Maybe this time, we'll get it right.
You believe in this fellow?
There would have to be a few ground rules.
Name them.
First off, l want to take a look at that nanoprobe technology.
lt scares the hell out of me.
All right...
but l'll need some tactical information in return--
your genetic alteration techniques for a start.
l'm sure something can be arranged.
You on board, Admiral?
Good enough for me.
Captain's Log, Stardate 52136.4.
We've managed to avoid a military conflict
with Species 8472... at least for now.
ln an effort to strengthen the truce,
we're exchanging technology.
The design schematics
for our nanoprobe weapons, as requested.
This could go a long way toward allaying their fears.
Have a little faith, Seven.
lt's difficult to have faith in an idea
which may prove tactically unsound.
Tactically unsound? Perhaps.
lt could also be the first step toward peace.
lt's a risk l'm willing to take.
Are you sure you won't join us?
lt would be your first chance to see Earth.
l prefer to remain aboard Voyager.
lf problems arise while you're in the habitat...
There won't be any problems--
nothing tactical at any rate.
We're entering a stage of diplomacy
where most of the problems will be cultural.
How do you shake hands with an 8472?
We'll be fine.
When you ordered me to disarm the warheads
during the negotiation,
l anticipated an immediate attack.
l believed they would take advantage
of your human weakness.
l was wrong.
lf l had been in your position, we would most likely be engaged
in a battle with 8472 at this moment.
How did you know?
l didn't.
Like l said...
Welcome to Terrasphere 8, Starfleet Command Re-creation.
l am Admiral Bullock
and l'll be acquainting you with our facility.
Questions, comments-- bring them to me.
Problems-- talk to Lieutenant Kinis.
Commander Tuvok, you wanted to examine
our thermionic generators.
l'll take you there personally.
Ambassador Nellix.
lt's Neelix, sir.
You'll be joining the Lieutenant.
He'll familiarize you
with our environmental control technology.
Wonderful. l look forward to hearing
your perspective on Vulcans.
You didn't happen to re-create
a little coffee shop on Market Street, the Night Owl?
Afraid not.
You're welcome to stay; put your feet up.
We won't be returning to fluidic space
for another day or two.
Thank you, but the real Earth is a long way from here.
l'd like to get back on the road.
What are the chances they'll listen to you?
l can't promise you the moon, Captain.
My superiors aren't as forward-thinking.
Peace with humans?
Wow... they're going to hit the roof,
but l'll tell them what happened here today,
and with a pinch of luck,
a few of them might see the light.
Well, you've got Voyager's com frequency.
You know how to contact us.
l hope we can keep this process alive.
Don't call us, we'll call you.
Oh, l almost forgot.
Genetically synthesized...
but they smell just as lovely.
Looking forward to going home?
At least l can finally get out of this form.
No more insomnia.
No more sleeping, period.
For what it's worth, you made a terrific human.
lt's too bad our species are so different.
Otherwise, l'd ask you for a second date.
You did offer to be my guide.
How about a tour of your realm sometime?
l'd like that.
l'm due back on Voyager.
We leave at 0400.
l'll never get a chance to do this again.
Any better this time?
You're a quick study.

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