Captain's log, star date 43872.2.
In order to neutralize a contamination of the water supply
at the Federation colony on Beta Agni II,
we are procuring 108 kilos of hytritium
from the Zibalian trader, Kivas Fajo.
Because pure hytritium is too unstable for our transporters,
Lt-Cmdr Data has been shuttling the material to the Enterprise.
- Data to Enterprise. - Go ahead, Mr. Data.
This will be the last trip.
The remaining cases are now being loaded.
Mr. Worf, advise Beta Agni II our departure is imminent.
Aye, Captain.
At warp six, we should be there in 1 6 hours.
Loading is complete. I am now proceeding with departure.
Enterprise shuttle bay two, prepare for docking.
Level-one precautions for incoming material remain in effect.
If you'll just acknowledge this last load, Commander.
26.8 kilos tripolymer composites.
11.8 kilos molybdenum-cobalt alloy. 1 .3 kilos bioplast sheeting.
Shuttle twelve containment field reads nominal.
Now leaving the Jovis.
On viewer.
Containment field stable.
Gravitational fluctuations within acceptable parameters.
Flight pattern.
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds,... seek out new life and new civilizations,... boldly go where no one has gone before.
Captain's log, supplemental.
As the result of an unexplained shuttle explosion,
Lt-Cmdr Data has been lost.
- Why didn't the field hold? - Unknown.
Hail the Jovis. I want Kivas Fajo.
- Sir, Mr. Fajo is hailing us. - On viewer.
Capt Picard, what happened?
Unclear. We're running an analysis.
We detected no malfunctions.
Everything was running as smoothly as the other flights.
Were you able to save the pilot?
- No. - I'm sorry.
I would like to analyze your sensor readings of the explosion.
Compared to the Enterprise, our sensors are rather primitive.
I doubt they contain any information your sensors overlooked.
Perhaps, but I won't leave any avenue unexplored.
I understand. We'll transmit the information.
Link established. Receiving.
Can we be of further assistance?
- How much hytritium did we get? - 81 kilos.
That will complete our mission but with no margin for error.
Mr. Fajo, we have acquired your entire supply of hytritium.
Where could we obtain more?
The only source is in the Sigma Erandi System,
- Three weeks away. - but who knows if they have any.
For obvious reasons, no one wants to keep it around.
Even I may stop selling it. It's just too dangerous.
- Then we're fortunate you had any. - Transfer of information complete.
Mr. Fajo... Thank you for your help.
Mr. Crusher, set a course for the Beta Agni Il System.
The Grissom is near Sigma Erandi, in case we need more hytritium.
- Thank you, Number One. - Course laid in, sir.
What am I doing here?
The detail. The balance.
Was I not right, Varria?
What a remarkable piece of work.
Why have I been brought here?
The voice simulation, it's perfection.
The inflections, the timing.
It took...
..great effort... bring you here.
I was sure he'd be worth it.
I am here against my wishes. I would like to know why.
You have been brought here for my enjoyment and my appreciation.
Am I to infer I am your captive?
Captive? That's such an... inappropriate description.
My dear android...
- May I call you Data? - It is my name.
You will be catered to,...
..fawned over, cared for as never before.
Your every wish will be fulfilled.
- I wish to leave. - Almost every wish.
This is unacceptable.
I have no desire to remain here.
Even if I did, my Starfleet duties would not allow it.
It's so... single-minded, isn't it?
Very persistent.
But it's very polite, a very nice touch.
I decline to allow you to go.
Then I am forced to attempt escape.
Ten androids just like you might be able to force that open.
But then again, there aren't any more like you.
It's keyed to galvanic skin responses and DNA patterns.
- Sorry. - Open it for me.
Really, I wouldn't do that again if I were you.
This is a proximity-actuated field.
It impedes positron flow. It's bad for the brain paths in the long term.
I fail to understand the value of my presence.
Look around. There are items here gathered from half the galaxy.
Right here. This is the very first Basotile ever created.
It's very, very ancient. Hundreds of years old.
It's priceless.
Come. This vase... This vase is made by Mark...
..the late Mark Off-Zel from Sirrie IV.
This is the only known Roger Maris trading card from Earth.
Circa 1 962.
The smell?
Bubblegum. I've preserved the scent!
A lapling.
- I thought they were extinct. - Extinct? Good.
That is what is generally believed.
She is the last surviving member of her species.
They're defenceless creatures, really.
Everything that you see in the room here, everything.
One of a kind. Unique. All original.
Just as you are.
There. That is your place of honour.
Sit, sit.
You think it might be uncomfortable? You don't give that a thought.
When Palor Toff learns of that, he'll swallow his tongue with envy!
I can't wait to see his face!
You are... the crown jewel of my collection.
You are a treasure beyond comparison.
Yes, go ahead.
- I think you should be flattered. - I am not, sir.
Most intelligent life forms
find involuntary confinement offensive and inequitable.
You have violated Federation law.
I know what I've done is evil, selfish, immoral,
unprincipled, illegal. I've learned to live with it.
The Andorians wish to make a bid on the Tellurian spices.
They've had four days to decide. Why do they have to decide...?
I must emphasise, Mr. Fajo,
that I consider this captivity a hostile act on your part.
You'll get used to it.
I can't believe he's gone.
I always thought he'd outlive us. By centuries.
He'd been working on this for months.
He never felt it was quite finished.
You know what a critic Data was about his own work.
That was a gift from the Captain.
And he should have it back.
Those should go to Cmdr Riker.
Data always fell for Riker's bluffs.
These are some of Starfleet's highest honours.
Not bad for a pile of circuitry and memory cells.
You know...
I keep going over the accident in my mind,
trying to figure out what went wrong. I can see Data in the shuttle,...
..almost like I'm next to him, going through the departure sequence.
What the hell happened?
Why didn't I see it coming?
What am I missing?
Kivas wishes you to wear these clothes and to sit in your chair.
I have no reason to accede to Mr. Fajo's wishes.
He will give you reasons if you force him to.
Mr. Fajo is deluding himself if he believes he can keep me.
The Enterprise is certain to find me.
They are not looking for you. They think you're destroyed.
Your shuttle blew up.
A hytritium explosion.
They will scan the debris.
They'll find what they thought they'd find.
Traces of your component elements.
We put them aboard the shuttle in just the right proportions.
Clearly, Mr. Fajo has no moral difficulty with my imprisonment.
Mr. Fajo has no moral difficulties at all.
Do you?
Clever, Android.
Is it part of your program to seek out vulnerabilities in your enemies?
Are you my enemy?
I obey Fajo and so does everyone on this ship.
You are a curious thing, aren't you?
You object to the question?
Kivas finds ways to get what he wants from his people.
His rewards for loyalty are lavish.
His punishments for disloyalty are equally...
You won't find anyone here to help you escape.
Face it, Android. He has you.
It appears...
..he has us both.
The reason I can't find anything is there's nothing to find!
I ran this analysis dozens of times. No indication of malfunction.
- No explanation at all? - There's one.
But I don't believe it. Pilot error.
I know it's hard to accept but...
Captain, it's not only hard. With Data, it's impossible.
I can't even begin to calculate the odds.
If Data were here, we could ask him.
- What are you suggesting? - I don't know, sir.
It just doesn't make sense and I like things to make sense.
Geordi, get a little rest and come at this thing fresh.
Rest won't change the computer analysis.
I'm sure you've done a complete investigation.
If you wish to continue it, you have my support.
But we will be reaching the Beta Agni System shortly
and I expect you to be rested.
I understand, sir.
I understand how much we want,...
..even need to explain an accident like this.
Sometimes, there aren't any explanations.
For an android with no feelings,...
..he sure managed to evoke them.
We must select an officer to replace Data. Recommendations?
Worf would be my first choice, sir.
Mine as well. Make it so.
"He was a man, taken for all in all."
"I shall not look upon his like again."
You are still wearing that uniform. Why?
I am a Starfleet officer.
You are not in Starfleet any longer.
Adjust your program to accept reality.
Even if I chose to,
it is doubtful that my program could accede to your wishes.
I have a fundamental respect for life in all its forms
and a strong inhibition against harming living beings.
What a marvellous contradiction! A military pacifist.
Whose dreadful idea was it to enlist you in Starfleet?
- My skills seemed appropriate. - Data, big mistake.
A grievous error.
You belong in Starfleet as much as I belong in a verbal contract!
- Tell me, have you killed yet? - No.
But I am programmed to use deadly force for defence.
Shame on you! Shame on you!
How neatly you rationalize your capabilities.
How can you casually accept your role in murder?
I would not participate in murder. Perhaps you misunderstand.
Can't you see how much better it is here?
The intellectual rewards alone. Our exploration of the galaxy.
I am at war with no one. I am your liberator.
You are a fine debater, sir.
It is a pity you use your skills for hucksterism and your own greed.
Perhaps you would not judge me so harshly if you knew of my youth...
..wasted, wasted on the streets of Zimbalia.
Your past does not excuse unethical or immoral behaviour.
No, it isn't true, anyway. My father was a wealthy thief.
Data, why don't you put on these new clothes and sit on the chair?
I must decline.
You are going to be much more of a challenge than I first thought.
Finoplak, a hundred denkirs.
In the meantime,
here is something for your logic circuits to analyze.
Don't worry. That solvent won't harm your... skin.
But in seconds it will dissolve that uniform.
I'd be delighted if you went around naked.
I assume you have no modesty.
But, then...
..l guess that decency is the rule of your Starfleet training.
In any case, Data, why don't you make a decision...
..about which alternative you dislike the least?
Make a decision by dinner. I have invited a guest.
I expect you to be as entertaining as you have been with me.
- Warp six. - Proceeding with departure.
Enterprise shuttle bay two, prepare for docking.
Level-one precautions remain in effect.
I did miss something!
See you later.
Your first watch at Ops?
I have served at the position before.
I've been concerned about you.
About me? Why?
Because I know how I'd feel if I was asked to replace Data.
Promotion due to a death is commonplace on Klingon ships.
I know. But this isn't a Klingon ship.
Data was your friend.
And it's the second time you've replaced a crewmate who's died.
I honour Data's memory, as I did Lt Yar's,
by attempting to perform their duties as well as they did.
In true Klingon fashion.
I appreciate your... concern.
replace shuttle audio transmission, time index 0423.
This is Data's second trip.
Proceeding with departure.
Enterprise shuttle bay two, prepare for docking.
Level-one precautions remain in effect.
Shuttle has cleared Jovis cargo bay.
- Sounds like the first trip. - Exactly the same.
That's protocol. That's Data.
Following protocol to the letter.
Computer, replace shuttle audio transmission, time index 0439.
Third and final trip.
Loading is complete. I am proceeding with departure.
Enterprise shuttle bay two, prepare for docking.
Level one precautions remain in effect.
That's it. That's the last communication.
He didn't report clearing the cargo bay.
Of course, there was no reason to make voice contact.
He knew we'd be monitoring his position.
Any other pilot might not bother, but Data?
- Not following procedures? - What do you think it means?
He could have been busy. Maybe he saw something wrong.
Without communicating it? That doesn't sound like Data.
Which means that maybe something was wrong with him.
But there's no other indication.
Nothing he said or did during the entire mission.
Wish I could talk to the last people he saw...
I've added a Veltan sex idol to my collection.
I've got four of them.
What? With the pearls intact?
Please! Pearls were added by Ferengi agents to increase the value.
What is that?
Something new, and you didn't tell me?
Mr. Data, I'm delighted to see you have dressed for the occasion.
Say hello to my very good friend, Palor Toff.
Data, say hello.
No need to be shy.
- It's a mannequin. - It is not. This is Data.
This is formerly Lt-Cmdr Data of Starfleet.
The only sentient android in existence!
It doesn't seem particularly sentient right now.
It's playing a stupid game with us.
Someone has certainly played a game on you.
I don't find this amusing. I demand that you behave normally.
Behave normally.
I know you can hear me!
He falls well.
I apologize.
Do not be upset. I'm having a delightful visit.
Come along, Varria.
You're much more fun than Fajo's new toy!
You'll regret this.
Now entering the Beta Agni System.
Take us to half impulse, Mr. Crusher.
- La Forge to bridge. - Go ahead.
A Class-two probe, loaded with hytritium, is ready to launch.
Now approaching Beta Agni ll.
Mr. Crusher, put us into close orbit. Mr. Data, scan...
My apologies, Mr. Worf.
Scan the colony's subsurface water.
Tricyanate contamination confirmed at levels of 42 parts per million.
- Area affected? - 30 square kilometres.
Any indication of source?
Highest concentration, eight kilometres west of the colony.
- Adjust coordinates. - Aye, sir.
La Forge to bridge, according to these figures,
the 81 kilos of hytritium should neutralize the contamination.
- Now approaching target. - Launch probe.
Probe on target. Hytritium entering water table.
Dispersement faster than expected.
Sir, something unusual.
I'm getting tricyanate readings
of 70 grams per cubic centimetre at the source coordinates.
Much higher than normal.
Computer, report on geological instability.
No significant geological activity has been recorded on Beta Agni Il
since the settlement of the Federation colony.
Number One, perhaps you'd better take an away team down.
Aye, sir. Dr Crusher, transporter room three.
- On my way. - Mr. Worf.
I would very much like our relationship to...
You may expect me to use every means at my disposal to resist.
Why couldn't you just comply? Why do you argue all the time?
Couldn't you sit on the chair?
Come on. Go sit on the chair.
I do not intend to.
You will. You may not believe it right now but you will.
- Have you ever seen one of these? - A disruptor.
Well, no. It's a prototype for a Varon-T disruptor.
The Varon-T disruptor is banned in the Federation.
Oh, yes! They manufactured five of them. I own four.
I sleep with one under my pillow and I sleep very well.
- Do you know why? - It is lethal.
It's not just lethal.
It's... vicious.
It tears a body apart, inside out,
and does it very slowly, too, by your phaser standards.
Tortuous. A very,... very painful death.
I've always wanted to try this.
It is doubtful you will destroy me since you assign so much value to me.
That goes without saying.
Please come in.
Varria, how long have we been together, my dear?
- 1 4 years. - 1 4 wonderful years, they were.
She was barely an adult when I found her.
She was idealistic, naive,... full of dreams.
And I made those dreams come true.
I'm going to miss you.
The contamination's been neutralized. The water's clean.
Curious. The process should have taken several hours.
Naturally-occurring tricyanate does not respond this quickly.
Are you saying it's not naturally occurring?
There are no natural trace elements in these tricyanate crystals.
If it's artificial, it's sabotage.
With tricyanate? That's hard to believe.
It's slow to assimilate,
difficult to replicate and hard to transport.
There are a lot of easier ways to poison a water supply.
More effective ways, too.
Can you think why a saboteur would choose it?
It might pass for a natural disaster.
And since there's only one way to treat it, with hytritium,...
..maybe somebody figured we couldn't locate it.
Then it really was lucky that we found hytritium when we did.
And just enough hytritium for this crisis?
Fajo was in the right place just when we needed him.
Are you suggesting he created the problem?
- Possibly. - To make a profit from its sale?
It doesn't add up. Producing tricyanate is very expensive.
He wouldn't make a profit, quite the contrary.
- Then why do it? - What did he want?
Computer, biographical file on trader Kivas Fajo.
Accessing file, Kivas Fajo.
A Zibalian trader of the Stacius Trade Guild,
educated on Iraatan V.
A noted collector of rare objects, including the Rejac Crystal,
"Starry Night" by Vincent Van Gogh,
the Lawmim Galactopedia, Moliam Andi tapestries...
Computer, sufficient.
A rare and valuable object?
What if Data wasn't on that shuttle?
Mr. Crusher, set course for the site of the shuttle pod explosion.
The Jovis has a maximum speed of warp three.
He's had 23 hours, so we can define a perimeter
of 0.1 02 light years as his possible distance.
Fajo doesn't know we're on to him. He probably isn't at top speed.
He could have made it to the Nel Bato System or the Giles Belt.
A trader doesn't attract customers by being hard to find.
We could put out a coded query to all Federation outposts.
Make it so.
If I help you escape, will you take me with you?
He's sleeping, and there isn't much time.
- The consequences... - I know the consequences.
1 4 years. You learn a few things.
There's an escape pod in the aft cargo bay.
Captain, affirmative response from Station Lya IV.
Fajo spent half a day in orbit. Departed seven hours ago.
Mr. Crusher, new coordinates. Lay in a course for Lya IV.
Course already laid in, sir.
Perhaps I should contact Enterprise.
You can't. Fajo has communications restricted to the bridge.
Once out, the shuttle pod will emit an emergency beacon.
We'll have to hope somebody responds before Fajo destroys us.
I am trained in evasive manoeuvres.
We'll need a few. Let's get going.
As soon as I start the escape sequence, an alarm will sound.
We won't have much time.
It's your fault. You knew the price for disobedience.
So did she.
Well, there's always another Varria.
You won't hurt me.
Fundamental respect for all living beings.
That's what you said.
I'm a living being,
therefore you can't harm me.
You will surrender to the authorities.
Or what? You'll fire?
Empty threat. We both know it.
Why don't you accept your fate?
You'll return to your chair and sit there.
You will entertain me and entertain my guests.
If you don't, I'll simply kill someone else.
Him, perhaps.
It doesn't matter. Their blood will be on your hands.
Just like poor Varria's.
Your only alternative, Data, is to fire.
Murder me. That's all you have to do.
Go ahead. Fire.
If only you could feel rage over Varria's death!
If only you could feel the need for revenge,
then maybe you could fire.
But you're just an android.
You can't feel anything, can you?
It's just another interesting intellectual puzzle for you.
Another of life's...
I cannot permit this to continue.
Wait. Your program won't allow it. You can't fire. No.
I'm reading a weapon in transit with Cmdr Data.
- It seems to have discharged. - Discharged?
I'm deactivating it.
Welcome back, Mr. Data.
- Are you alright? - Yes.
Please arrange to have Kivas Fajo taken into custody
on charges of murder, kidnapping, theft...
The arrangements have been made.
A Varon-T disruptor. It belongs to Fajo.
Mr. O'Brien says the weapon was in a state of discharge.
Perhaps something occurred during transport.
Have you come to see me repent?
Is this your final satisfaction?
Want to see me beg for mercy?
You're not going to get any of that.
I expected nothing.
Our roles are... reversed.
Aren't they, Data? You're the collector now.
Me? I'm in a cage.
- So it seems. - I had you in my collection once.
- I can have you there again. - Unlikely, sir.
Your collection has been confiscated.
All of your stolen possessions
are being returned to their rightful owners.
You have lost everything you value.
It must give you great pleasure.
No, sir. It does not.
I do not feel pleasure. I am only an android.

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