Captain's log, star date 439 17.4.
The Enterprise has the honour
of hosting the first meeting of the Federation
with a mysterious race known as the Legarans.
We are orbiting Vulcan, about to welcome Federation Ambassador Sarek.
His wife Perrin, like his first wife, is from Earth.
I studied his career in school.
The treaty of Alpha Cygnus IX.
The Coridan accession. The Klingon alliance.
I met him once, very briefly at his son's wedding.
I can tell you, it was a moment, standing in the presence of history.
He spoke to me and I grinned like an idiot.
You, tongue-tied?
How do you make small talk with part of the Federation's history?
- And this is his last mission? - Unofficially, that's what I hear.
What a crowning achievement for his career.
The benefits of relations with the Legarans are incalculable.
Capt Picard. I am Ki Mendrossen, the Ambassador's chief of staff.
This is Sakkath, his personal assistant.
- Has the Ambassador been delayed? - He will join us momentarily.
But first, we must discuss some matters of the utmost delicacy.
Please go ahead.
To be frank, Captain, the Ambassador is not young. He tires easily.
He is going to need rest to prepare for this job.
Which is why it is imperative that he conserves his strength.
I must request that you dispense with any formal activities
normally associated with a visitor of his rank.
We had planned a concert this evening.
I believe the Ambassador is fond of Mozart.
It would be impossible for him to attend.
Upon his arrival, he will go to his quarters and remain in seclusion
until we reach Legara IV.
You have my assurance that the Ambassador will not be disturbed.
That's all we ask.
Now that's settled, the Ambassador is waiting.
Welcome aboard, Ambassador Sarek.
We come to serve.
Your service honours us.
Allow me to present she who is my wife.
- Mrs. Sarek. - Please call me Perrin, Captain.
This is my first officer, William Riker.
Captain, would you show us to our quarters?
I prefer to view the conference room first.
Ambassador, Sakkath and I can handle the necessary details.
I will examine it for myself.
Perhaps it would be best if we settled in first.
They worry about my health, Captain. Too much.
Take me to the conference room, please.
If you'll follow me, sir.
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds,... seek out new life and new civilizations,... boldly go where no one has gone before.
The Legarans will sit in this?
I'm sure not.
- Can you believe this smell? - What smell?
What can I say? It's a slime pit, but to them it's home.
Environmental controls ready. What's next?
Are you in a hurry?
Yeah. I have a date.
A date? With who?
Ensign Dumont.
Really? She's very attractive.
I gotta admit, I'm a bit surprised.
- What, that she'd go out with me? - That you had the nerve to ask her.
The room is not ready.
No, Ambassador. Cmdr La Forge. Ensign Crusher...
The Legarans are very sensitive in matters of protocol.
You will remove the furniture. The walls must be bare.
I'm sure everything will be set up before the Legarans arrive.
Isn't that right, Captain?
I assure you, Ambassador,
everything will be ready before the conference begins.
My husband and I have every confidence in you, Captain.
I have worked for 93 years in preparation for this meeting.
It is vital that no detail be overlooked.
Perhaps we should allow these gentlemen to return to their work.
That will be acceptable.
These walls are too bright.
The way Mendrossen described him, I expected a frail old man.
I hope I'm that frail when I'm 202 years old.
But his aides did seem a little overprotective.
From what I could see, the Ambassador doesn't need protection.
We'll respect Mr. Mendrossen's request
and allow Ambassador Sarek his privacy.
I suppose they were foolish and vain, my expectations of this voyage,
sharing his thoughts, memories,...
..his unique understanding of the history he's made.
Does this mean you are going to cancel the concert?
It will go ahead. But it's a pity our guest will be absent.
For all we know, he might enjoy some entertainment.
Why not ask his wife to attend?
An excellent idea, Counsellor.
You have the bridge, Number One.
Come in.
I hope I'm not intruding.
Not at all, Captain, but Sarek is in meditation at the moment.
Actually, I came to see you.
Well, how nice.
I so rarely get visitors of my own.
Usually, everyone wants to see the Ambassador.
I find that hard to believe. Thank you.
These quarters are quite comfortable.
The Ambassador and I were pleased to hear the negotiations
would take place aboard the flagship of the Federation.
The honour is ours.
My husband has taken an interest in your career.
He finds it to be... satisfactory.
My word! High praise from a Vulcan.
Some people who expect an emotional response
often find Vulcans cold, when they're merely being...
- Logical. - Exactly.
I came to invite you, and your husband if he's available,
to a Mozart recital this evening.
What a tempting offer.
I doubt that the Ambassador will be able to attend,
but I will make it a point to ask him.
- Then I hope to see you. - As do l.
You are still unable to meditate?
- It is of no importance. - It has eluded you for weeks.
I said it is of no importance.
You know I am right.
My wife, you will leave me now. I require solitude.
The temperature in the tank is now 1 50 degrees.
Lock it off.
Is that it? Can I go now?
What's your hurry?
You don't really think anything will happen with Dumont?
At least I'm not spending the night with a book!
- What's that mean? - Just what it sounds like.
You'd get more action out of a book than on this date.
She won't waste time on someone like you.
- "Like me?!" - She's out of your league.
You, the expert on women.
Compared to you, every male on this ship is an expert.
At least I don't use the holodeck.
- What did you say?! - You heard me!
Something wrong?
I asked a question.
No, sir, nothing wrong here.
May I be excused, Commander?
Anything you'd like to talk about?
No, sir.
I notice that Worf has put Ensign D'Amato
on report for insubordination.
- D'Amato is an exemplary officer. - Indeed. Look into it.
- Good evening. - Good evening.
Work is progressing on the conference room?
I checked in with Wesley and Geordi.
There was a moment when I thought they would hit each other.
Ambassador Sarek, Perrin, on behalf of the entire crew, welcome.
It was my wife's suggestion we attend. An ideal diversion.
Perrin can be quite logical... when she chooses.
It seems the Ambassador had more time than I anticipated.
Cmdr Data will be our featured soloist this evening.
I am programmed to reproduce
the individual styles of over 300 concert violinists,
including Heifetz, Menuhin and Tataglia. Any preference?
Tataglia would be lovely.
- I hope you find it pleasing. - I look forward to it.
At your convenience, Mr. Data. Please.
Hi, Mom. You wanted to see me?
I thought you were going to be at the concert.
I said I may be going. Suzanne wanted to go to the arboretum.
Capt Picard asked me where you were.
I don't like making excuses for you.
Excuses? It wasn't an official function.
Listen, young man.
You have responsibilities. Live up to them.
Aren't you overreacting?
- Don't talk back to me. - OK, I won't.
- Where do you think you're going? - Away!
And then I just slapped him. Really hard.
I slapped Wesley.
Do you know why you did it?
I've never hit my son in his life.
Beverly, this is important.
What were you thinking then?
I wasn't thinking. I was just angry.
Wes didn't provoke you? It wasn't anything he said or did?
No, that's just it. It was a sudden burst of anger.
I still can't believe it.
I don't know why you did it,
but I've heard the same kind of story
from ten different people over the last two days.
This is your command centre?
Yes. It is normally occupied by Capt Picard,
Cmdr Riker and Counsellor Troi.
Counsellor Troi is a Betazoid?
Half Betazoid. Her father was human.
Then, not a true telepath?
Her skills are empathic.
She is able to sense the emotions of others.
What is Capt Picard's background in diplomacy?
Extensive. The Captain's first diplomatic contact dates back...
What about the Legarans?
Could he conduct negotiations should the need arise?
Do you foresee such a circumstance? less Ambassador Sarek unable...?
Forgive me.
I was merely exploring possible permutations of our mission.
Your tour of the bridge has been most informative.
Excuse me, we were sitting here.
We're sitting here now.
Come on, fella. This is our table.
Really? Funny, I don't see your name on it.
Didn't your mother teach you manners?
Hey. Hey, guys. Is there some kind of problem here?
There's a question as to whose table this is.
Well, there are plenty of other tables. Right?
I suppose so.
Why don't I get everybody another drink, alright?
I don't have to tell you that insubordination is a serious charge.
I am aware of that. Ensign D'Amato challenged my authority.
Is it my imagination or have tempers become frayed on this ship?
I hadn't noticed.
I see what you mean.
- Security. - What the hell is going on?
I wish I knew!
Alright, that's enough!
The next thing I know, somebody's left hook is on my chin.
This is not an isolated incident.
There have been reports of random violence all over the ship.
You think this is contagious?
No. I've tested for indications of a bacteria or virus.
I've checked the water, food replicator, airborne samples.
This is a hell of a time!
Whatever it is, it mustn't affect the Ambassador.
I want his quarters isolated until we've identified the cause.
It's not that simple, Captain.
We have determined that the outbreak of violence
started at virtually the same time
that Sarek and his party beamed onto the ship.
We do have a working theory.
We believe that it's possible that Ambassador Sarek
is responsible for these incidents.
- Sarek? - I felt something at the concert.
Vague and undefined, but very disturbing.
He cried. I saw that. I couldn't believe it.
A Vulcan moved to tears by music? It's...
Vulcans have the basic emotions we do.
They've just learned to repress them.
What I sensed was that he'd lost control.
What would cause such a loss of control?
There's a very rare condition that can affect Vulcans over 200.
Bendii Syndrome.
Early symptoms include sudden bursts of emotion,
mostly irrational anger.
Eventually, all emotional control is lost.
I can imagine nothing more offensive to a Vulcan.
Their emotional detachment is the core of their being.
How would this affect others on board?
Vulcans possess telepathic abilities.
Sarek may unintentionally be projecting emotions onto others.
At random.
And when the Legarans beam on board?
They could very well be affected.
Is there a treatment?
Can't someone else take his place?
Sarek has built a personal relationship with them.
They will accept no one else.
How can we confirm your diagnosis?
We can grow a culture from the tissue of the metathalamus.
- The results will take days. - I have 1 2 hours.
That's impossible, Capt Picard. I cannot delay the conference,
not for a day, not for an hour.
The schedule itself required three months of negotiations.
- Nevertheless... - I give you my word of honour.
The Ambassador is in perfect health. Is that enough?
- Mr. Mendrossen... - You have a theory full of holes.
Why am I not affected by Sarek's supposed condition?
Perrin. How could his wife function normally if this theory is correct?
I cannot explain that. Hundreds have not been affected. I have not.
It appears to be random.
Proximity, apparently, has no bearing on this phenomenon.
You are accusing the greatest man of his time of losing his mind
on the eve of his greatest triumph, and you cannot explain why.
I won't report this to the Ambassador, for the moment,
so as not to divert his attention from the mission.
But if I were you, in the interests of your career,
I'd be very concerned about finding the real cause of these outbursts
before the Legarans arrive.
Mr. Data, report to my ready room.
Aye, sir.
Capt Picard is not satisfied with Ki Mendrossen's assurances
that the Ambassador is in good health.
Do you consider Sarek capable of carrying out his mission?
Have I given you cause to think otherwise?
You have voiced certain reservations about his abilities.
I do not recall making such a statement.
Not directly, no.
But you did question me about the capabilities
of both Capt Picard and Counsellor Troi.
I am honour-bound to help Sarek carry out this mission.
That is the only answer I can give.
Then you must decide which is your greater obligation.
Your loyalty to Sarek or your duty to the Federation.
Can you accept the logic of continuing this mission?
Tell your captain...
..the mission is in jeopardy.
Sakkath has been able, until recently,
to use his telepathic skills
to reinforce Sarek's emotional control,
containing the effects of his deterioration.
He hasn't done a good job.
The strain of this mission on Sarek has made it impossible.
It's ironic, isn't it? All this magnificent technology
and we still find we are susceptible to the ravages of old age.
Loss of dignity,...
..the slow betrayal of our bodies by forces we cannot master.
Do you still want to be one of us?
It is conceivable, even for me,
that time will eventually lead to irreparable circuit failure.
But one thing I do not understand.
Sarek is a logical, intelligent being.
The effects of Bendii Syndrome are apparent.
Why would such a man ignore them?
Logic fails us sometimes. I think this is one of those times.
I can only guess he does not, or does not wish to, see the truth.
He is being insulated against it by those who love him most.
Someone has to confront him.
Not a task that I look forward to.
Everyone is protecting Sarek. His wife. Mendrossen. Even you.
What would you have me do?
March down there and destroy him?
The mission cannot be carried out with Sarek in this condition.
- I know! - Then tell him.
- Don't you tell me what to do! - Captain. Commander.
Of course. You're right, Number One.
It's a task that I will attend to.
Captain, I don't think I understand what you're telling me.
My husband is responsible for your crew assaulting one another?
He is very ill, Perrin.
Bendii Syndrome is more a folk tale than a disease.
There hasn't been a true case in my husband's lifetime.
There's one now. Sakkath knows.
Sakkath? Sakkath knows nothing my husband didn't teach him.
He knows. And more than that.
On this mission, he has held Sarek's mind together as well as he could.
That is not true!
I must see Sarek.
Captain, I know a good deal about the Vulcan mind,
and I know about the heart of one particular Vulcan.
I am his wife. He is fine.
He does not have Bendii Syndrome. That is the end of it.
- I'm sorry. - Please.
You mustn't do this to him.
Must not do what, my wife?
If Capt Picard wishes to see me, he may do so.
I regret that we have seen so little of each other during this voyage.
- The loss is mine. - Captain, may we talk in private?
You were speaking of your belief that I suffer from Bendii Syndrome.
I have been accused of many things in my life,
never an excess of emotion.
Sarek, I see no reason to continue this discussion.
On the contrary, I wish to assuage any fears the Captain may have
regarding my capabilities. I believe there is a test for Bendii Syndrome.
I will take it immediately.
The results would not be available for several days,
which is why I must ask for a postponement of the conference.
That would be a mistake!
Captain, I give you my word, I am in perfect health.
..why must Sakkath help to contain your emotions?
Is what the Captain says true?
No, Ambassador, absolutely not.
Perrin, were you aware of this?
Sakkath, I await an answer.
I have been using my limited abilities
to strengthen your mental discipline.
Your efforts will no longer be required!
That would not be wise.
It may not be wise but it is necessary.
Leave me.
- I wish to speak with Capt Picard. - Sarek.
- I ask you to reconsider. - Obey my wishes.
There is nothing to fear.
I hope I have not embarrassed you.
You seem to forget, I am a Vulcan.
I am not affected by emotional considerations.
I think you are affected, sir, far more than you realize.
I am a logical being.
Present your arguments. I will listen.
There is an epidemic of violent incidents aboard the Enterprise.
As we speak, the situation is worsening.
It is your hypothesis that I am the cause of these?
My chief medical officer has explored all other probable causes.
I share your concern.
However, you must agree it is not unusual
for a starship to encounter unexplained phenomena.
That is correct.
Since I assure you I am not the cause of your difficulties,
the logical course would be
to have your doctor continue the search.
She is.
It is also a fact
that these incidents began shortly after your arrival.
Is your entire argument to be based upon mere coincidence?
Is it a coincidence that your wife and your staff are isolating you?
I believe I see the flaw in your logic.
You are reacting to their overprotective attitude towards me.
They are somewhat emotional concerning my age.
Surely Sakkath cannot be influenced by emotion?
Am I to be blamed that Sakkath is young and inexperienced?
He erred in his assumption that I needed help!
You needed him at the concert.
Or is there some other logical explanation for what happened?
What happened?
I saw you crying.
- I do not cry. - I saw the tears.
You exaggerate, Captain. I recall only one tear.
- So, you were emotionally affected? - That is not possible!
You still haven't answered my question, Sarek.
Is it logical for a Vulcan to cry?
It was late. I was fatigued, nothing more.
The Legarans trust only me!
They will not meet with anyone else.
I must be allowed to complete my mission!
There are no other logical solutions.
No other logical solutions? There are always solutions.
- You have said so yourself. - I meant...
Sarek would never be afraid of something he did not want to see.
Your efforts to discredit me will not succeed.
Sarek would never confuse what he wanted with the truth.
I will not be spoken to like this!
- Do I hear anger in your voice? - It would be illogical.
It would be illogical! Illogical!
Illogical! Illogical!
Captain's log, supplemental.
In three hours time, we are scheduled to meet the Legarans.
However, it is now all too evident
that Ambassador Sarek cannot proceed with the conference.
We're in the Legaran System. Should Mr. Worf contact their ambassador?
I will present our regrets to the Legarans personally.
It's vital they understand our reasons for cancelling negotiations.
- I think you did the right thing. - But at what cost, Number One?
- Perrin. - I must speak with you, Captain.
I'll be on the bridge, sir.
- How is the Ambassador? - Resting.
I've come to ask you to reconsider your position.
- You know that is impossible. - Sarek is a good man.
He's given the Federation a lifetime of service.
I beg you to let him keep the respect he has earned.
He'll never lose that respect.
Mendrossen and I didn't want to deceive you.
The condition came on gradually.
It was easy to delude ourselves and pretend nothing was wrong.
We convinced ourselves that he could complete this one last task
and end his career with dignity. Help him, Captain.
Help him regain his pride, his honour.
Believe me, it would give me great pleasure,
but there is nothing I can do.
The mission can be saved.
But he needs your help.
A mind-meld.
Between the two of us?
Do you realize the dangers involved in what you are proposing, Captain?
Yes, I do, Ambassador.
But I also realize the potential benefits.
We would be linked telepathically, sharing our thoughts,
becoming, in essence, one mind.
Which for a few hours should provide the emotional control you need.
In that time, you can meet with the Legarans and conclude the treaty.
It is a generous offer.
But I must warn you...
..that while I would gain your stability,
you would experience the fierce onslaught of emotions
unleashed by my condition.
Vulcan emotions are extremely intense.
We suppress them. No human could control them.
They would overwhelm you.
The mind-meld can be a terrible intimacy. I cannot allow it.
I'm aware of the risks. But it is the only...
..logical solution.
Your courage honours me, Captain.
I can't say I approve of this.
I didn't expect that you would, Beverly.
I don't suppose I could stop you.
I'm afraid not, though I do admit to a certain trepidation. Your...
Your company is much appreciated.
I see that you are ready, Captain.
Doctor Crusher will monitor our responses.
A sensible precaution.
My mind to your mind.
Your thoughts to my thoughts.
The Legarans are ready to beam aboard.
- Very well. - Number One.
Please inform the Legaran delegation
that Sarek of Vulcan is on his way to welcome them.
Yes, Ambassador.
I take it the mind-meld was a success?
- All went as planned. - Is Capt Picard alright?
Don't worry, Number One.
And the Ambassador?
I am myself again.
It has been a long time.
It is... It is...
..wrong. It is wrong!
A lifetime of discipline washed away, and in its place...
Bedlam. Bedlam!
I am so old.
There is nothing left but dry bones...
..and dead friends.
Tired, so tired.
It will pass, all of it. Another hour or so. Just hold on.
No! This weakness disgusts me! I hate it!
Where is my logic?
I am betrayed by...
I want to feel.
I want to feel... everything.
But I am a Vulcan.
I must feel nothing.
Give me back my control.
I wanted... to give you so much more.
I wanted to show you such...
But that is not our way.
Did you know?
Buried. Can you know...
..much I love... you?
I do... you!
- Beverly. - I'm here, Jean-Luc.
I'm not going anywhere.
It's... quite difficult.
The anguish of the man.
..pouring out of him, all those feelings,...
..the regrets.
I can't... stop them.
I can't stop them. I can't!
- I can't. - Don't even try.
First Officer's log, star date 43920. 7.
Ambassador Sarek has concluded the negotiations with the Legarans.
The USS Merrimack has arrived
and will transport the Ambassador and his party to Vulcan.
I hope your journey on the Merrimack is uneventful.
With these pressures behind him,
I believe I can help him maintain control until we return to Vulcan.
What will happen then?
The effects of Bendii Syndrome are irreversible.
Medical research is always continuing, of course.
Mr. O'Brien, stand by for transport.
Aye, sir.
Thank you, Captain.
He loves you...
..very much.
I know. I have always known.
I will take my leave of you now, Captain.
I do not think we shall meet again.
I hope you are wrong, Ambassador.
We shall always retain the best part of the other inside us.
I believe I have the better part of that bargain, Ambassador.
Peace and long life.
Live long and prosper.

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