Spock No life form readings, Captain. Continuing scan.
McCoy Well, somebody sent a distress call.
Kirk No sign of the spaceship. No sign of debris.
Spock I am getting readings on small metallic objects, Captain. It is possible the ship was destroyed in space and the survivors proceeded here in a shuttle craft.
Kirk But where are they?
Leslie Captain, I'm getting a reading now. Two human forms at bearing 300 mark 7.
Spock Confirmed.
Kirk I'm Captain James T. Kirk, of the starship Enterprise. We came in answer to your distress call.
Rojan It was very kind of you to respond so quickly, captain. Now you will surrender your ship to me.
Kirk You have a very strange sense of humor, Mr...
Rojan I am Rojan of Kelva. I am your commander from this moment on. Any efforts to resist us... or to escape... will be severely punished. Soon we, and you, will leave this galaxy forever. You humans must face the end of your existence as you have known it.
Kirk Space. The final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission -- To explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.
Rojan You are all paralyzed by a selective field that neutralizes nerve impulses to the voluntary muscles. We can control you at will. I will now release you.
Kirk Stay.
Leslie Captain.
Kirk It's all right.
Spock Interesting. A neural field?
Rojan Yes. Radiating from a central projector.
Kirk What do you want?
Rojan Your ship, Captain Kirk. It will serve us well in the long voyage that is to come.
Kirk Voyage? Where?
Rojan To your neighboring galaxy, which you call Andromeda.
Kirk Andromeda? Why?
Rojan It is our home.
Spock What brings you here?
Rojan Within 10 millennia, high radiation levels in our galaxy will make life there impossible. So the Kelvan Empire sent forth ships to explore other galaxies, to search for one which our race could conquer and occupy.
Kirk Well, sorry. This galaxy is already occupied.
Rojan Captain, you think you are unconquerable and your ship impregnable, but while we've talked, the capture has already begun.
Chekov Something penetrating from the planet.
Scott Increase power to shields.
Chekov It's dead, sir. All major power disabled.
Scott Sound red alert.
Uhura Red alert. All personnel man your battle stations. Go to red alert.
Scott Engineering, come in.
Uhura Life support, come in.
Hanar Drea, Tomar, report.
Drea Life support control, secure.
Tomar Engineering is secure.
Hanar Rojan, Hanar here.
Rojan Report, Hanar.
Hanar The ship is ours. We control the bridge, engineering, and life support systems.
Rojan Proceed with your orders.
Kirk What's the point of capturing my ship? Even at maximum warp, the Enterprise couldn't get to Andromeda Galaxy for thousands of years.
Rojan Captain, we will modify its engines, in order to produce velocities far beyond the reach of your science. The journey between galaxies will take less than 300 of your years.
Spock Fascinating. Intergalactic travel requiring only 300 years? That is a leap far beyond anything man has yet accomplished.
Leslie You made a voyage of 300 years?
Kelinda Our ships were of multigeneration design. We were born in the intergalactic void. We shall die there during our return journey.
Rojan And our mission will be completed by a commander who is my descendant.
Kirk What happened to your ship?
Rojan There is an energy barrier at the rim of your galaxy.
Kirk Yes, I know. We've been there.
Rojan We menaged to break through it with great difficulty. Our ship was destroyed. We barely managed to escape in a life craft. And now we have the means to begin our journey back to Andromeda.
Spock Why use our vessel? Why not transmit a message to your galaxy?
Rojan No form of transmission can penetrate the barrier.
Kirk Rojan, there's no reason to do this by force. Let's take your problem to the Federation. Research expeditions have catalogued hundreds of uninhabited planets in this galaxy suitable for colonization.
Rojan We do not colonize. We conquer. We rule. There's no other way for us.
McCoy In other words, the galaxy isn't big enough for both of us.
Kirk The Federation has handled foreign invasions before.
Rojan Captain, we can control the Federation as easily as we can control you. The fate of the inferior in any galaxy.
Hanar All is proceeding according to plan, Rojan.
Rojan Kelinda, take them to the holding area. We'll keep you and your party here, Captain. Your crew will undoubtedly wish to cooperate with us if they understand that you are hostages.
Kelinda Move there.
Hanar Tomar has examined the ship. The modifications are underway.
Rojan Space again, Hanar. I do not think we could have kept our sanity living too long on this accursed planet.
Hanar It is an undisciplined environment. One cannot control it. Yet there are things of interest.
Rojan Yes, but disturbing. These shells in which we've encased ourselves, they have such heightened senses. To feel... to hear... to smell. How do humans manage to exist in these fragile cases?
Hanar Since the ship was designed to sustain these forms, we have little choice.
Rojan At least we'll be away from all of this openness. No, this is too strange for us, Hanar. We are creatures of outer space. Soon we will be safe in the comforting closeness of walls.
Spock Fascinating material. Similar to diburnium, but considerably more dense. I doubt even phaser fire could disturb its molecular structure.
Kirk All right. We can't break out. There must be another way.
Leslie Captain, what do they want from us. What kind of people are they?
Kirk A very good question.
McCoy They registered as human.
Spock No, Doctor. More than that. They registered as perfect human life forms. I recall noting the readings were almost classic textbook responses. Most curious.
Kirk Spock, what are the odds in such absolute duplication of life forms in another galaxy?
Spock The chances are very much against it.
Shea Captain, Captain. However perfect they are, there don't seem to be very many of them.Why...
Kirk They have the paralysis field. Rojan mentioned something about a... central projector.
McCoy Yes. If we could put that out of operation, we might have a chance.
Spock Gentlemen, I'm constrained to point out we do not even know what this projector looks like.
Kirk Those devices on their belts might indicate the source of the force field.
Spock Possible. I would have to have one to examine.
Shea You'll have one, sir, if I have to rip one of the kelvans apart to get it for you--
Kirk Shea, You'll get your chance, but you'll do it under orders.
Shea Yes, sir.
Kirk On Eminiar VII, you were able to trick the guard by a Vulcan mind probe.
Spock Yes, I recall, captain. I got him to believe we had escaped.
Kirk Do you think you can do it again?
Spock I shall attempt it.
Kirk You all right?
Spock Yes, I'm... will be all right. We must hurry.
Rojan This cannot go unpunished. Hanar. That one. Take him aside. Kelinda, the female.
Leslie Captain.
Rojan Go. As a leader, you realize the importance of discipline. I need you and these other specialists, but those two are unnecessary.
Kirk I'm responsible. Let them go.
Rojan I think we're somewhat alike, Captain. Each of us cares less for his own safety than for the lives of his command. We feel pain when others suffer for our mistakes. Your punishment shall be to watch them die. Captain. Proceed, Hanar. Bring them to me. This is the essence of what they were. The flesh and brain and what you call a personality, distilled down into these compact shapes. Once crushed... this person is dead. However... that one can be restored. Hanar.
Kirk Captain 's log, stardate 4657.5. Work is proceeding on the Enterprise as my crew is forced to make the required changes in the ship for intergalactic travel. I can't forget the picture of Yeoman Thompson crushed to a handful of dust.
McCoy Spock, are you sure you're all right?
Spock Yes, quite all right, Doctor.
McCoy You didn't look very well when you broke that mind touch.
Spock I didn't not break it, Doctor. I was thrown away by something I've never experienced before.
Kirk What was it?
Spock A series of bizarre and exotic images bursting on my mind and consciousness. Colors... shapes... mathematical equations fused and blurred. I've been attempting to isolate them, but I've been able to recall clearly only one. Immense beings... 100 limbs which resemble tentacles, minds of such control and capacity that each limb is capable of performing a different function.
McCoy Do you mean that's what the Kelvans really are?
Spock Undoubtedly. Well, if they look that way normally, why did they adapt themselves to our bodies?
Kirk Perhaps practicality. They chose the Enterprise as the best vessel for the trip. Immense beings with 100 tentacles would have difficulty with the turbo lift. We've got to stop them. We outnumber them. Their only hold on us is the paralysis field.
McCoy Well, that's enough. One wrong move, and they jam all our neural circuits.
Kirk Jam. Spock, if you reverse the circuits on McCoy's neuro-analyzer, can you set up a counter field to jam the paralysis projector?
Spock I'm dubious of the possibilities of success, Captain. The medical equipment is not designed to put out a great deal of power. The polarized elements would burn out quickly.
Kirk Is there a chance at all?
Spock A small one.
Kirk We'll take it. You and Bones have to get to the ship.
McCoy How?
Kirk Yes, how-- Mr. Spock... you're sick.
Spock I assure you, Captain, I'm in perfect health.
Kirk No, you're not. Dr. McCoy's has given you an thorough examination, and you're ill. In fact, if you don't get to the sickbay, you're gonna die.
McCoy It's a good idea, Jim, but anyone looking at him can tell he's healthy.
Kirk Vulcans have the ability to place themselves in a kind of trance, complete relaxation of every part of the mind and body.
Spock We find it more restful to the body than your so-called vacation.
Kirk Can you do it now and come out of it in the sickbay, say in half an hour?
Spock It will take me a moment to prepare.
Kirk Go ahead.
McCoy Jim... his heartbeat really is slow. His pulse is practically nonexistent.
Kirk Hanar! Hanar.
Hanar What do you want, human?
Kirk Mr. Spock is ill. The doctor thinks he may be dying.
Hanar This illness came on him rather suddenly. Is it not unusual?
Kirk He's a Vulcan. They don't react like humans.
McCoy He may die. If I can get him up to sickbay, there's a chance he'll live.
Hanar Stand away from the door. I will have you beamed aboard.
Kirk Do what you can with him, Bones.
Chapelová Doctor, what happened?
McCoy Prepare two CCs of stokaline.
Chapelová Stokaline? But, doctor, how can that --
McCoy Don't argue, nurse. Just get it. This may be the turning point. Prepare another shot.
Chapelová But, Doc --
McCoy Please, nurse. Just follow orders, will you? There, that should do it. Just let him rest now. You see, it's a flare-up of Rigelian Kassaba Fever. He suffered from it about 10 years ago, and it recurs every now and then. There's no danger if he gets medication in time. He'll be all right in a couple of hours.
Tomar Very well. I will inform Rojan. You will stay here.
Kirk What do you want from me now?
Rojan We will beam aboard the vessel shortly. I wish you to understand your duties.
Kirk My duty is to stop you in any way i can.
Rojan You will obey.
Kirk Or you'll kill more of my people.
Rojan Captain Kirk, I cannot believe that you do not understand the importance of my mission. We Kelvans have a code of honor. Harsh, demanding. It calls for much from us and much from those whom we conquer. You have been conquered. I respect your devotion to your duty, but I cannot permit it to interfere with mine.
Kelinda These are lovely. Captain Kirk, what is it you call them?
Kirk Flowers. I don't know the variety.
Kelinda Our memory tapes tell us of such things on Kelvan. Crystals that form with such rapidity, they seem to grow. They look like this fragile thing somewhat. We call them sahsheer.
Kirk A rose by any other name.
Kelinda Captain?
Kirk A quote from a great human poet... Shakespeare. "That which we call a rose by any other name... would smell as sweet."
Rojan Drea has computed and laid a course for Kelva, Captain.
Chekov We've jumped to warp 8.
Rojan We'll go faster yet. Increase speed to warp 11.
Kirk Increase speed to warp 11, Mr. Chekov.
Drea On course and proceeding as planned. We will approach the barrier within an hour.
Rojan Very well.
Kirk I'm going to sickbay. My first officer's taken ill.
Rojan Yes, I was informed. You may go.
Kirk Anything?
Spock I've located their power source, captain. It's installed in engineering.
McCoy We're going to Jam it.
Scott I've tied in all the lab computers. That will give it a bit more power to push with. This is it. Now all we have to do --
Spock Whatever it is we must do, it is impossible.
Scott Why?
Spock This material surrounding the projector is the same as I discovered on the planet. Readings indicate it is impervious to our weapons. We cannot penetrate the casing to get to the machine.
Scott That's it, then.
Spock There is one other possibility, Mr. Scott. The final decision, of course, must be the captain's, but i believe we must have it ready for him. The Enterprise is propelled by matter-anti-matter reactors. The barrier we must traverse is negative energy.
Scott I see what you're getting at. I can't say I like it.
Spock Nor I. But it must be made available to the captain.
Drea Captain Kirk to the bridge, please.
Kirk Well?
Spock Impossible, Captain. The power source is protected by a material we cannot breach even with our phasers. Mr. Scott and I have prepared the means for the only logical alternative available to us.
Kirk What alternative?
Spock The barrier we must penetrate is composed of negative energy.
Scott I have opened the control valves to the matter-anti-matter nacelles. On your signal, I'll flood them with positive energy.
Kirk What?
Spock When we engage the barrier, the ship will explode. The Kelvans will be stopped here.
Scott And so will we.
Kirk Are you mad? I can't just--
Rojan Take your places, gentlemen. We're approaching the barrier.
Kirk Captain 's log, stardate 4658.9. With The Enterprise under control of the Kelvans, we are approaching the energy barrier at the edge of our galaxy. Spock and Scotty have devised a suicide plan to stop the Kelvans. They have rigged the ship to explode on my signal.
Kirk Reading, Spock.
Spock Sensors indicate density negative, radiation negative, energy negative. All instruments off the dials, Captain. We are in contact with the barrier.
Scott Outside hull temperatures rising, sir. Over 2,000 degrees now. Sir!
Kirk Hold your position.
Chekov We made it.
Spock Instruments returning to normal, Captain.
Uhura All decks report damage and casualties.
Scott Several systems out, sir. Operating on emergency backup. None affect flight procedure.
Spock Life support systems sustaining on emergency.
Uhura I'll have a full report on ship's status for you in a moment, sir.
Rojan Your people are most efficient, Captain.
Kirk Thank you. So are yours.
Rojan Hanar, start the neutralizing operation.
Kirk What neutralizing operation?
Rojan You humans are troublesome for us. We needed you to get us through the barrier. But there aren't enough of us to efficiently guard all of you of the time. Further, the food synthesizers cannot manufacture enough food for the entire journey. We are therefore neutralizing all nonessential personnel.
Kirk No!
Rojan The procedure is already underway. Now, as to bridge personnel... Drea, we have no need for communication. And since Drea is capable of handling the ship from here on... Do you not agree that this is better thing for them than exploding the ship as your engineer had thought to do? We detected it, of course. Tomar has devised a mechanism to prevent any further tampering. Please accept your situation, Captain. It will make things much less painful.
Kirk Is this all?
Spock I have reviewed ship's personnel, Captain. It appears we four are the only ones the Kelvans consider essential.
McCoy Scotty tells me you could've destroyed the ship in the barrier. - Why didn't you?
Kirk I couldn't.
McCoy But it was our only chance to stop them--
Kirk I didn't think it was.
McCoy Jim...
Kirk Bones, that's enough!
McCoy Jim, I saw them reduce four of my doctors into those little--
Kirk They reduced the whole crew!
Tomar I do not understand why you take the trouble to consume this bulk material to sustain yourselves. We have ascertained that these contain all the nutritional elements.
McCoy Before you condemn it, why not try it?
Tomar I believe I will. Assist me.
Kirk It's your idea, Doctor. Go ahead.
McCoy All right, I'll show you how to work the selector.
Scott Sir, why don't we try again to knock out the paralysis projector? I know the casing looks impenetrable, but I may be able to do something.
Kirk Even if we could, it's out of the question. We need that projector to bring our people back to human form.
Scott How will we stop them?
Spock Captain.
Tomar It's quite good.
McCoy I'm delighted.
Spock Most curious.
Kirk What is?
Spock The isolated glimpses of things I saw when I touched Kelinda's mind are beginning to coalesce in my consciousness. The Kelvans have superior intellectual capacity. To achieve it, they have apparently sacrificed anything which would tend to distract them. Perceptive senses such as taste, touch, smell, and, of course, emotions.
Kirk But then Tomar shouldn't be enjoying the taste of his food.
Spock Yes. Quite correct, Captain. But they have taken human form and are therefore having human reaction.
McCoy Hmm. If he keeps reacting like that, he'll need a diet.
Kirk If they all respond to stimulation of the senses, then maybe we can distract them. They can't have been able to handle the senses yet. If we can confuse them enough, we can get those devices from their belts.
Spock It seems reasonable.
Kirk All right. It may be our only chance. Look for any way to stimulate the senses.
Scott I can think of one way right off. Lad, you're going to need something to wash that down with. Have you ever tried any Saurian brandy?
McCoy Hm, I don't know about that.
Hanar Please articulate.
McCoy Well that body of yours is a bit anemic. Comes from taking food in pills instead of solid sustenance.
Hanar What are you doing?
McCoy I'm going to give you a shot. High potency vitamin concentrate. You'll need three a day for a few days. And eat some solid food, will ya?
Tomar No more?
Kirk Am I disturbing you?
Kelinda What is it you wish?
Kirk I... wish to apologize.
Kelinda I don't understand, Captain.
Kirk For hitting you. I'm sorry.
Kelinda That is not necessary. You attempted to escape as we would have.
Kirk Yes, well, I... don't usually go around beating up beautiful women.
Kelinda Why not?
Kirk Well, there are better things for men and women to do.
Kelinda Like what?
Kirk Is this where I hit you?
Kelinda No, the other side.
Kirk Oh. I'm sorry. Is that better?
Kelinda Better? Was it intended as a remedy?
Kirk This is.
Kelinda Is there some significance to this action?
Kirk Well, among humans, it's, uh ... meant to express... warmth and love.
Kelinda Oh. You are trying to seduce me. I have been studying you.
Kirk Me?
Kelinda All humans. This business of love. You have devoted much literature to it. Why do you build such a mystique around a simple biological function?
Kirk We enjoy it.
Kelinda The literature?
Kirk Kelinda, I'm sorry I brought up the whole subject.
Kelinda Do you really regard this touching of the lips as pleasurable?
Kirk I did.
Kelinda Curious. Let me try.
Rojan Is there some problem, Captain?
Kirk Not when I came in.
Rojan What did he want here?
Kelinda He came to apologize for hitting me. Apparently it involves some peculiar touching contact.
Rojan In what manner? Very odd creatures, these humans.
Tomar Do you have more?
Scott Not of this.
Tomar Well, anything.
Spock Yes. Humans are very peculiar. I often find them unfathomable, but an interesting psychological study.
Rojan Well, I do not understand this business of pressing with the lips to apologize.
Spock I believe you're referring to a kiss. But it is my understanding that such apologies are usually exchanged between people who have some affection for each other.
Rojan Kelinda has no affection for Captain Kirk.
Spock Your game is off. Are you disturbed by the incident?
Rojan Why should I be disturbed?
Spock You've known Kelinda for some time. She's a Kelvan as you are. Among humans, I've found the symptoms you're displaying usually indicate jealousy.
Rojan I have no reason for such a reaction. Kelinda's a female, nothing more.
Spock Captain Kirk seems to find her quite attractive.
Rojan Well, of course she is!
Spock You are not jealous?
Rojan No!
Spock Nor upset?
Rojan Certainly not.
Spock Checkmate.
Scott I found this on Ganymood... uh, Ganymede.
Tomar What is it?
Scott Well, it's, um... it's green.
Rojan Kelinda, I've been thinking.
Kelinda Yes?
Rojan I do not wish you to fraternize with any of the humans.
Kelinda Why not?
Rojan Well, they, they offer such strange ideas. They're not meant for us. Not for Kelvans.
Kelinda Have you given this order to the others?
Rojan No. And I wish you to particularly avoid Captain Kirk.
Kelinda I will not! You have told me over and over again, humans are no threat to us. We are superior. I will do as I please.
Rojan You will do as I say, or I will neutralize your Captain Kirk and all the other humans as well.
Hanar How many more of these?
McCoy Well, now, let's see. You've had three shots. I think you better stay on them for a few days, and then we'll see how you're responding.
Hanar I see no reason for you to refer to yourself in the plural.
Tomar You have more?
Scott All I have is a bottle of very, very, very old scotch. Whiskey!
Tomar I will try it.
Scott I'll get it! I was saving you for --
Tomar What?
Scott Never mind. Give us your glass.
Kirk The thing is, I can't tell if we're getting anywhere. And I haven't seen Scotty in hours.
McCoy You haven't seen Tomar either. But my man Hanar is getting more irritable by the minute. I'm giving him shots of formazine. That should have him climbing the walls.
Spock Rojan has exhibited symptoms of jealousy.
Kelinda I would like to speak with you, Captain.
Spock Doctor, I'm due for another injection of stokaline.
McCoy Hmm?
Spock Stokaline.
McCoy Oh. You will pardon us.
Kirk You had something to say?
Kelinda Yes. This cultural mystique surrounding the biological function.
Kirk Yes?
Kelinda You realize humans are overly preoccupied with the subject.
Kirk Yes. We do think a great deal about it.
Kelinda I've done some supplemental reading on it, and, uh ...
Kirk You have a question?
Kelinda Yes. I was wondering, would you please apologize to me again?
Hanar Rojan, I want to talk to you.
Rojan Very well.
Hanar I do not like the way duty has been portioned out to us.
Rojan It's the way your duties have always been assigned.
Hanar That is my second quarrel.
Rojan Hanar!
Hanar And further, I do not care much for the way you run this ship.
Rojan Hanar, confine yourself to your quarters!
Kelinda Ohhh, Rojan has forbidden me to see you.
Kirk Yes, that's too bad. Why do you defy him?
Kelinda It's not a question of defiance. We were told to find out everything we could about you.
Kirk Well, how's the research going?
Kelinda I need some more experiments.
Rojan Mr. Spock, you were not ordered to the bridge. What is your purpose here?
Spock Automatic sensors and various other recording devices require monitoring and periodic adjustments.
Rojan Very well. Proceed. Have you seen Captain Kirk?
Spock If you wish, I shall call him to the bridge.
Rojan No. I was wondering where he was.
Spock I left him in the recreation room.
Rojan He was alone then.
Spock No, Kelinda was with him. She seemed anxious to speak to him.
Rojan I told her to stay away from him.
Spock It would appear, sir, that you have little control over her. Or perhaps... Captain Kirk has more.
Tomar Very interesting. But I feel rather strange.
Scott We did it, you and me. Put him right under the table. I'll take this to the captain.
Rojan Kelinda, I told you to avoid this human.
Kelinda I did not wish to.
Rojan I am your commander.
Kirk That's not enough, Rojan.
Rojan You did this to her, corrupted her, turned her away from me!
Kirk If you can't keep her, that's not my problem.
Rojan You will release her!
Kirk Why don't you use your paralyzer? You thought I was taking your woman away from you. You're jealous! You tried to kill me with your bare hands. Would a Kelvan do that? Would he have to? You're reacting with the emotions of a human. You are a human.
Rojan No, I cannot be!
Kirk I'm stimulating him. You have no choice. To use this ship, you have to use our form and now you're stuck with it, you and your descendants, for the next 300 years.
Rojan You fool. These bodies are tools. We remain Kelvans!
Kirk Look what's happened in the short time you've been exposed to us. What do you think will happen in three centuries? When this ship gets to Kelva... the people on it will be human. They'll be aliens, enemies!
Rojan We have a duty. Our mission. We've got to accomplish any way we can.
Kirk Your mission is to find new worlds for your people to live in. You can still do that. We can bring this problem to the Federation. There are many planets in this galaxy that can be inhabited.
Rojan You would really do that? You would extend welcome to invaders?
Kirk No. But we would welcome friends.
Spock Rojan, you are only a link in a chain following an order given 300 years ago. This is an opportunity for you to establish a destiny of your own.
Rojan Perhaps. Perhaps it could be done.
Spock A robot ship could be sent to Kelva with the Federation proposal.
Rojan But if we retain this form, where could we find a place?
McCoy Seems to me that little planet you were on is kind of nice.
Rojan And you, you would wish to remain with him?
Kelinda He's most interesting. But I wish to go with you. I believe I owe you an apology. Most pleasurable.
Rojan Yes. Very curious.
Kirk You see, Rojan, being human does have certain advantages. Being able to appreciate the beauty ofa flower... or a woman.
Rojan Bridge... this is Rojan.
Drea Yes, Commander.
Rojan I'm returning command of this ship to Captain Kirk. You will follow his orders.
Drea Sir?
Kirk Turn the ship around. We're going home.

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